Blockchain App Development

A Technology with Vision for Digital Business

Blockchain is a technological advancement that has the potential to bring about significant, beneficial change. Blockchain technology can completely transform companies across a wide range of uses and sectors, from tracking money or goods to speeding up transactions to creating smart insurance contracts and storing data in a decentralised, tamper-proof ledger.

Consagous Technologies; Powering the Blockchain Revolution!

Businesses can get a thorough picture of the blockchain landscape and its possible effects from Consagous. From design thinking-driven evaluation to evaluating the blockchain solution from many angles to developing proofs-of-concept and pilot projects, to fully implementing the solution, we accompany you at every stage of the adoption process. Your enterprise blockchain deployments are accelerated by our knowledge, technology-agnostic approach, purpose-built designs, and end-to-end delivery.

A Promising Digital Ecosystem 

Developing MVP

Before releasing a fully functional DApp, we think it's important to test the waters. Therefore, the creation and release of a DApp MVP is the central focus of our work on blockchain solutions.

Market expansion for NFT 

Building decentralised NFT marketplaces to control NFT trading, bidding, and selling of digital assets is another one of our blockchain development services. Additionally, we introduce cross-chain markets to assist multichain NFTs in commerce.

Blockchain app consultation

We assist business executives in realising how blockchain may perfectly complement their current business strategy. Customized apps created on robust platforms like Hyperledger, EOS, and Stellar are part of our blockchain consulting services and app development solutions.

Symmetric encryption

The service of digital tokenization is also provided by our team of blockchain developers. Instead of using actual money, the tokens we produce can be utilised to represent the values of assets that can be traded as cryptocurrencies and rewards points.

Services for ICO and IEO

Our comprehensive IEO & ICO services include creating a cryptocurrency for distribution, developing white papers, promoting your IEO & ICO, and presenting your idea to investors.

Solutions based on Hyperledger

We provide robust, persistent, credible, secure, and plug-in-compatible blockchain applications leveraging hyper ledger.

Solutions for end-to-end DApps

With our experience in Blockchain decentralised app development, we manage your entire DApp development process from inspiration to concept, implementation, and deployment.

Development of a crypto wallet

We develop cryptocurrency wallet Dapps that can store hundreds of cryptocurrencies together with data about your wallet balance and purchase history as part of our services for developing Blockchain wallet apps.

Private (permissioned) blockchain

We create a distributed ledger and codebase that is suitable for use in businesses, limiting the use of open-source distributed ledgers.

Our Method of Execution

Research Workshop 

Here, we comprehend your company's objectives, pain spots, and top priorities. We are able to map out your future objectives and the current workflows thanks to these several feedback sessions.

Designing a strategy and solution 

Following the brainstorming session where we accumulate your demands, we now start developing, prototyping, and user testing your platform or product.


This stage involves programming and coding based on the drawings that you have authorised. QA and screening. The segments of alpha, beta, and launch make up the three iterations of our application lifecycle.
To ensure that the final product is market-ready, we carry out extensive QA testing for each release of your product or platform as part of our ongoing data-derived validation process.

Launch and Upkeep 

Your platform or product is now LIVE. After receiving your approval, our developers launch your product in real settings. Only cloud and on-premise hosting is our area of expertise.

Assistance and Client Services 

We carry out the continual platform and product optimization, market strategy deployment, and real/fix support to assure continuous improvement.

Embedding and Managing a Blockchain Network 

Utilize blockchain technology throughout the network. Approve modifications and updates.

Advantages of Blockchain in Business

Lower Risk

Use a private blockchain, decentralized, and ephemeral ledger to create transactions. Create personalised smart contracts, which are digital agreements that can be programmed to do specific tasks like money settlement, ID verification, and legal arbitration.

Value for New Businesses 

Blockchain aids in the development of more effective business models by bolstering supply chains, quickening cross-border transactions, and simplifying safe data management via distributed ledger technology.

Dependable Ecosystem

Create a network that makes data more dependable, accessible, and impermeable. As a result of the platform's collaborators' agreements being traceable and verifiable, vendors, customers, and other partners have come to trust it.

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