10 Reasons Why…Magento for eCommerce Above All the Other Platforms

Magento is highly recommended to those who are still in the process of finding the right e-commerce solution for their first online venture.

10 Reasons Why…Magento for eCommerce Above All the Other Platforms
Magento for eCommerce Platforms

What is the success formula of those who are ruling the e-commerce industry?

Magento, above all the other CMS, is considered more effective and is adopted by the Amazon, Lenovo, Fort, Olympus, Foxconnect, Nike, Nestle, and Nespresso to run their businesses.

Nothing is more compelling as a reason when it is stated that all the e-commerce that have witnessed success, use Magento as their CMS. But, before rushing into anything blindly, you need to learn what makes Magento better than the other CMS. 


1. Ease of access and use

As a layman, the latest version of this platforms is user-friendly for you. The UX is optimized keeping in mind an easier product creation in the versions to come. The back-end admin is also redesigned.


2. Scalable and extensible

Magento can support the business of all magnitudes from a micro to a mid-sized to large-scale businesses. There are separate versions which segregates business on the basis of magnitudes. For smaller enterprises ‘Magento Go’ is the best pick whereas the enterprises of larger extent should opt for ‘Magento Enterprise’.


3. Abundance of features

As a platform, Magento offers a diverse set of handy features and extensions for magento ecommerce developers and store owners. It provides advanced filtered search, Google website optimizer, integration for A/B, multivariate testing capabilities, role-specific features, and more.

Magento allows to manage multiple stores at multiple locations, supports multiple pricing in various currencies as well.


4. Flexibility offered

It is well known that Magento is open-source so it offers a great deal of flexibility to the magento app developers to customize the code as per their requirement.

It offers ease of third-party integrations like Google shopping, PayPal, MailChimp, QuickBooks, and so on through Web APIs.


5. A good marketing promised

Magento upholds all the marketing parameter like cross-selling, upselling, related suggestion tools, other marketing automation features such as latest item promotion tools, google analytics integration, advanced customer segmentation, and support for targeted campaigns.

It is also equipped with inbuilt custom report generation for tax, sales, product reviews etc, so that the other business segments won’t require separate software to function.

The cherry on the cake is Magento has been built keeping advanced SEO in mind. It analyses page traffic, avoids duplicate content, manages SEO friendly URLs, descriptions, auto generated sitemaps and a lot of similar functionalities to shape your SEO efforts.


6. Mobile friendly

Magento technology ensures that you make a smooth transition from website to the mobile version of your business. How does Magento support this transition?

Magento technology is integrated with responsive Mobile HTML5 and supports all the leading mobile browsers. The other features that are supported by Magento are touch gestures such as multi-touch and zooming, scaling images, an easy swipe of product images, mobile product pages, drag and drop capabilities.


7. Customizable security preferences

Security is a very significant aspect which should not be overlooked. To ensure that the security is taken care of, Magento supports SSL security on the backend and frontend for PCI compliance regarding customer data privacy, order management, and user-based authentication.


8. Catalog management

Along with imports from third parties, Magento also simplifies the whole process of product uploads along with bulk upload features.

It offers an add-on personalization with product comparisons,  categories, wish-lists, image resizing, downloadable products,  product tags, price rules, and reviews.


9. Backup support

The ‘Magento Enterprise’ offer rollback and backup recovery features which are required for large enterprises to avoid order or product data loss.

It is a smooth and easy job to make new modifications or add a functionality. In case any change made doesn’t work well for you, you can roll-back and restore the previous version anytime.


10. Automated returns

With ‘Magento Enterprise’ partial order or individual return of items is very convenient. To facilitate this, ‘Return Merchandise Authorization System’ is integrated into Magento which keeps account of all the return order purchasing from your store.



Magento is highly recommended to those who are still in the process of finding the right enterprise e-commerce solution for their first online venture. The technology is having an escalated growth graph in the last decade and has been perfected over time to give proven results every time.