Happy New Year Friends!

Happy New Year Friends!
Happy New Year

It’s a great privilege on behalf of the Consagous to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

2018 was an incredibly busy year for the team at Consagous, and we’re excited to share our journey as in this year we marked another major milestone on our roadmap. Our journey is part bitter, part sweet. Bitter because it was a year so hard and we faced some major challenges, some of them were common and some were unexpected, but the good thing is that we have learned a lot in the process and we have acquired the right contacts to get us to a sizeable series when we’ll need it.

A year ago, Consagous has weathered many different types of storms, our brand has never been stronger. Our pipeline of new products was not that much smooth that we were expecting. And our long-term commitment to delivering good experience was wavering.

Previously I was wrestling with the changes that were needed in our most established projects but as we know it is always difficult to change the ‘status quo’ even when you know ‘change is needed’.  At that point my gray hairs helped me a lot, I am sure you must be thinking that I’m a man of ’60s. Ahh no here I am talking about my experience of running Consagous.

In the last 10 years, I have become much more ready to make the hard decisions. In 2018, we took some hard decisions too. I am thankful for the position we are in today versus the challenges we faced a year ago in some projects and staff.

We lost some teammates and friends which is unavoidable but we stay true to our motto of “not being selfish”: we keep in touch, help them in some cases to move on. But whatever the wrong decision we made in 2018, “I don’t want to have that thing ever again!”

Despite those challenges, we’ve realized our full potential and purpose: Our mission to continue to roll out new products and services across the world and driving industry standardization in our organization.

Thank you for your contribution in 2018. I am looking forward to working closely with you in 2019 to write new Chapter of Consagous. January has already started and this is a right time to make an itinerary of a whole year.  It is going to be more focused, fast, demanding but we have our future in our own hands which means if we do it right, we will all be rewarded.

My heartily congratulations to those who bought a new home, Bikes/scooters or car last year. Some of them tied a knot and some of them are ready to do so. So cheers for all your achievements and don’t forget to share it with sweet mellows just like you did in 2018.

My deep condolence to all those who have lost their near and dear in 2018.

I can assure you, we are on the right direction of businesses: businesses that power the future, providing solutions that are essential to support the world’s development. Our prospects as a company are bright. We have a strong and balanced portfolio of businesses, strong capabilities and a good position in some of the world’s fastest growing markets.

Much of the credit for Consagous’s success is due to you, our dedicated employees. You guys have made us so much stronger in mind and material

I’d like to thank our team, who has been working constantly all year to make this dream a reality. There have been difficulties and hurdles along the way that we have had to overcome, but we managed to pull it together.

I’d also like to thank our industry partners. It has been a collaborative effort across the board to advance the Consagous forward to this momentous occasion.

We will continue to lead the company through the lens of humanity, doing everything possible to make our families proud.  Let’s “Grow IT Together” !!