How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Uber?

When you think about “taxi” what’s the first image that comes to your mind? Most probably Uber, is that right? It’s a prominent on-demand ride pooling application that allows users to catch a cab without walking around to look for one

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Uber?
How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?

When you think about “taxi” what’s the first image that comes to your mind?  Most probably Uber, is that right? It’s a prominent on-demand taxi booking application that allows users to catch a cab without walking around to look for one. Moreover, it is the handiest service that solves the problems of demand and supply exist among all taxi drivers and taxi seekers.

In 2009, Uber revolutionized the world by launching its taxi app and gained huge success in-demand business industry. This ride-sharing company now well established in more than 60 countries and according to the CrunchBase, it has been recently valued at $68 billion and raised $8.81 billion revenue. Despite these striking numbers, Uber has become a paradigm for many vendors and they want to build an app like Uber.

Let discuss an organized way to build an app like Uber but before going for the app wireframing, have a look at the main modules of the taxi-hailing app which are utmost important:

  1. Passenger App

  2. Driver app

For better understanding, let’s discuss these modules in a brief:


Passenger App

A passenger app as a part of the development of taxi app must be integrated with the following features that enable users to successful booking a cab.

  • Login/ Registration page

  • Cab details

  • Payment Gateway

  • Fare Estimation & ETA

  • Favorite location

  • Push Notification

  • Real-time Driver’s Status

  • Reviews & Ratings

  • Ride History


Driver App

The driver app as a part of taxi app development contain few functionalities but each of them plays an important role in the overall success of the application, those functionalities are :

  • Register page / Profile

  • Navigation

  • Booking

  • Verification

  • Driver support chat

  • Push notification

  • Ride cost


Technology Stack Used for Building Taxi App

We can design a taxi mobile app for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows to target the maximum potential customers. Here we have mentioned frameworks and technologies that will help you to design your taxi app.


For iOS app:

  • You can use the Core Location framework for region monitoring.

  • For navigation, add the Map Kit framework that suggests the shortest routes and directions.

  • To intensify the location tracking, use bluetooth beacon and Wi-Fi functionality. It helps you to find the best possible routes.


For Android app:

  • Use google location services API to find out the user’s location.

  • Use google maps android API for navigation, shortest routes,

  • You can also use OpenStreetMap API to integrate a map in the taxi app


Components That Influenced the App Cost

The prime components which impact the development cost of the taxi app are:

  1. Business Model

  2. Native App Development

  3. Hybrid App Development (Android/iOS)

  4. Designing

  5. Functionality


Let’s briefly review these general factors that influence the cost of an app like Uber.

1. Business Model

Before starting to build an app like Uber for different verticals, understand your business model more acutely because it will help you to understand whether your business model really requires an app like Uber or not? If not, then why do you want to build this app and what will be your target audience? Pen down all the possible answers to the following questions and start research about it in the current market as it will help you to collect real insights to find out your dedicated audience.


2. Native or Hybrid App Development (Android/iOS)

To cut down the developing cost of taxi app like Uber, you can choose a platform according to your target customers. If you have a budget constraint, then it’s good to go with the hybrid app because it uses cross-platform UI which is easy to maintain and its developing cost is also less expensive as compared to the Native app.

If you want high reliability and great user experience, then you should go with a native app as it can interact with all the devices having a different operating system. These apps are relatively expensive but it’s the best option to cover maximum target audience.

  iOS Application Android Application For Both Platforms
Development $15,000 $12,000 $27,000


3. Designing

Designing act like a mirror for any app, it reflects the hard work that has been done to build it. So it is necessary to work really hard on this component otherwise you will fail to typify it in front of the world. Look at the Uber app design; it is simple, visceral and smooth like a circle which reflects the strength of the universe. Simple doesn’t mean cheap, it requires a lot of research and efforts hence it needs the money and you can’t compromise on it.

  iOS Application Android Application For Both Platforms
Backend $5,000 $5,000 $10,000
Frontend $10,000 $8,000 $18,000
Total Cost $15,000 $13,000 $28,000


4. Functionality

When it comes to a mobile app, competition is huge and users are far less forgiving. So it would be good to adopt the latest functionalities in your app that can intensify the user experience and market demand in the world. Functionalities always flare with a large pocket, therefore, include only prominent features in your app, otherwise, it will fluctuate the mobile app development cost of an app like Uber.

Here we mentioned the cost of some important features of the taxi app that might help you to estimate the overall cost of your app like Uber.

Location and Routing Functionality: It takes approximately 120-140 hours to build.

  • For map: $4,900 => $35/hour.
  • For routing functionality: $8,400 => $60/hour.

Payment Gateway:

  • $4,200 => $35/hour. (For small app)
  • $7,200 => $60/hour. (For large app)

Registration and Profile Creation:

  • Registration : $4,900 => $35/hour
  • Profile creation : $8,400 => $60/hour

Push Notifications and SMS Integration:

  • Push notifications – $1,960 => $35/hours.
  • SMS integration – $3,360 => $60/hour


There are several other variables associated with getting an estimated cost to make an app like Uber, but without knowing the actual specifications, it is quite difficult to outline the exact cost. The shrewd way to build an app like Uber is to outsource the project to an established app development company which holds a good experience in this industry.

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