How Tech Industry Re-Engineered the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Beauty mobile app is a great way to help your saloon and wellness business gain more haulage and better brand recognition. But it entail an investment but don’t worry, it hardly matter if it takes off and upping large market of users.

How Tech Industry Re-Engineered the Beauty and Wellness Industry
Re-Engineering the Beauty and Wellness Industry

Someone has told the truth “If you foolishly ignore beauty, then you will soon find yourself without it”. Maybe this is a reason women spend approx $3,756 a year (around $313 a month), for a lifetime cost of $225,360 on their beauty products. Well, woman expenses for cosmetics is default but men are also not behind in this race, according to the Groupon’s research, men on average spend $2,928 per year (about $244 a month) and $175,680 in a lifetime over their beauty products, this figure is only 25 % less than women but enough to buy a Bentley.

Initially, the synonyms of beauty industry were only glamor, the vain, those in the spotlight or services that help us look our best – whatever that best may be, but in actuality, it is more diverse than we think and more than makeup, hair color, and perfume. With the rising demand for mobile applications, the beauty industry has completely changed and evolved the trend of on-demand beauty services in which you can get a complete suite of beauty services only in one click.

Lets see some latest research in the field of beauty and wellness industry.


According to Allied Market Research

  • Cosmetics market is expected to reach $390.07 billion globally by 2020. With its ability to reinvent itself using emerging technology and an array of entry price point products in its arsenal, it’s beaten the recent global financial crisis of 2008 and is continuing to go from strength to strength”.

Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be affected in any era, so it is good to follow the footprints of tech industry which are booming this industry to an extent level. Today Technology is a core part of every industry and beauty and wellness industry also keen to follow current trends to pace up with the latest market scenario. However, investment of large cosmetics companies in technology has already led to a digital transformation in the industry while emerging brands are elusive in term of its cost and features.

Let’s discuss in deep how app-based businesses are expanding with a remarkable success!

If you are looking to built beauty and wellness app for your salon or business then it must have following features:

Beauty and wellness app consist two parts:

  1. Users (Client)
  2. Salon Manager


Users (Client)

  • Registration page/ login page
  • Service history
  • Services Menu
  • Team Member Profile & Availability Status
  • Appointment Reminders on Mobile
  • Push Notifications
  • Appointment Reminders on Mobile
  • Map
  • Gift cards
  • Customer Reviews & Feedback
  • Payment gateway


Salon Manager

  • Customer database
  • Appointment management
  • Staff management
  • Invoice management
  • Activity Dashboard

Other than these features, you can add various other features in your app according to your requirement. After selecting the features, it’s time to focus on development part.

Beauty and Wellness App Development Cost

Before developing beauty application, identify the type of app that you need for your business and start doing research in the current market to collect real insights. Because it will help you to make your vision more clear as the business model has a huge impact on app developing cost. Other than this, there are many other factors that are helpful for estimating the cost of beauty and wellness.

Let’s discuss some significant factors that will help you to evaluate actual cost of your beauty app:



The cost of app design depends on the tools and technologies that you are using to build it as it requires a wide range of tasks such as market research, user experience design, interaction design, competitive audit, mobile app interface design, app icon graphic design and logo design and various other things related to UI and UX designs.

Let’s talk about the average cost of app design:

  Estimated Time Deliverables Tools
Market Research Roughly 20 to 40 hrs Realistic behaviour scenarios &user studies A/B testing, investigative user studies, etc.
UX Design Roughly 40 to 80 hrs Wireframes of app screen,user flow diagram, interactive prototypes Sketch,InVision,Flinto,Pixate
UI Design Roughly 80 to 300 hrs Final designs including app logo,icons & screenshots for app store/play store Origamic, After effects,Apple motion, Sketch, Pixate
Estimated Cost $15,000



There are several factors in which the cost of beauty app development depends other than development time and hourly rates. Factors like the size of mobile app development team, type of app, its complexity and post-release support also fluctuate the cost of beauty apps.

Let’s look closure to the estimated development cost of beauty and wellness application:

Technical Complexity Estimated Time Estimated Cost
Simple app Approx 600 hrs Up to $25,000
Mid size app Approx 600 – 800 hrs $30,000 – $50,000
Large size app Approx 1000 hrs $60,000 – $80,000



Functionalities give an app a more tangible shape and it shows how the app will work but it always comes up with the heavy budget. So be prepared to spend heavy amount for this phase.

Here we mentioned some significant features of beauty app that will help you to estimate the overall cost of your beauty app:

Functionalities Estimated Cost
Registration $35 to $4,900 /hr
Login page $60 to $8,400 / hr
Payment gateway

$35 to $4,900/hr.(For small app)

$60 – $7,200 /hr. (For large app)

Map $35 to $4,900 /hr
Routing functionality $60 to $8,400/ hr.
Push notifications $35 to $1,960/hr
SMS integration $60 to $3,360/hr

Post Release Expenses of Beauty App:

Post release expenses of beauty application like maintenance, app marketing and promotion, supports and updates, baas subscription and cloud history are also play an important role while estimating the total cost of beauty app. The cost of this phase is depends on how large campaign you are using to promote it in the market. It this quite difficult to give rough idea to estimate promotion process but it rages between $7,000 to $40,000.


Summing up

Beauty mobile app is a great way to help your saloon and wellness business gain more haulage and better brand recognition. But it entail an investment but don’t worry, it hardly matter if it takes off and upping large market of users.