What Features Make A Food Delivery App A Big Hit?

Making money out of food ordering business is not an easy cup of tea though but if done with the organized way it is like making money just with your fingertips.

What Features Make A Food Delivery App A Big Hit?
What Features Make A Food Delivery App A Big Hit?

Have you ever thought of giving a try to a food ordering app as a business? If not, you still have time!

Making money out of food ordering business is not an easy cup of tea though but if done with the organized way it is like making money just with your fingertips. Now you might be wondering how that is going to work out. We have just the right ingredients for becoming the ‘next-UberEats’ or more preferably ‘First-you’.

Right timing with the right app powered by right features is a turnkey to success in the food ordering business. It will be everything you can think of FASTER, CHEAPER, ACCESSIBLE. This industry originated just a few years back and have evolved a lot since then. Though early birds have covered most of the market share there is still a chunk of flesh left for newbies in the geographical areas in which this concept is not popular as yet.

If you are thinking of grabbing a spoon and banking upon the geographical areas left by the market giants, follow us for the structure of app required.

First of all, a food delivery app is more complex than any other kind of app reason being it is developed in three different version namely,

  • Customer Version (User Version)
  • Delivery Contractor Version
  • Restaurant Version

It might seem a bit complicated at this moment but 3 separate versions will ease the whole process and are necessary to satisfy everyone.

Take a moment to let that sink in and then we will narrate you how three versions can help your food delivery venture.

  1. The first version, the users’ version, will give a quick and smooth access to the menus the eateries in the vicinity of the users with the option to make orders right in the app.

  2. The second version, the delivery contract service version, will provide them with a comprehensive database of the available orders and the in-built geolocating services will show them the exact pickup and drop locations and navigate them as well.

  3. The third version, the Restaurants’ version will enable the managers to view the orders list and contact with the delivery contractors to organize a delivery of prepared meals to the customers.

Every version of this app is significant and absence of any of them will break the chain. Now, let’s take a look at each version of the app and the integrated features it should have.

1. User version

We have given a brief of the features that are must in the journey of the user through the app.

Feature 1: Profile creation in the app

This will be the step 1 where you obtain basic user info along with the details of their card for automatic payments. To spice up this section, provide options like profile photos, food preferences, list of favorite eateries, etc.

P.S. You know that giving login via Facebook, Twitter, Google ease the login process and users love it, right?

Feature 2: Restaurant hunt

Now, it is recommended to let users pick from where they will prefer their food. Suggesting eateries or restaurants near them will speed the food delivery process. For making such suggestions your app will require an integrated GPS function to locate the user and then make appropriate suggestions.

Once the user picks a restaurant next comes the menu. Sit with your UX designer to ensure a smooth access to the dishes available on the menu of the restaurants is updated in real time.

Feature 3: Placing the order

Here you will require putting

  • Add to cart option
  • Order summary
  • Cancellation option

Feature 4: Setting the drop location

The whole idea of a food delivery app is to have meals of users’ choice delivered at any desired location. So, putting in a drop location is the true essence of the app.

Feature 5: Making Payment

Easy checkout option with security is what is desired by the users. The only feature you can add here is to provide users with alternative options to pay like cash on delivery.

Feature 6: Rate and review

It is a general tendency that we believe in what others have to say about certain product or service. This section is essential for improving your ratings at the app store. More reviews mean more authentication.

What Consagous suggests?

To make your app stand apart from the rest of the apps in the market you can add following features:

  • Wish or favorite lists
  • Order tracking
  • Social media share
  • Push notifications
  • Order history
  • Delivery time estimation

That would be all for the user version of your app; now let’s transit to the delivery contractor version of the app.


2. Delivery Contractor Version

Delivery contractor version is all about the pick and drop location, but is it all?

There will be more features that are essential to make it fully functional and customize as per your business needs, let’s take a quick look at what features are indispensable in the courier version of the app.

Feature 1: Registration and profile editing

This would be the first step for delivery contractors before pushing on the orders, register themselves. Once they register them and fulfill your basic contract terms, you can start working with them.

Feature 2: Managing orders

Managing orders involve everything from detailed info about pickup and drop locations and also the package size. Given the detailed specifications, the contractor can punch in the estimated delivery time and confirm the delivery request.

Feature 3: Status update

After the confirmation of the delivery request is done, the contractor, with this feature incorporated in the app, can provide the real-time status of the package. Like,

  • Accepted or rejected
  • Picked up
  • Delivered

Once the status of the package is punched in as delivered, the contractor will receive the payment and the job is done.

What Consagous suggests?

Additional features in this app version can be:

  • Tracking from the pickup to the delivery point
  • Booking history
  • Push notifications

Now, that we are done with the delivery boys let’s understand how the homes of chefs (Restaurant) version of the app is built.

3. Restaurant Version

This version is the unique in its own way just like the other two app versions. Let’s pore over the required app features quickly.

Feature 1: Registration

Just like the other two app version, step 1 is always registration. Post registration, the name of the restaurant will be visible in the list of restaurants from which users can pick.

Feature 2: Database Management

This area will involve sharing basic information like:

  • Editing restaurant information like Name, Contact No., Address, Working Hours
  • Managing menus and updating them as and when required

Feature 3: Handling orders

This is the most crucial segment of this app version where following categories will appear:

  • Detailed order information
  • Updating order status
  • Push notifications to the customer (when it’s accepted) and to the contractor (when it’s ready to be picked up)
  • List of pending orders

Feature 4: Receiving payments

We think this feature needs no separate explanation.

What Consagous suggests?

To make your this app version better, we suggest to add following features as well:

  • Authority to delegate a delivery job to the nearest contractors.
  • Order filtration

Okay, that would be all from our side. Stay tuned!

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