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Data science services assist businesses in conducting tests on their data for commercial insights. To suit our clients' most specific analytics needs, Consagous offers data science consulting services utilizing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning Technologies. From amongst the top-notch Business Intelligence Consulting Firms, Consagous Technologies is everything that you need. 

Business Intelligence Software Solutions provided by Consagous 

Operational Efficiency

Enhancing process performance via the identification of deviations and undesired trends, the investigation of their underlying causes, and the forecasting and prediction of performance. 

Supply chain administration

Supply chain management is improved by accurate demand forecasts, suggestions for inventory optimization, and supplier- and risk assessments.

Product excellence

Proactive detection of manufacturing process variances that impact product quality and interruptions.

Predictive Maintenance

Our firm, the finest Big Data Analytics Service Providers, monitors equipment, spotting and documenting trends that indicate pre-failure and failure states. 

Dynamic Route Optimization

Based on the analysis of vehicle maintenance data, real-time GPS data, route traffic data, road maintenance data, weather data, etc., dynamic route optimization (ML)-based recommendations of the best delivery route are made. 

Customization of the customer experience 

Our best suit is to identify trends in client behavior and segment the customer base to create recommendation engines, provide individualized offerings, etc. 

Client Churn

With our Big Data Application Development, we can help clients make accurate predictions based on their end-consumer behavior to find prospective churners. 

Sales Process Improvement 

We provide a range of advanced lead and opportunity scoring, suggestions for the next stage in the sales process, alerts on unfavorable client feedback, etc. What comes in Consagous will see a major improvement going out of our doors!

Management of Financial Risk 

The best bit about our Market Intelligence Services are estimating project earnings, identifying financial risks, and determining the creditworthiness of potential clients. 

Improved Patient care 

We are highly equipped to recognize at-risk individuals, provide individualized medical care, foresee potential symptom emergence, etc. 

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Every business in the modern world makes a vast amount of data. Consagous Technologies' expert data analytics services and solutions help these organizations power their analytics projects and create real-time reports, insights, and recommendations. Consagous Technologies does Business Intelligence based on what our clients want.

Image Analysis 

Companies can save millions of bucks by reducing human mistakes through automated grading, counting, and integrating facial or emotional identification to understand their end-users better. 

What do we offer in Big Data analytics consulting services?

1. Examination of business needs
  • Defining the business goals that data science will help to achieve. 
  • Identifying drawbacks of the current data science solution (if any). 
  • Deciding on the deliverables for data science. 
2. Preparation of data. 
  • Defining the business goals that data science will help to achieve. 
  • Identifying drawbacks of the current data science solution (if any). 
  • Deciding on the deliverables for data science. 
3. Tweaking and evaluating ML models. 
  • Adjusting the pre-defined model to suit your custom needs
  • Assessing the integrity of ML models 
4. Delivering results from data science in a predetermined format. 
  • Data science insights in reports and dashboards are ready for commercial usage. 
  • Bespoke ML-driven self-service app. 
  • Integration of ML models into other applications. 
5. User and administrative training, as well as help for data science.
  • Training modules designed based on Strategic Market Intelligence
  • Predict behavior in trainees to modify the existing curriculum 
6. Tweaking and evaluating ML models.
  • Adjusting the pre-defined model to suit your custom needs
  • Assessing the integrity of ML models

Giving Businesses Access to Qualitative and Quantitative Data 

Identification of the business case and a veracity analysis and design recommendation analysis. 
Use our technology identification and solution roadmaps to evaluate and map business results. 

Process improvement for the business 

Our Big Data Analytics Solutions aims to improve consumer insights, cost optimization, process innovation, and automation with machine learning and deep learning. 

Provide insights based on data 

Who would have thought one could use the capabilities of core Big Data analytics consulting services to determine the future of businesses? With Consagous, everything is possible. We offer a human-centered design that prioritizes comprehension and logic, user research, experience, and unique insights. 

Customer Experiences Driven by Data 

At Consagous, Business outcomes result from a data-centric approach that fosters a culture of data-driven interactions.

Intelligent Insights With Consagous' Augmented Analytics and Smart Data Discovery 

Our data engineers e user experience along the analytics value stream, making information available to business users and streamlining management processes. 

Data and analytics will significantly disrupt augmented analytics. At Consagous, we acknowledge that Data Science is a dominant force in analytics, Power BI, ML platforms, and embedded analytics in the present and future. Our analytics professionals and data scientists are ready to use augmented analytics to engineer exceptional services. 

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