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Consagous Technologies, a leading provider of professional e-learning mobile app development services, is an education app development firm. We offer our clients the most cutting-edge and creative e-learning and educational app development services available today.

Process of Developing Education Apps

Top-notch educational app development services are provided by Consagous. Our products assist in automating the e-learning procedure. Additionally, it aids in managing, visualising, and analysing data for enterprises, which enhances academic achievement.

Idea Validation

Ideas are validated by our e-learning specialists and application developers, who turn your notion into a tangible product.

Application Concept for Transformation

We deliver you the most effective application solutions using our comprehensive e-learning software development methodology by turning your ideas into reality.

Development of Applications Effortlessly

We create robust e-learning programmes with a variety of useful features that provide students the opportunity to learn experientially.

Delivery of applications and ongoing innovation

We create the application by pushing the boundaries of e-learning solutions while utilising the most recent tools and technologies. Delivering the most cutting-edge and imaginative e-learning applications is our goal.

Insightful Information

We assist clients with pattern interpretation and exploration once the application is delivered. Utilizing reports and insights, they can thereby enhance visualisation.

Support, Maintenance, and Integration

You can't build a globally accessible and scalable e-learning app without the help of a wide variety of third-party libraries, tools, and connectors. Create flexible, extensible applications with the capacity for evolution with Consagous, and watch as your product effortlessly adapts to new circumstances and user preferences.

Education App Development

Specifications of Educational App Development Services 

For the institutes, we provide e-learning solutions that support their growth, efficiency, and excellent performance. In the development of our mobile apps for e-learning, we provide a huge selection of functions, including

Voice Recognition and Learning

Text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionalities are useful for both private businesses and educational institutions. This enhances engagement and learning. We offer flexible educational mobile apps. Users can access several teaching methods using this, streamlining the e-learning process.

External Integration

Since learning is a proactive activity, various e-learning frameworks and technologies require third party integration. The app's third-party integration capability enhances its general usability. It offers safe payment options and permits secure data sharing. This function makes it possible to generate certificates and implement a thorough reporting system

Regulations for Learning Standards

Various e-Learning standards, including SCORM, xAPI, and AICC, are included in our e-learning application. To ensure that security is constant in our app solution, we also adhere to accessibility standards and data privacy laws.

Adaptability in Education 

With the growing demand from students and e-learners, our features enable tutors to enhance the e-learning app. Our programme, which is loaded with scalable and extensible course building solutions, incorporates fault-tolerance architectural features. Our application's flexibility includes offering offline accessibility and language support.

Enhanced UI/UX 

As a leading provider of education app development, we create user-friendly programmes that are fluid. The navigation links and modules are all clearly visible. In order to maintain the integrity of the learning process, we simplify interactions between educators and students. Our application features a number of leaderboards, learning badges, and progress bars that assist teachers in evaluating their students' performance.

Upgrade and Customize eLearning Applications

Enterprises may attain a competitive edge for their eLearning software by including advanced functions. We can improve your education app design and development in several ways, like by adding AI-powered personalization and chatbots, integrating the Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and so on. You can be confident that your app's battery life has been thoroughly tested and improved. It will have excellent data security, be able to manage several connections without a hitch, and provide useful information throughout the upgradation.

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