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A Fully Integrated Educational Ecosystem System-AXEN-For All You EDU Needs

Our Educational Management Software helps students get innovative ideas that help them make good decisions and gives teachers a better way to teach. Consagous, all-in-one next-generation LMS solution makes learning and development more accessible. 

We offer comprehensive eLearning solutions for higher education, skill development, and corporate training. Our educational management system has a built-in e-Learning engine that allows students to study wherever and at their own pace. This platform works on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, among other devices.

Degrees can be hard to get, but your application doesn't have to be. End-to-end ERP software is what Consagous offers. Educational institutions and schools use it. It helps schools of any size manage students, teachers, courses, and academic programs with an interactive portal built on our platform that works right out of the box.

Scalable Industrial ERP Solutions With Easy Integration

We are an LA-based, industry-leading provider of innovative ERP solutions and services under the hood AXEN, staffed by a group of IT experts with decades of combined experience who are dedicated to maximizing the positive social impact of people's everyday interactions with technology. We want to partner with the customer as a team to achieve their goals and are enthusiastic about the potential of IT to streamline their operations.

 Innovating Solutions is what we do

Our talented group of Software Analysts, Developers, Designers, Testers, and Tech Enthusiasts can do anything together. We are dedicated to providing products designed to achieve specific outcomes. 

Our ERP solutions powered by AXEN are a rapidly expanding corporate software player whose multi-tenanted mobile and cloud ERP, HR-Payroll, and CRM solutions are causing a stir in the industry. With end-to-end ERP Software Solution AXEN, seeking to distinguish themselves from rivals in the industry, we emphasize innovation and intelligent automation. Consagous has been making strides toward implementing its Smart Industrial ERP Solutions as part of its innovation strategy.

Software Analysts
ERP Solution
AXEN ERP Solutions that collaborate seamlessly with existing technology

Consagous focuses on ERP and Big Data analysis for businesses and educational institutions, helping them gain business insights. Our Data Science expertise includes Hadoop, NoSQL, PIG, HIVE, Machine Learning, and visualization. 

We integrate accounting, payroll, manufacturing, sales, and inventory systems to support entrepreneurs. Today's business builders value relationships, partnerships, and communities. AXEN helps business builders with intelligent, flexible, innovative ERP Solutions and advice to manage money and people.

Trendsetter ERPs at your fingertips

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. You may get a bird's-eye view of your business by combining AXEN ERP's components, such as product planning, development, production, sales and marketing, and human resource management, under a unified interface.

ERP Components
Industry Specific Technology
Industry-Specific Intelligent Technology With AXEN
  • Boost Productivity
  • Increase Efficiency in Coordination and  Integration
  • Real-Time Analytics on Live Data
  • Easy Connectivity with Devices
  • Convenient to Operate (User-Friendly)
  • Increase Efficiency in Coordination and
Characteristics of our ERP Systems

AXEN has the ideal balance of technological know-how and operational expertise for your manufacturing business. Our modules are made to help you save money, get things done quicker, provide your customers with more of what they want, and speed up your business.

Maximize Value and Excellence

All regulatory and compliance obligations may be easily met and monitored. Improve management's insight into all facets of operations while allowing them to manage a variety of planning models and configurations. 

Organizing Ahead of Time 

Consagous' ERP Planning modules aid in the synchronization of available assets, as well as the creation of sales projections and manufacturing schedules. We facilitate in allocating manufacturing resources, including cash, materials, plant capacity, and personnel, more efficiently.

Increase Profits

Perfect and timely decisions become a matter of time and accurately thanks to the automation provided by the ERP system. 

Modifications Are Quick and Simple to Make

To meet the needs of your clientele, web-based systems can be modified and updated in real-time via remote access. 

Raise Happiness Levels of Your Clientele

Make sure your clientele is always satisfied with prompt and efficient after-sale services. The system allows for a lot of customization. 

Processing Orders Mechanically 

Our ERP systems can be pre-programmed with the total cost of all needed materials and components, allowing for an instantaneous calculation of gross margins on creating a bid.

Why are axen ERP solutions the right fit for you?

A UNIQUE Enterprise Resource Planning Answer for Your Production Needs

Manufacturers can improve the efficiency of their operations with the help of a specialized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that includes several modules tailored to their needs. All business operations can be managed, optimized, and streamlined separately, and a 360-degree perspective of the company alongside real-time analysis is achieved by our clients. Our ERP systems for manufacturers have been widely hailed as a cutting-edge technological achievement and a boon to expansion

Stock Administration

You can save money and strengthen business relationships with more open communication and less wasted inventory. Real-time data and accurate dashboards can help you separate product management and raw material administration.

Governing the Supply Chain

You can perform thorough checks on product quality and gauge customer feedback while efficiently planning, carrying out, and monitoring assigned tasks. Consagous ERP solutions help break down production station leads and get complete visibility into job timetables and production plans.

Managing the Markets (CRM)

Manufacturers can maintain contact with produced leads and monitor their progress toward a sale. Apart from this, keeping an eye on your sales team's tactics to streamline the quoting process comes naturally with our goal-centric ERP systems. Viewing in-depth analytical reports and using the data to inform strategies as part of multi-tiered planning has become a reality. 

Organizational Management for Finance

To improve productivity and financial stability, it is vital to streamline the accounting cycle by reducing cost and complexity. Our ERP solutions assist with reporting, auditing, and doling out cash which will be done efficiently and in stages. In the same vein, you are responsible for handling all aspects of the acquisition process, including but not limited to invoices, payments, receipts, and orders.

Operations Management for Human Resources and Payroll

You can determine the specifics of the workforce and develop strategies for recruitment, management, training, and development. Our modern ERP solutions make planning, employee turnover rates, and representative portfolios' review cycles and performance easier to leave behind. 

One-Stop For Manufacturing ERP

Consagous offers ERP solutions, which are all-inclusive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. The experts at Consagous can help you find the optimal balance between cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true business acumen, thanks to their familiarity with the unique requirements of the manufacturing sector. Its components are optimized to hasten reaction times, increase customer happiness, and speed up business processes while lowering operational expenses.

Strategic Management of Sales

Our ERP experts employ efficient technologies to manage the entire order-to-payment cycle. The customers get real-time data and forecasts for all key factors by implementing strategic decision-making systems and integrated business workflows.

Managing Purchases

Using our avant-garde ERP systems, you can automate purchasing needs and make quick, convincing decisions about them. You'll have access to stock, invoices, and payment management in just a few minutes while efficiently assessing quotes from your suppliers.


There’s always more to the number of benefits that industries can derive out of our ERP approach:.

Economical Investment

Effortlessly integrate all areas of your business with no financial outlay and guaranteed positive results.

Simplified Solution for Business Management 

Using the robust ERP architecture, our ERP controls various business functions, including sales, purchasing, stock management, bookkeeping, and more.

Continuous 360-degree visibility

Quickly and seamlessly access vital company information with complete, detailed visibility over the whole operation. Workflow and in-depth knowledge of particular crucial business activities.

Save Money with More Deliveries Just-in-time

We provide you with the ideal blend of technology and business expertise because we are aware of the demands and difficulties faced by the manufacturing industries. Our modules are designed to save operational expenses, improve customer satisfaction, speed up reaction times, and quicken corporate processes.

Management of Stocks

You can save money on unused inventory and storage space by maintaining a more open and organized system. Utilize up-to-the-moment data and pinpoint dashboards to streamline product and raw material management. 

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Operations Research and Management of Supply Chains

Maintaining effective planning, execution, and tracking through implementing quality inspections and demand projections. This comprehensive visual tool will examine production station leads, job schedules, and plans.

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