Virtual and Augmented Reality App Development

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Consagous builds sophisticated and intuitive AR/VR apps and solutions, bringing a new level of interactivity and immersiveness. Satisfy next-gen users with our feature-rich AR/VR app development, where imagination meets reality.

Why AR/VR Development Services from Consagous?

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The Reality of Tomorrow’s Technology

Connect with us and open up a new world, where we will be assisting you in leveraging the raw potential of Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) into something more complete yet more complex. All of this is done with the right set of tools and able, agile practices to maximize your results and ROI.

With our penchant for innovation and delivering high standards of product quality, the AR/VR development services at Consagous are formulated in a way that never proves to be too much for anyone- organizations, startups, or the end-users for that matter. 

  • AR/VR application development
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  • IoT & AR/VR
Augmented Reality App Development

AR/VR for All

We are big advocates of making technology available in every domain, which is why our AR/VR services have covered different industries over the years. Our AI/ML app developers employ agile Machine Learning technologies with measurable development outcomes.

A Promising Digital Ecosystem 

More for Less

Our AR/VR strategies are always focused on increasing your ROI in the most effective manner. We develop experiences that delight our end-users and attract more leads.

24/7 After Support

Our long-standing relationship promise means that Consagous is there to provide product support. Always.  We solely focus on delivering quality, even after the development process is completed. 

Cohesive Products

Our expertise gives us the ability to deliver you feature-loaded AR/VR solutions that are compact.

Services for Developing AR VR Apps

In order to provide an interactive virtual user experience and please users of the next generation, we develop AR/VR apps that add unbelievable twists to routine tasks.

Services for Virtual and Augmented Reality 

For a variety of business sectors, including automotive, aviation, education, medical, advertising, and eCommerce, our development team has developed user-friendly augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Since the optimal user experience is the fundamental objective of developing augmented and virtual reality, we always ensure that the solutions we come up with are as realistic as possible.

Consagous Technologies creates innovative, premium applications for mixed, augmented, and virtual reality. We provide AR VR solutions that are either on par with or slightly surpass the expectations of our clients by combining cutting-edge tools and technology with a thorough grasp of their needs. We create AR/VR applications for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, hybrid laptops, and other devices.

Virtual Reality App Development

      Our extensive VR/AR knowledge 

Technologies like OpenCV, Vuforia, ARKit, Wikitude, EasyAR, ARToolKit, ARCore, and others are used to create augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Additionally, we are capable of creating a framework that will meet your specific requirements. We can help you find a solution that is beneficial to your specific business and goal, whether you need a core product or integration of AR/VR technology into your current software.

Social Media Platforms: 

In recent years, social media platforms have become more well-known. These platforms are mostly employed to develop and broaden online social networks. Engaging and lasting impressions may be made by hiring our AR app developers to draw in and keep clients from all around the world.

Evolution of marketing: 

Innovative and effective connections with the target audience can indeed be made through AR and VR apps. Businesses like to employ AR & VR apps in their marketing and communication efforts so that potential customers may get a clear sense of the business they want to buy from. Virtual and augmented reality offer many chances for communicating with clients about sales, promotions, and even the introduction of new goods and services.

Maximum Users:

As an evolved concept, augmented reality has been significantly impacted by technological advancement. AR is a master in everything, from business to entertainment. Because of their reach and immersive nature, augmented reality (AR) apps are now commonly used to develop entertaining business and gaming applications. Manufacturing, retail, IT, telecom, fashion, and other industries can all profit from the reach of AR technology to serve a variety of needs. Satisfies demands easily and conveniently. In addition to this, AR apps may be utilized to develop a variety of games that are both immersive and unique in order to draw in and keep players.

3D Graphics & Animations:

Consagous Technologies has a team of experts who work together to make AR/VR based-3D graphics and animations. Our experts are trained to do thorough research and work round the clock when inculcating and ideating VR 3D graphics and animation projects. Nothing reasonable and quality-focused than Our AR & VR services. 

Types of AR-VR Apps

Augmented reality

In the age of digital connection, Consagous’s team creates captivating augmented reality apps for all sizes of businesses, including small, mid-sized, and large corporations. Our expertise involves creating TV augmented reality applications as well as several instructional and entertainment AR applications.

Mixed Reality 

Our mixed reality app development expertise enables us to produce solutions that provide company personnel with the best of both the physical and digital worlds by combining a real-time view of their surroundings with an overlay of intelligent virtual objects

Virtual Reality

We create virtual reality applications for cutting-edge workplaces with believable, collaborative settings as well as applications to increase sales by enhancing the purchasing experience. For any industry, including but not limited to healthcare, aviation and space, education, automobile, travel, and military, we can produce unique 3D models.

The AR/VR application development services we deliver. 

At Consagous, we strive to combine experiences with the most cutting-edge technologies to create an unparalleled interactive app experience.

AR/VR Consultation

If you are unclear about how well AR/VR will work with your company, contact us so we can thoroughly examine your demands and develop a conventional AR app.

IoT + AR/VR apps 

We also create AR/VR products that skillfully integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT). AR/VR has the ability to interface with many devices and provide a fluid user experience.

Visualization techniques 

You can increase your company's rates and returns on investment by using visualisation solutions. Experiential marketing, demonstrations, retraining, and descriptive data are some of our creative services.

Technological AR/VR solutions

One of our specially designed products is made just for your sector to improve user experience! We create a very appealing & user-friendly solution by integrating novel technology.

Location-based AR/VR applications 

By developing interesting and useful apps that are map-based, our team of AR/VR developers knows how to increase website traffic in a specific area.

AR/VR applications with sensors 

We are an AR/VR firm that can create AR/VR augmented applications that can function through sensor, face, and action recognition along both android and ios platforms.

Sectors We Serve

  • Automotive
  • Defence and Aviation
  • Marines
  • Nuclear and Power
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Smart cities
  • Industrial training
  • Fire and Safety
  • Museum Centres

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