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One of the top firms in the US for developing financial apps is Consagous Technologies. We provide cutting-edge software development services, outsourcing services for fintech applications, and application developers for hire. If you work in the finance sector, we can provide full services like developing mobile and web apps, integrating APIs, implementing blockchain technology, and meeting any other unique needs.

Services offered

Gateways and payment systems

Several e-commerce payment options, online payment gateways for direct transfers, and back-end payment systems for mobile apps are all included in this functionality. All forms of payment procedures are supported by the sophisticated framework. Your fintech system can be made universally accepted by processing online payments through credit cards or various payment gateway systems.

Infrastructure for crowdsourcing and online banking 

The internet sector is responsible for evolving the setup of online banking. API connection with the financial system is one of our projects that has been successful. Any social cause or creative initiative would benefit greatly from using this cutting-edge method for businesses to raise non-value or non-debt finance. Create a secure system that works on all major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Tools for small and medium businesses 

This precise solution, created by our experts, includes solutions for accounting systems, payroll, taxes, and invoicing. Small and medium-sized firms will benefit from these technologies' effective investment control. Our talented engineers complete the assignment in accordance with the unique company requirements since we are aware of the intricacy and commitment involved in every stage of development.

Accountant services 

Our customised accounting software will help you dominate the accounting industry in the future. We focus on accounting information structure plans, developing mobile accounting software, and accounts payable and invoicing solutions. Get the whole variety of items required for effective financial accounting software solutions, such as active payment schedules, API interface, expense tracking, invoice administration, and first-rate reporting module.

Mortgage Administration

Using our development expertise, oversee the entire mortgage company. Our scalable mortgage programme is designed to take advantage of risk evaluation, credit jerks, countersigning, claims administration, title facilities, etc. Our tactics aim to restructure your company's operations and increase its efficiency by utilising a wide range of innovative mortgage management services, CRM solutions, and mortgage loan modification modules.

Software rental

Our dependable leasing software, which combines engineering solutions and creativity, can help you gain ground in the market. We create tailored solutions to make managing lease sets for your business easier. The entire lease process will be under your control with ease. We offer leasing interfaces, CRM services, cloud-based platforms, and ERP solutions.

Fintech App Development

Why should you hire Consagous Technologies for your Fintech software needs? 

We are professionals in every major technology, including Java,.Net, PHP, Grails, Node Js, Python, Android, JavaScript, AngularJs, React, iOS, etc. We have a skilled group of database managers, QA engineers, and developers with years of expertise. In all of our projects, Consagous Technologies strives to deliver bright customer happiness and has a superior level of understanding of creative designs.

Our Specific Advantages

Customer Oriented

Instead of focusing on what their customers needed, many financial industry organisations focused on what new technologies might give. We prioritise the demands of the client and create solutions with them in mind.


We are committed to giving users a satisfying experience. We have a dependable quality assurance team with a solid plan that verifies and ensures a dependable product with a way to remedy faults iteratively.


With the usage of third-party vendors, mobile and web technologies, and cross-border trades, secure cybersecurity is one of the main problems. We take care to locate key areas and have the tools necessary to address them.

Our Fintech Solutions Using New Technology 

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, revolutionising the finance sector with modern applications, portals, and more


For Fintech providers, our main goal is to create reliable Blockchain apps that will improve results along the entire care continuum.

Artificial intelligence

To increase transaction accuracy, we are incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our online, mobile, and finance software.


In the banking and financial sector, we use augmented reality and virtual reality to create a more engaging customer experience.


Chatbots facilitate efficient peer-to-peer communication that raises the bar for banking and financial services while increasing client satisfaction.

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