Our High-End Dating Application Development Service in Los Angeles

Our High-End Dating Application Development Service in Los Angeles

Looking for a dating app development service in Los Angeles? Your search for high-end dating app solutions ends here. Consagous Technology is one of the best dating app development companies in Los Angeles that will help you create cutting-edge technology for the youngsters of this era.

As a leading app development company, the requirement for dating apps is a bit different. Our developers have expertise in developing a solution that matches the tastes of millennials and Gen z.

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Our Tremendous Dating App Solution For Next-generation

Build an on-demand dating application with the support of our tech experts. We ensure that the development of your dating apps is managed in the best way possible so that clients can expand their dating businesses. Here are some of the dating app solutions for the next generation we offer:

  • Dating App Services
  • Matrimonial Apps
  • Location-Based Apps
  • Anonymous Dating Apps
  • Result driven Services
  • Swipe-Based Apps
  • Virtual Dating Apps
  • Niche Dating Apps

Our Strengths

Extensive Experience

Our dating app developers have extensive experience developing iOS and Android applications. From R&D to testing, our developers will create and manage customized strategies tailored to your goal so that you get the best results. 

Effective Communication

We totally understand that clients are constantly concerned about the status of their projects. For this, we are committed to informing you of every little information you require. We also provide a project manager to our clients who will act as a liaison between you and our staff to keep you up to date.


Security is of utmost importance for all mobile applications. But, it is especially required in dating apps because users are always concerned about their safety and privacy while using a dating app. We provide highly compliant security measures to quickly gain users' trust and protect their data and activity.

On-Time Delivery

The key to success is releasing the application at the right time when the users need it the most. This is why we guarantee on-time delivery. Our developers work tirelessly on the project to ensure it is completed on time.

Post Delivery Support

Application Development is not a click-and-done procedure. This process requires continuous changes and a maintenance period. That’s why we offer post-delivery assistance too. We do this because we want to consistently present our clients with an app with the most stunning design and smoothest functionality.

Key Features For a Hassle-free experience

We have a reputation for developing highly scalable and unique social dating app development solutions for users of all tastes.

Common Features

Video Call

A must-have feature in a dating app is video calling because it helps users to communicate in a better way and get to know each other virtually get easy for them.  We use reliable, advanced WebRTC technology to ensure high-quality video and audio transmission.

Easy Registration

Being an expert in mobile app development for so long.  We developed dating app solutions with an easy integration process. With our apps, users can sign up for an account just by entering basic details such as mobile number, email, gender, and DOB. Moreover, we also integrate login with Google and other social media platforms.


A dating app without a filter is nothing. We integrated advanced filters into our solution to facilitate users in finding a perfect match. Users can easily set their requirements by applying filters to the suggestion they get.

Undo Option

A most important but underrated feature in dating apps.  Many apps provide the deleted option, but this undo option is a bit different. It works as if things never happened. Thus, with this feature, the users can immediately undo the sent request without letting them know.

Push Notifications

This feature helps users receive fast information about your matches or the best recommendations.

Advanced Features

Profile Management

Our custom dating app development solutions always have simple dashboards that allow users to simply maintain and edit their personal information. Moreover, users can modify their display photo, bio, username, and other information anytime.

Location Filter

Dating apps without a location filter do not have any worth. The location filters allow the users to find matches in their suitable locations. With the help of this filter, you can find a companion even in a 1-kilometer radius.

Cloud Integration

Security is the biggest concern of every user while using a dating app. We integrate a cloud system that ensures maximum safety and security of the user’s profile.

Real Face Detection

One of the best features of dating apps is to ensure security. It allows dating apps to detect the real face of the person who wants to make an account. So users can better recognize and send the request if they like someone’s profile.
This feature provides security and cuts the chances of spamming.

Custom Design

We have excellent skills in developing unique, alluring, and personalized designs. These remarkable custom-designed with cutting-edge features & functions apps draw in a sizable number of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I go for dating app development when there are so many other options too?

We can see that the demand for dating apps is increasing drastically. As per many surveys and studies, the next generation prefers dating apps to traditional dating types. Investing our time in a niche with higher potential and demand can be worth full. However, other niches have higher potential, but it all depends on your interest and goals.

2. What is the must-have feature to include in the dating app?

There are various features to include in on-demand dating apps, but some of them are- geo-location, social media linking, multimedia sharing, filters, age group match, and so on.

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