Fitness Application Development In New York

Develop holistic health and fitness apps and provide the ultimate solution for fitness freaks.

Consagous is a leader in developing digital fitness and wellness solutions in New York.
We have a highly experienced team that will help you in every stage of the development process.  We offer customized fitness app solutions that are suitable for everyone, no matter if you are a gym owner, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and other fitness professional. Our solution is ideal for everyone's requirements.

Hire our experts if you’re looking for a reliable Fitness app development company in New York. Our one-stop solution solves your queries and helps to build an app that rolls over the fitness industry and drives a higher ROI.

Type Of Fitness Applications We Offer

Diet & Nutrition Apps

This app allows users to set personal goals, monitor their bodies, maintain a diet chart, track their hydration, etc.

Workout Or Exercise Apps

Our workout or exercise apps have different sets of workouts and exercises with a demonstration(live or recorded) that helps users maintain their body shape and achieve their goals.

Yoga And Meditation Apps

Our yoga and meditation application include thousands of yoga poses & guidance and flexible meditation timers.

Activity Tracking App

An app that gives a complete report to users about steps taken, stairs climbed, hours slept, distance and speed run, calories burned, and whatever activity you have done in a day.

Gym Applications

This type of application gives access to the gym at home. It includes a set-up of pre-arranged exercise routines that come in formats like video, 3D models, text, etc.

Why our Fitness App Development Services?

Extensive Experience in Fitness
Exercise App Development

Our extensive experience working in the fitness industry helps us to create remarkable app solutions that provide valuable insights to users.

Platform-Agnostic Development
Exercise App Development

We never limit one service to one platform. We believe in creating an application that works on desktop, mobile, and other platforms like tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. It allows customers to follow them on all their devices.

Design, Development & Upkeep in one Place
Exercise App Development

At Consagous, we ensure a design to achieve effectiveness, safety, and economy of maintenance or whatever you need to enhance user experience and target KPIs

Technology Consulting
Exercise App Development

Our developer will select the best technology stack, whether for iOS or Android, to ensure that your fitness application grows and adapts market changes.

Extensive Experience in Fitness
Exercise App Development

Our extensive experience working in the fitness industry helps us to create remarkable app solutions that provide valuable insights to users.

Our Steps To Developed A Top-Notch Fitness Application

Research And Ideation

To develop a perfect fitness app, we have conducted in-depth research on our clients’ ideas to discover future possibilities. Then, we have made a plan that matches your goals, market demand, and future prospects. Our research helps us to find a key area in which we can work and create an excellent fitness application in New York.

UI/UX Designing

Our market research and project specifications serve as the foundation for UX/UI designers to create a user flow map, a clickable prototype, and a visual design for a mobile app. We create minimalism or an inspirational design with flashy colors, images, and animations.

Mobile app development

Our expert developers have turned your idea into reality at this stage. Fundamentally, our process of fitness application development is divided into two parts- front and backend.

The frontend development process includes the following:

  • Storing data locally
  • Proper synchronization of data
  • Testing to find bugs and eradicate them.
  • Deployment of an app
  • Clear wireframing

The backend development process includes the following:

  • Explaining the backend structure
  • Development of server-side logic
  • Data integration
  • Easy management of user account
  • Seamless user experience
Exercise App Development
Mobile App Testing

Once our team is done with app development, we will move forward to begin testing. For a comprehensive QA testing of the app, we plan test cases that address all facets of app testing. After all, we must ensure that our solution is stable, secure, and bug-free.


When our team approves that everything is good to go. We proceed with the launching process. First, we launch your web server (API) into a scalable production environment. Then we move forward with the app launch into the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to develop a feature-nourished fitness application?

The cost of our fitness application can vary depending on the scope and complexity. Generally, our company charges a one-time fee for the development process and recurring monthly or quarterly fees for ongoing maintenance and optimization.

2. What are the five characteristics of an excellent fitness freak app?

Five standard features of an excellent fitness freak app include:

  • Well-designed user interface (UI)
  • Fast loading time.
  • Strong data protection.
  • Excellent user support.
  • Built-in integrations.
3. How do fitness apps generate revenue?

Mobile ads, subscriptions, In-app purchases, transaction fees, white labeling, selling fitness-related merchandise, sponsorship, and freemium upsell are all ways to generate higher ROI.

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