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Let’s take your Social game to the next level with our social media app solutions.

As the leading social media mobile app development company in Los Angeles, we must always pay attention to the power of social media. Nowadays, having a social presence is as essential as having a good product. Looking for a reliable tech company in Los Angeles that can provide you with the best innovative social media app development technology? You can never go wrong with Consagous.

Our human-centric design philosophy, cutting-edge strategies, and skilled programmers will help you access a highly competent and productive social media application platform. From customized social media networking apps to messaging apps, our team developed cutting-edge technology for every app.

social media app development

Types of Social Media Apps We Develop

Customized Social Media Network Apps
Social Media Network Apps

We offer Customized Social Media Network application development services that help our clients to expand their business network, boost conversion rates, and enhance brand loyalty and credibility. Our developers specialize in delivering high-quality applications that can add more value to your business’s online presence.

Media Sharing Networks
Media Sharing Networks

At Consagous, we offer a unique media-sharing platform for creators and artists to connect with more people where they can share their works of art with the public. This type of app provides creators with a platform that allows them to gain publicity or monetize their work socially..

Social network analysis tool
Social network app

Our team develops social network analysis tools for businesses that give them access to comprehensive data on their marketing campaigns' effectiveness and user data on their apps across different locations.

Messaging app
Messaging App

At Consagous, we know that the future of social media lies in instant messaging and live chat. With this knowledge, we create platforms that permit immediate connection in a secure setting free from hacking. Also, we must have included features like audio calling and conferencing, video calling, and file transfers (including documents, spreadsheets, audio files, video files, etc.)


Some of the Common Features For Users

·         Newsfeed
·         Story Sharing
·         Hashtags
·         Filters & Emojis
·         Live Streaming
·         Voice Recording
·         Push Notifications

Advanced Features

·         In-built Chatbots
·         Blockchain Integration
·         AI and ML Features
·         AR Integration
·         Image & Video Editing
·         Real-time Messaging
·         Marketplace
·         Privacy Controls

Benefits of Social Media App Development

3X Business Growth

Currently, social media apps have become so widespread for business. As a result, entrepreneurs started developing social media applications for business promotion to reach more targeted customers.

Social media apps have a tonne of buying and selling groups. Nearly all companies, including those in the fashion, cosmetics, grocery, and tech industries, now have Facebook or Instagram pages. It increases their authenticity in doing so.

Right now, the most common combination of words on the internet is ‘online business.’ As a result, several businesses have an online presence that helps them connect with more customers worldwide. Moreover, having an online presence raises awareness of brands and stays at the top of the mind.

10X Marketing

Social Media app plays a vital role in marketing.  It aids in product promotion, advertising, and demand generation. Additionally, content creators or social media influencers occasionally contribute to commercial videos. Naturally, those influencers' fans and followers hope to buy the product.

Streamlining Workflows

Business authorities now use social media apps to maintain and watch over their offices. Many offices use Skype to communicate with their employees. Making a Skype group in that business's name will make it easier to share with everyone than doing so individually.

Choosing A Dating Partner Via Social Media App

The development of social media applications has also made it possible to find a perfect date online. Tinder and other social media platforms assist users in selecting a date as per their partner preferences.

On finding similar interests, the app shows an ideal match as per its algorithm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take to develop a social media app?

The average time to develop a social media app with discovery, design and development, and pre-launch stages is around 7-12 months. However, these times also vary depending on your requirements and developers' experience. At Consagous, highly experienced developers can build social media applications within a specific time limit.

2. What makes a social media platform successful?

From a user’s perspective, three main features make your social media platform successful- profiles, newsfeeds, and connections. However, it will also vary depending on your business’ niche. 

3. What programming language do we use for building a Social Media App?

To develop a highly innovative social media application, we use several programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML 5, Ruby, Objective C, C++, C#, Kotlin, Python, Rust, SQL, and JAVA.

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