Social Media Application Development in the Philippines

The apparent monopoly of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter creates the impression that there is no demand for the new social media platforms. Obviously, it is the biggest myth. The number of platforms effectively challenge and outperform market giants., Chinese TikTok is the most noteworthy example. Hence if you have an idea, take a step toward it and make an app that can change its apparent monopoly.

However, building an app with an idea is not possible. Of course, you require proficient people to develop an app. At Consagous, we have all the proficiency that you need. Our team of developers will assist you in developing end-to-end solutions. We are a leading social media app development company in the Philippines that offer a wide range of social media app development services. Our team has the industry's top social media app developers that strengthen us to design the app of your dreams.

Our ROI Driving Social Media App Development Solutions

  • Custom Social Media App Development
  • Media Sharing Networks
  • Social network analysis tool
  • Messaging app
  • Mobile dating apps
  • Contest Apps
  • Business Social Networking

Why Choose Consagous?


We offer high-quality mobile app development services at fair costs.
Furthermore, we are focused and provide solutions that integrate inexpensive and sustainable technology.


With unwavering faith, we deliver high-level mobile applications with complete confidence to ensure data protection for your company.

Operational Expertise and Quality

Our team of professionals is skilled in producing mobile apps that meet the specifications that our clients require. To recognize, evaluate, and resolve any technical difficulties at any moment.

Persistent Support & Maintenance

Our services for social network app development go beyond merely creating an app. We ensure the app has gone live, and our committed support team will provide quick assistance if you encounter any problems or debugging issues.

Salient Features of a Social Media App

Here are some salient features that we include to provide a seamless experience:

Common Features
  • Signup
  • User profile
  • Newsfeed
  • Add post and story
  • Add Reaction
  • Push Notifications
  • Create Group
  • Instant Messaging and Video Calling
Advanced Features
  • Privacy Control
  • Image & Video Editing
  • Market Place
  • AR Technology
  • AI Chatbots
  • Blockchain Integration

Benefits You Get from Us

Generate Leads

As a leading Social media application company in the Philippines, we will assist you in interacting with a large audience and producing top-notch client leads.

Higher ROIs

We create social networking apps that are visually appealing and user-focused and incorporate smart features. All these features draw many users to the app, which will help generate higher ROI.

User-focused Interface

Our team aims to make the technology very approachable. Thus, we focus on developing a user-focused interface application so users spend more time on the application and enjoy the moment.

Listen to your audience

At Consagous, we create social media applications that are incredibly responsive and support businesses in understanding their consumer bases and tailoring their product and services accordingly.

How We Do It?

We don't make apps just to create them; we research the target demographic and design apps specifically for them. As a result, we pay extra attention to the tiniest details and handle the most critical aspects of designing a social network app.

Identify the Objective and the Audience

In the first stage, we clearly outline your concept and determine the precise goal of your social media network. We will comprehend the industry, pinpoint the target market, and discover rival companies to understand what is lacking in the market today that we can fill and potential users' needs. Then, create a road map of the app.

Wireframe & Prototyping

A practical design is essential to successful social networking app development. To design a functioning model of the app, before going on to wireframing and prototyping, the process should start with sketching out the fundamental structure of the app.

Development and Design

In this stage, we configure the database, back-end servers, APIs, and storage options. And we ensure the app adheres to all platform requirements and technological specifications. Then we will proceed with testing. Testing is wise for any app to deduct bugs and technical glitches.

Launch and Promote

As soon as the development part is complete, the team gets ready to upload it to the App Store along with all the necessary marketing and promotional materials, such as screenshots, videos, and helpful app descriptions. After releasing the beta version of the social networking software, we started marketing it.

Maintenance and Support

The work never ends here. After the launch, we provide ongoing app maintenance, support, and upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does building a social media application in the Philippines cost?

The cost of building a social media application in the Philippines will depend on the specific technology you require, the features, and other factors. Generally, it can vary from $30,000 to $250,000. However, the final cost can increase and decrease based on the project's complexity.

2. Does building a feature-riches social media app take a long time?

The time to build a social app will depend on the technologies, app structural plan, and objectives. Generally, it takes a month or even a year. However, the time limit can be extended if you want to add some different features.

3. Why should you focus on social media app development?

With social media app development, you can benefit from:

  • Higher user engagement
  • Increase Brand Reputation
  • Enhance customer-brand connection
  •  Interactive communication

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Your outstanding idea and our cutting-edge technology will firmly occupy the intended niche and persevere in the volatile modern market.

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