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App Development for On-Demand Logistics & Transportation

Several businesses have partnered with the logistics and transportation sector to transport their goods across the globe via roads, railways, aircraft, and waterways.

 On the other end of the spectrum, information technology also supports the logistics and transportation sector by facilitating the delivery of services more quickly and easily. Consagous Technologies thus can create solutions that integrate the fundamental elements of the Logistics & Transportation business with the advancements of numerous advanced technologies (Artificial Intelligence and Automation) and tools. We have a group of skilled web and application developers who are aware of the numerous facets and components of the transportation sector.

Our Work 

In addition to developing effective software solutions like Logistics Tracking Software, Courier Management Software, Logistics Staff/Business Management Software, and On-Demand Dispatch Software for its international clientele, Consagous also stands out for its noteworthy solution-building experience.

Target Industry Challenges

To create fresh approaches to address the global need for logistics and transportation, our seasoned specialists collaborate in parallel while concentrating on industry difficulties.

Develop Strategies 

We make critical strategic choices to create stunning and useful online and mobile applications for Logistics & Transportation to boost growth and profitability.

Work Efficiently 

Our skilled specialists and developers adhere to the most cutting-edge technology while working diligently to suit the needs of the business.

Result-Driven Methodology 

Our experts can create solid online and mobile applications for our numerous international clients because of our result-driven methodology.

Features of Our Logistics & Transportation Mobile Application Development Expertise


Consagous Technologies has created a number of scalable online and mobile applications that have satisfied the needs of our clients. We provide the logistics and transport sector with all of the tools necessary for instant movement around the world.

Route Optimization 

Route optimization will assist consumers in giving their company the best advantage possible to maintain business expansion as Consagous Technologies has developed highly effective and efficient mobility solutions to expand your worldwide reach.

Inventory Reductions

You can make sure that your customers are receiving their shipments on schedule by using our inventory management section, which we offer through our web and mobile applications. It aids you in enhancing your offerings to give them a better experience.

360 Degree Security

Consagous guarantees top-notch security while utilising cutting-edge techniques to offer the best security possible for your data security. Our unrivalled services are customised to meet the unique needs of the client.

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin can manage dashboard
  • Admin can manage driver monitoring
  • Admin can manage to bill
  • Admin can manage push notification
  • Admin can manage vehicle management
Logistic App Development
Driver Panel Features 
  • Registration
  • Shipper Details
  • Request management 
  • Route tracking 
Delivery App Development
Customer Panel Features
  • Registration
  • List of vehicles
  • Vehicle booking
  • Real-time alerts
  • Payment gateway
  • Track consignment
  • Rate and review
Taxi Booking App

Our cutting-edge and profitable solutions for developing transportation and logistics apps will help your company become more operationally proficient.

We provide USA’s top transportation and logistics app development services.

Our tech-focused strategy enables you to streamline difficult and intricate logistics and transportation business operations. With the help of our leading Transportation & Logistics App Development Services, you may overcome any operational difficulty and customise your corporate mobility to meet your needs.

App for Shuttle Service

Leverage a branded shuttle service app to offer worldwide travellers quick and seamless shared mobility services that are economical, dependable, and easy to use.

Logistics & Trucking App 

With our specialised trucking and logistics app development, you can increase the number of shipments and orders that are delivered, therefore increasing your sales profit.

Carpooling and Ridesharing App

Reduce your transportation costs by sharing your vehicle's vacant seats. With the help of our rideshare and carpooling app services, let's make your trip the least expensive.

App for Delivery Management

With end-to-end route planning, automatic dispatch, and real-time tracking, you may increase the scope of your delivery services.

Rental-Car App

If you want to improve compliance, lower operational expenses, or optimise your cloud environment, we provide assistance.Develop a car rental app catering to corporate clients, who are among the industry's most regular customers.

Booking Taxi App 

We have a deep understanding of the requirements your customers and drivers have for a taxi booking app.


At Consagous Technologies, we provide a variety of software solutions for logistics and transportation based on the most recent tools and technologies for a wide range of working procedures pertinent to the logistics and transportation industry.

Software for Inventory Management 

Inventory tracking and monitoring are made easier by our created scalable inventory management software. With the aid of sales metrics, it keeps you informed about the inventory levels and eliminates "not available" situations, allowing you to make smarter business decisions in the future.

Solution for Fleet Management

We offer intuitive fleet management solutions that are geo-facing & GPS maps connected to track vehicle details. Take full advantage of it and use it to effectively showcase your fleet's actions to the globe. Additionally, it incorporates fuel records, barcode scanning, and sign capturing.

Transportation Brokers’ Software

We understand the need for freight broker software because it helps to manage all varieties of sea and air freight transport services. We are a leading provider of logistics and transportation software. Reduce the amount of paperwork and streamline the dispatch management procedure with our solutions.

Solution for Transportation Software 

Our talented experts are prepared to provide our clients with an outstanding transportation management solution to assist them in organising, regulating, and tracking their cars. Managing all forms of transport, order entry, statistical analyses, and freight invoicing services are also advantageous.

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