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Our client approached us with an ingenious idea for a cab app. They were looking for a taxi booking platform that could work across different mobile platforms including iOS and Android. This taxi app should be able to help users avail fast and comfortable rides within a few minutes. With this project, the main aim of the client was to introduce a serene ride concept, where people could travel from one place to another, enjoy great transportation.

The Big Question

Challenges Faced

Some of the challenges faced by our developers during the course of the project included:


●       Since the application had to support money transactions, developing a highly secure app was our primary concern.


●       Synchronizing the real-time data between mobile app & website, and to develop world-class UI for easy navigation for basic users.


●       The app had to offer a user-friendly interface for both passengers and drivers.



●       The client wanted to ensure that the app would ensure complete transparency while hiring a cab.

Overcoming Challenges

Our solution comprised a secure mobile app framework, with a smooth signup process and great UI. It would not take much time to avail the first taxi ride. We developed the app using JSON, so that the taxi app could be installed and have a smooth function on different platforms. With the help of GPS technology, Hi-Cab would automatically search for available cabs in the nearby areas and would select the shortest route and car size. This would further include the ability to select AC or non-AC cabs. We also included a variety of payment options within the app, including credit card, online banking, and cash.

Features of the App

Some of the important features incorporated in the Hi-Cab app were as follows:


●       Cloud-Based Solution.   

●       Real-Time vehicle position (GPS) and status updates.

●       Android & IOS User Apps to book Taxi app and Android App for Driver App.

●       Phone Call- Users could book a trip via call.

●       Avail recurrent trips in one booking.

●       Auto Dispatch of ride to nearest driver.

●       Passenger locating the driver position using GPS

●       Owners / Dispatchers track vehicle’s position using Google maps.

●       In-app notifications to users and drivers.

●       Automatic route calculations.

●       Automatic fare estimation and calculations.

●       Cash / Credit Card transactions.

●       Facebook login.   

●       Automatic E-receipts to user.

●       Track daily transactions and reports.

●       Extract and search reports using filters and dates.

●       Easy Administrator and App management.

●       Customizable.

●       Integration of additional payment gateway

●  An emergency button on the right top corner

Steps Taken

Some of the steps taken during the development of this app were:

During our market research, we found that the Taxi market has gained a bump over the last 2-3 years, forcing automotive OEMs to modify their growth and marketing strategies. According to the research, revenue in the ride hailing segment will cross US$675m in 2019, so sky's the limit for investors.


Through Hi-Cabs, we decided to improve the customer experience by merging the latest technologies to make travel seamless through real-time updates, customization, and optimal pricing.

Engagement With Users

Business Assessment Document


We followed a design-thinking methodology for making the wireframes. After having a development session with the clients, we devised a wireframe that would work best for the app.

UI/UX Design

UI Design

We interacted with the client to get their inputs on the design and came up with the best design for the ideated concept.

Backend & API

We designed the framework for backend and created APIs to interact with the mobile app.


A working prototype of the Hi-Cabs was prepared on the basis of application flow.



Results & Conclusions

Hi-Cab is providing a very efficient method of cab booking and can be used by cab service operators, travel agencies, and people from the hospitality sector. The client is very happy with the app as it is proving to be highly productive with the desired ROI.  

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