The client wanted to have an app that could bring about a huge change in the way people went about their vehicle management and services. So far, vehicle servicing and maintenance were highly important but mundane tasks, with not a lot to enjoy or be excited about it. With the Matthews Rewards Plus app, the client wanted to provide customers with an interactive platform where they could earn free vehicle services and other related bonuses to be redeemed at their own service centers or even at third-party service stations. Given the nature of this project, the client required a company that had a team of seasoned developers to take it ahead.

The Big Question

How was Matthews Rewards app to help its users?

The use of Matthews Rewards app was twofold- while the first one was to deliver a great user experience to customers when they came over to the service station, it also would make it all the more interactive where customers would earn reward points and other bonuses that would be redeemable at both Matthews service centers and even selected third-party service stations as well.

Moreover, users could also sell their cars through the app as well.

Challenges Faced

The degree of functionality is something that highly determines the overall complexity of any app. In the case of Matthews Rewards Plus app, while the basic things had to be obviously perfect, the added features according to the needs of the client brought forth a few challenges.

Some of such challenges were-

  • Individual data for customers and their vehicles respectively.
  • Owned and third-party service center details with their offers and discounts.
  • Service catalogs.
  • Transaction details for payments as well as reward points.

Overcoming Challenges

The final framework of the Matthews Rewards Plus app blended all the essential elements and USPs it had to offer in an interactive and functional design so as to prevent any kind of a cluttered user experience. With regular reminders regarding the vehicle servicing dates and the availability of those redeemable points, the app was to be a seamless bundle for every single user.

Features of the App

  • Reward based payments and discounts

Rewards and points on every vehicle repair and

  • Live deals and offers on different vehicle maintenance categories

Discounts from all the listed vehicle servicing stations so that the user could pick the most suitable one.

  • Redirect to Matthews’ website

 If a user browses through the services on offer, take them to the Matthews’ website for a better experience.

  • Simple sign-up and logging in process

Mobile number and email based simple and easy registration process for every user.

  • Payment gateway

Easy payment options and gateway to make the app use completely hassle-free and simple.

  • A highly interactive UI

A very interactive UI to ensure complete satisfaction for every user logging into the app.

Steps Taken

Right during those sessions with the client, it became clear that we had to build something that was cutting-edge in operations, but clutter-free in performance from a user’s perspective. The Business Analysis team here at Consagous Technologies did thorough research of the auto servicing and maintenance market in the USA to better understand the governing trends in this domain.

With people unaware of the new technologies comprising a healthy chunk who serviced their vehicles, there was a clear idea about the approach regarding the app development.

Here are some of those steps-

Engagement With Users

Without a proper market research, it is always difficult to come out with a product that is just perfect for the concerned set of audiences. Our team conducted their research where they analyzed a number of different automobile companies in the USA and what they did in terms of vehicle service and maintenance. It was clearly established that there was a need to make vehicle maintenance a very simple procedure.

Business Assessment Document


Our development team had intense discussions with the client about how they could come up with some wireframes that could make the app operation simple, without compromising on the overall app performance, for both the service vendors and app users.

UI/UX Design

We also finalized on the best design for the complete interface from a number of feasible ones according to the concept.

UI Design

Backend & API

To bring in a smooth linking between the web and mobile app, REST APIs were used to create the Matthews Rewards Plus app. For the central database management, MySQL Database was the best option by a far distance.


Once the final app flow came was ready on paper, the working prototype of the Matthews Rewards Plus app further helped in consolidating the final app performance.



Results & Conclusions

With more than a decade of serving excellent and cutting-edge solutions to clients, Consagous Technologies made no exception of the Matthews Rewards Plus app as well. The client too, was absolutely elated at the final output of the app, that was delivered right as per the predetermined deadline.

Needless to say, the app has found its takers as was observed in the market research, which shows how well the first time users too, are finding the app.