Every app and solution is built on a strong platform of the latest technologies and supporting factors.

Mobile Apps

From our very first day in office, Consagous Technologies has made a conscious effort to redefine the world of mobile application development. With exhaustive research and customer psychology at the fore, every drag, swipe, and scroll is designed to deliver a spectacular experience and results.

Web Apps

Over the years, Consagous has been a partner of industrial organizations of varying sizes and scales, delivering some of the most intuitive and sophisticated websites, web portals, as well as web applications to automate their workflows and enhance efficiency to significantly better levels.

Key Differentiators

Yes, there are a lot of development companies out there, but here are a few factors that set us apart from them-

  • Futuristic and end-to-end product development
  • Tailor-made solutions for better financial feasibility
  • Consistent support-both before and after deployment
  • Seamless product functionality across multiple OS and platforms

Why Choose Us

At Consagous Technologies, you will never be a client. We don’t do it like that here. For all of your requirements, we are your partners-for-hire and not a company-for-hire. We like you being involved in the complete process, taking up your suggestions, giving our own opinions, and also recommending what would work best for the intended target market with use cases and accurate statistics. 

With the kind of technical expertise we have gained over this time, everything we do is a one-time decision that gives the right result. This decisiveness reduces your time-to-market, and product evaluation begins quickly so that the next iteration is more flawless than the previous one, always. 

We mean when we say this.

Industries We Serve


In these digital times, healthcare has become increasingly flexible. Our healthcare IT solutions are flexible and deliver promising access to patients remotely, by being a great complement to your existing health infrastructure.


OTT platforms and streaming services are the new market trends, and we empower you with the potential to have a piece of the pie with robust and streamlined entertainment apps and solutions.


Food has become more accessible than ever before, and Consagous Technologies can be your partner to create something that can make your food enterprise smoother and streamlined than you ever thought possible.


If you are on the lookout for a solution that can take your offerings to customers, our logistics solutions are the perfect answer. Tailored to your needs and loaded with the right technology, you will reach everyone, on time!


We completely understand that a product is not enough. It needs to be free of anything that can lead to trouble later on in the future. Our QA services ensure that your final product is an absolutely flawless product in all aspects.

Hire our Expert Cross-Platform App Developers Today

With global recognition over the years, our accolades are the best testimony to our unparalleled journey of success and creating remarkable cross-platform apps that truly make a difference.