5 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2019

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in improving Enterprise workplace environment by redefining security, convenience, and enabled personalized interaction with the customers. According to several predictions, by 2021, AI will fully transform the Enterprise Workplace. If you are thinking, how it's gonna transform? Let’s check out our piece of research.

5 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2019
Artificial Intelligence Trends

Most of app development companies are pondering about the next trend of AI in 2019. Some of them might be thinking about “Uniqueness” and others might be thinking that is still useless “only hype, no action”. 

During 2018, many mobile application development agencies witnessed a dramatic change in the mobile application development based on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies not only influence the software industry but also other verticals such as healthcare, automobile, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Today Artificial intelligence falls on our everyday lives if you don’t believe look around yourself and notice all small-small things are using AI.

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Apart from the above-mentioned figures, industries saw a huge rise in applied AI. In a recent survey by Deloitte, it was very clear that “Early adopters are ramping up their AI investments, launching more initiatives, and getting positive returns.” 

According to a joint report by PWC and CBInsights, “funding for US-based AI companies was close to $2.3 Billion”.

Artificial Intelligence software development agency that rose by 21% and will continue further in 2019.

Let us look at the top 5  trends of AI in 2019


Top 5 Trends of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in 2019

We’ve already seen the popularity of AI-powered mobile applications and how Facebook uses artificial intelligence to improve the results of ad campaigns. But what’s next for AI and how can Artificial Intelligence Software Development Company can further boost the success of businesses in 2019? Let’s discuss some eye-opening trends of AI that are influencing our day to day life into a large extent.

1. Virtual Agents

In recent years many App Development Companies, large and small, started using chatbots; this AI-powered tool could answer your website visitors’ queries, qualify sales leads and help customers check out. But in 2019, we will see more advances in AI-powered customer service. Not only chatbots, but companies will also be creating virtual agents — with a face and personality that can handle even more customer service tasks for businesses.

2. Smarter Retail Recommendations

According to the trendsetters, in 2019, retail recommendations will be even smarter. Today if you notice, many companies including Amazon give you product recommendations based on items you’ve previously purchased or browsed. 

Now with the help of Artificial Intelligence service offerings, companies will be able to provide better products recommend based on tone and sentiment as well as browsing history. Even the construction industry is moved towards the AI-powered store displays to offer product recommendations for brick-and-mortar shoppers.

3. Cyber Defence

Cyber defence is all about giving an entity the ability to deal with cyberattacks. It includes all processes and practices that will defend a network, its data, and nodes from illegitimate access. 

Most cybercriminals target cloud infrastructure, SaaS platforms, and IoT devices but artificial intelligence makes it easier to prevent cyber threats and attacks. Today most of the companies are using AI and MI to find out cybercriminals in real-time to prevent their systems. AI can defend your system early or while it’s happening before the threat becomes uncontrollable.

4. Facial recognition

Facial recognition has received a huge round of applause in 2018 and would continue to grow in 2019. It’s a form of Artificial Intelligence application that helps in recognizing a person using their digital image or patterns of their facial features. In 2019, companies will use this feature to increase accuracy and reliability. The popular iPhone X is already using facial recognition as a digital password.

5. Speech Recognition

Bell Labs is the first company which designed Audrey, a machine capable of understanding spoken digits in 1952. After that many companies launched their voice recognization devices but not received that much attention as Amazon Eco has received. 

It was a big hit and making it easier for people to search for information on the web and do things around the home, so expect to see a lot more speech recognition tools in 2019. In fact, 66.6 million Americans are predicted to be using speech recognition technology and devices by 2019.

Next year, we’ll see even more companies will adopt speech recognition technology.


Summing Up

AI business applications are becoming more integrated into our everyday world as the years go by. Previously, we cannot even imagine our electronic devices would be listening to us and understanding our commands, but today it’s a reality only because of AI-powered technology. Till than market leaders introduced its new trends, take advantage of these AI trends for your business in 2019.