AI Application Development Services: Improving Payments

September 23, 2022

AI and Machine Learning development services are setting new standards for payment systems worldwide. Companies that are on the lookout for improving the customer experiences using this innovation are on the right track. Let's see how payments are changing using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions at every stage.

While looking at the universe of AI and Machine Learning development services and how they are forming the payments scene, many apps are being created across various ventures.

As per IDC's report, the global AI industry is predicted to grow by half a trillion U.S. dollars by 2024.

The payment industry is exceptional and can profit from the AI algorithms and what it can offer of real value with increased performance, client experience, and personalization.

What are the primary areas of use for AI application development services in payments, and how quickly has this market developed? How about we start from the top?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Let's first understand what Artificial Intelligence really is. Begun in the computer sciences, AI has in no time evolved in numerous areas and has now become an essential part of our everyday life.

The list is endless, from voice assistance in mobile phones to digital assistants to robots. AI application development services help by reproducing the human intelligence in machines for operations such as decision-making, speech recognition, and visual perception.

Looking at the eCommerce world, every AI & Machine Learning solutions provider uses this technology to add customization for their customers. As per IDC's prediction, almost 40% of the giants in India are planning to use AI application development services.

By 2024, this usage will expand to the marketing, sales, HR, supply chain, and procurement sectors.
Various areas of eCommerce are being actively improved to contribute to customers' shopping experiences.

This article only focuses on enhancing customers' checkout and payment processing phase experience using AI and Machine Learning development services.

How is AI & Machine Learning Solutions Provider changing the Payments Landscape?

The payments landscape is changing with AI and Machine Learning development services USA. They automate complex processes and improve customer service and service value across industries. Let's look at how payments are changing and affecting industries primarily, such as eCommerce.

1. Fraud Detection and Prevention:

Fraud prevention is slowly becoming very important for eCommerce transactions. This practice has led to an increase in understanding of the nature and ways of fraud.

AI app development company plays a huge role in anticipating and preventing fraud amongst a range of other solutions in the market. One of the most significant and primary use cases is to avoid false positives.

These are also known as false declines because they are wrongly categorized as suspicious by risk management filters. Such situations create issues in calculating business revenues. They also adversely impact the customer experiences, which, in turn, affects the brand's image.

Therefore, it is essential to know how AI can lower the risk of false positives.

The solution is a process called data enrichment. It generally includes adding extra data points in the given transactions to track behaviors. It usually takes place after giving a probability to each of them. The aim is to either accept or decline the transaction when the server receives the data.

2. Chatbots:

Chatbots are the most popular forms of AI and Machine Learning development services. They can easily understand customers' needs based on the information provided to them.

They can suggest the pre-designed answers to the most predictable questions and process payments for the customers.

These chatbots can talk like humans using Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Machine Learning.

Even if they are pretty advanced in their functions, they need to be used with human interaction for the best results.

Top AI ML app development companies can empower the companies to answer the most common questions of their users while saving huge costs on the workforce.

If the customer feels ready to move ahead, he can make the payment using a chatbot. These guide them step-by-step to achieve a successful checkout process.

3. Personally Assisted Shopping Experience:

Ecommerce giants such as Amazon and Netflix have put massive money into personalizing the user experiences in terms of the services offered. The experiences can be felt by users across various purchase points such as apps, websites, etc.

Customization can be integrated using the product suggestions based on the users' purchase history or the behavior of other similar customers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions have made it possible to run these customization processes using AI and analyze tons of data via ML. It builds a seamless understanding of the user's data.

4. Verification and Authentication:

The identification of buyers is being done by biometrics. Biometrics include different identifying features unique to a person, such as voice recognition, fingerprint scanner, or facial identification.

Every AI app development company considers a user's biological traits to authenticate and validate a transaction.
As per an MRFR study, the biometric authentication market is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2027.

Payment Orchestration:

Payment orchestration is integrating multiple payment platforms, payment service providers, and acquirers under a single roof. They all have a single point of access and are a part of smart routing.

Smart routing chooses the best route for transactions for better performance and cost savings.

An AI & Machine Learning solutions provider can integrate data from various providers and fiances from different sources. This makes the process of reconciliation easier.

The Machine Learning algorithms make the entire process much more authentic and improve the future capacity of payment processing.

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