Alexa, what will you able to do in 2020?

Smart human controllable speakers have become a great help in managing not only our daily routine tasks but they even do not lack behind in entertaining us. They can be your virtual assistant, yes we are talking about the latest smart speaker in the town, amazon echo popularly known as Amazon Alexa.

Alexa, what will you able to do in 2020?

What is Alexa & what she can do for you?

You must have probably heard about 'Alexa' - Amazon's digital virtual assistant or a female voice that interacts with you in a conversational manner as if you are talking to a human who is always ready to answer your questions such as, “what is the weather today in India?” & helps you with your daily tasks. In short, Apple has Siri, Google Home has the Google assistant, in a similar way Amazon has Alexa.

But the questions arise as to what exactly Alexa is? When you are using it, you are communicating with an Artificial Intelligence device powered by Amazon's vast cloud-based infrastructure. Amazon has developed Alexa voice service (AVS) to mimic real conversations but it is using intuitive voice commands to get this service to perform specific tasks. Alexa” is only the “signaling word” that signals the service to start listening to your call & while Alexa is the official name for Amazon’s voice assistant, you can even switch this 'signaling word' to “Amazon,” “Computer,” or “Echo.” That’s a useful feature, especially if your name or your partner’s or roommate’s name happens to be Alexa or something that sounds similar!

With an interview with Amazon's IT & mobile development team, they stated that More reasonably, the service was named Alexa because it contains the unique “X” sound. Since this service is voice-activated, Amazon wanted to adopt a name that wouldn’t get mixed with other words that could accidentally awaken the device.  

What can you ask Alexa or what it can do for you?

Alexa is capable of providing whether reports, talk in different languages with you, get recipe ideas & even call other Alexa enabled devices such as Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or the Alexa mobile application on your smartphone and even allow Prime members to order products from Amazon. Alexa sits in the cloud, increasing the information offered all the time and refining the responses to give you more accurate information. It even supports Amazon Music of course, but beyond that, there's support for many more services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, TuneIn as well as apps from individual providers.  

Every day, Amazon is adding new inclinations to Alexa with more skills and device compatibility. Beginning in 2020, Amazon has added frustration detection features, so Alexa will be able to recognize and acknowledge when you’re getting frustrated with her. If you want to know more about what Alexa can do for you, all you must do is ask: “Alexa, what’s new with you?” and she’s happy to share. 

Moreover, a 'memory' feature was also inherited in the Artificial assistant which enables Alexa to remember important dates

What's next?

The main focus for Amazon in the near future is on making Alexa’s abilities, recommendations, and communication more natural and tailored to us. That could mean infinitely quicker conversational skills, personalized suggestions and an omnipresent Alexa in all our tech or something else entirely. It would be interesting to see the market response of Alexa because ten years ago many of us would have laughed at the idea of a disembodied voice taking up residence in our homes – who knows just how different the next 10 years will seem.  

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