App Marketers Switched To AI To Drive Growth

September 23, 2022

Artificial Intelligence helps in designing and delivering personalized value, heighten customer engagement and experiences to flourish businesses now and over time.

For mobile app development companies and entrepreneurs, the brace has never been higher as apps are continuing to fail in the app store and mobile store and the reason behind this failure is that only 23% of app users try an app just once and then never use it again. So the main concern here is that how to make app more engaging to increase the number of app downloads. According to the current situation, only 80% of users seethe within the three months of downloading an app, this number is really shocking but now app marketers are heedful about this concern and want to market their app to the right customers.

Let’s discuss where they are lacking to promote their app in the market:

Reasons Behind The App Failure In The Market

The reason behind the app failure is that most of the developers and entrepreneurs aren’t availing existing data strategically to deliver constructive user experiences that ultimately drive huge business profitability. For achieving this, marketers must shift their focus from traditional measures to new efficient one in order to make their app successful among the target audience.

Nowadays, for retention and growth, IT companies are investing in customer-centric metrics to gain consumer-centered insights that not only identify the most valuable customers but also the key behaviour and preferences of consumers’ experiences and journey. This will help marketers to achieve the goal of mobile app marketing and to increase the reach of their app with the hope of recruiting masses and converting them into loyal customers.

But it’s quite challenging for marketers as most of the today’s strategies are driven by metrics that don’t link to advanced user targeting and growth.


How AI Will Transform The App Marketing

According to the DemandBase study, “80% of B2B marketing executives predict that artificial intelligence will revolutionize the industry by 2020”. In the past few years, we have seen some major invention in the technology and its potential in the mobile marketing industry becomes enormous. For example, Amazon, we all know about it and how it covers the e-commerce business across the world. Amazon integrated AI in its business module to predict the buying behavior of its customers and make recommendations to their customers based on their previous purchase history.

Amazon always focuses on up-selling the current customers as they are the main driver of growth for any e-commerce company.


Let’s discuss the benefits of AI and how it revolutionized the app marketing:


How AI Revolutionized The App Marketing

With the help of AI integrated solutions, app companies started gaining new users as it opens the door to opportunities for companies that allow them to generate huge revenue by increasing the app downloading. Emails, messages, newsletters and other traditional techniques can irritate your users and send them straight to the app uninstall button. So avoid these mistakes and follow the below-mentioned techniques to market your app in a purely new way:


Learn Purchasing Behaviors

Marketers need to be focused and informed about who, what, and when they sell to their users. However, this is not an easy task as the abundant volume of data is available. But with the help of AI automated routes, we can get the customers purchasing pattern and mold our marketing strategies according to that way.


Enhance Customer’s Experience

AI can help you to prioritize the needs of customers by allowing them to send relevant messages at the right time of the day to form a bond with application users. It will help a brand to keep their user’s update and to build trust and encouraging re-engagement.

Nowadays, customer engagement and app marketing becomes a cross-functional mandate and it represents the brand value throughout the life cycle of business. To maintain this targeted and integrated experiences, AI helps companies to create a truly customer-centric approach to get a more complete, shared view and understanding of customer behaviors and expectations.

Additionally, AI integrated customer-centric apps supports data sharing and cross-functional collaboration which boost customer experiences, along with business growth.


Offer Intelligent Insights

When AI pointed to the right direction, it offers intelligent insights of companies growth about how much revenue, highest-value customers drive over their lifetime and how much it costs to manage those relationships. It also helps in examine customer lifetime value (CLV) across the multiple channels to get the comprehensive view of high-value behavior in all interactions.

Let’s take an example, to target the potential high-value customers, Artificial Intelligence uses existing data of potential customers to optimize the campaigns. According to the study of Bain retail banking spend nearly $4 every time a customer calls or visits, on the other hand, if consumers use the mobile app for the transaction, it costs only 10 cents. Imagine how much AI could bring to light and identify the friction points and new opportunities.


Summing Up

AI improve the traditional way of mobile app marketing with the help of existing data statistics without cognitive bias. The more it evolves, the more it optimizes. For all the industries, its assistance is not equal but it identifying those factors which drive value, how and why. AI also helps in designing and delivering personalized value, heighten customer engagement and experiences to flourish businesses now and over time.