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Google Ranking Factors For Your Digital Marketing Solutions

September 23, 2022

Every website owner wants to rank higher on Google search results. But, not everyone can figure out the digital marketing solutions that work best for their offerings. Learn how to rank better with our top 5 tried and proven ranking factors as part of our digital marketing services.

Google's ranking factors are not something easy to understand. Some of the factors focus on listing factors that have no worth. But, the worst thing is not this. Because there are so many factors, no company or agency offering digital marketing solutions knows everything by heart.

Some agencies giving online marketing services also miss the important ones when ranking their client's websites. The more popular a concept, the more myths are associated with it.

We are listing the top Google ranking factors rather than listing 200+ ranking factors. If you want to rank as the best SEO company or even if you're into in-house digital marketing services, these metrics deserve your undivided attention.

Google Ranking Factors To Rank Your Website Better

1. Backlinks-

Backlinks are the most important ranking factor. The obvious reason is Google's algorithm, which favors websites with maximum authentic and relevant link juice shared between related websites.

Backlinks are the basis of Pagerank. It is the foundation on which Google's bots identify and rank your website higher.

PageRank might be old news, but it's still very much in fashion and definitely as part of your digital marketing solutions.

However, not every backlink is created equal to others. There are N number of factors that will drive traffic out of backlinks. The most important out of the lot are relevance and authority.  

Relevance- Links from relevant websites refer to a brand or trusted voice in a specific industry.
Authority- Domain rating or authority is a significant number, usually given to a website by Google out of 100. The closer your website's DA is to 100, the better.

2. Fresh Content

Freshness is more critical for some queries than others. It's utterly dependent on a user query. Every best Digital Marketing Company in USA will tell you to update your website's content but only based on queries.

However, fresh content works in some cases and doesn't in others. Let us take an example. Suppose a news website constantly publishes newer content every minute of the day. Google spiders or bots are well aware that the site has to be ranked even if the content is being refreshed every minute of the day. It's because people will search for the latest news. Older pieces are ranked later to enable relevance to user queries.

When it comes to other industries, take an item of furniture. When a user searches for "best office chair," Google may rank those websites with higher reviews and recommendations.

3. Topical Authority

Topical Authority is a simple concept involving building detailed content on a particular niche for Google spiders to rank the website higher.

You might not be crazy to find websites having lesser backlinks, referring domains, and live on lower-authority websites with better ranks. This miracle is possible because the website builds content on a specific niche or product.

It is vital to create a reputation for expertise and reliability in a specific area. Suppose you focus on a particular topic and build quality content around that. In that case, you're more likely to get noticed for your kick-ass online marketing services.

It doesn't mean you can not include other products or services as you expand. Initially, it's advisable to have a focused product or service line.

4. Search Intent

To rank better, one should understand the reason behind a user's search query. Naturally, Google will rank according to a user's search query. Building content per a user query is super beneficial. But do you know what you need to outperform your SEO efforts?

For you to become the best SEO company, understand what a user might want if he enters ' buy red shoes for men online.' The obvious reason is to buy shoes in a specific color for a particular gender.

Google will show e-commerce category pages as part of its search results.

If the query is 'how to cook rajma,' the user is learning something new. Google will list down popular blog posts and Youtube videos as part of its search results.

One should optimize according to user search queries for the best digital marketing solutions. Follow the 4 C's search intent:

  1. Content Style- tone, voice, tense, grammar, etc.
  2. Content-Type- blog posts, category pages, landing pages, etc.
  3. Content Format- Tutorials, news articles, listicles, How-to's, etc.
  4. Content Angle- matching content with search personality

5. Content Depth

Google ranks a page or a website as per its meaningfulness and relevance. It would be best to write about everything the searcher wants to find on Google about your products or services.

Suppose a person is looking for ''custom web and mobile app development USA''. In that case, it's necessary to create blog posts around the relevant technologies and industry-specific content. This practice will make Google feel that it knows what it's talking about.

In short, the more researched and deeper content is, the better it is more Google crawlers to rank you higher.

Closing words-

While this list covers only five attention-worthy factors to woo Google algorithms and drive conversions, others are equally important.

Having expertise in digital marketing solutions is not a piece of cake. Therefore, Consagous Technologies aims to rank your website higher in the minimum time frame possible.

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