Growth Hacking Tips for Mobile Application

September 23, 2022

After mobile app developers launch their mobile apps, it’s very frustrating when their mobile app development doesn’t work immediately. This doesn’t mean that their work is not up to date. To skyrocket your mobile app in App store we’ve rounded up the top growth hacks that you need to follow for launching your mobile app.

Did you know that about 75% to 80% of users uninstall apps within three months of downloading an app? That’s because most of the mobile apps are marketed to the mob, not to the right audience.

Once the mobile app developers developed and released the application on the app store, they feel that everything is completed but soon they realize, creating the app was just the beginning of the journey. To make mobile app up and running, it’s important to work on raising the number of active users and app installations from the target audience.

Here are the few useful promotional practices to reach out the paramount engagement with the target audience and convert them into active users.


Growth Strategy For Mobile Applications

Every enterprises or business want to reach as many app users as possible with the hopes of converting them into real active users but some challenges of markets hold their hands to do so. It’s important to a mobile app development company to schism these barriers otherwise they would make your app feeble in the Play Store.


Think Mobile First but Web Second

Today, everyone’s talking about the mobile app, no doubt it leverage the huge potential of marketing but we can’t underestimate the power of the web as it also holds the dynamism of marketing that can help in raising the horizon of online businesses.

So it’s good to use all online marketing channels to promote your new mobile app and always make sure that the app goes beyond apprising your customers of new categories on your shelves. For that build a solid sales channel with customer data analytics, pre-ordering and delivery options and cost-efficient rewards program.


Embed Deep Links on Social Media

Use deep links on your social media pages to forward users from pages to an app landing page. Add button on your social media page so that users can open your app from there. Post fresh content regularly about the app on your all social media pages, it will help you to maintain the consistency of your pages and generate real active users.


Promote Viral Campaigns on Social Media

Mobile apps can be used to build long-term relationships with existing customers and turn them into a brand promoter. But it also meets the common challenges when it comes to new customer procurement.

A welcome gift for new users, bonus points, coupons, points for repeated visits and reward base-gamification helps in generating genuine customers and encourage them to shop more.

Recently only in five months, “Burger King Europe managed to drive one-million app downloads with the help of a smart promo code campaign”.

You can also run these promotional contests regularly and as a prize can send reward points or coupons to the winners right through a mobile application.


Push Notification

Send push notifications at the right time to the customers as it sounds more welcome as compared to Email and SMS messages. With the help of this method, you can reach out to your existing customers only you need prior approval. If you don’t have customer database then start building it with the help of your mobile app as users are more likely to open push notifications on their smartphone apps.


Leaflets For Mobile App

When it comes to app promotion, don’t forget high-traffic areas like bar counters, the main walkway, restrooms, Wi-Fi stickers, and even traffic signals. Put your mobile app logo and offers that guests can avail as a reward if they download the app on their smartphones.

By focusing on these promotional techniques on social media channels and in-store, you will get the number of active users for your app and installations soar.  


Create Viral Video Content

According to research visuals hold more appeal than plain text and learners respond to visual information faster as compared to text. That’s the reason videos are the most popular form of content today. For your mobile app marketing, you can create a video for YouTube as it’s a most popular platform worldwide.

If you want to create a promo video, keep it short and to the point, focus only on your app’s best features and provide a strong call to action. As a final check, mute your video. If it still makes sense, it’s well done.


Summing Up

When you are dealing with mobile application marketing, each and every detail about users make sense. So always keep in mind your users’ expectation and try all best possible ways to fulfill them. If you’re interested in mobile app marketing strategies, let’s talk.  

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