Guide To Entertainment App Development Like TikTok

September 23, 2022

The world is getting smaller, with entertainment apps connecting us more than ever. Taking inspiration from TikTok, the video-making app stealing the limelight, businesses seek quality entertainment app development. But, before reaching out, one should have a basic knowledge of what TikTok-like entertainment app development solutions are. Let's look into it.

TikTok has changed the definition of the Internet forever. It's not going to stop evolving the media and entertainment industry at any cost. As a form of social media app development, TikTok has become a primary means for teens and even adults to discover and showcase their talent.

As per Sensor Tower's report, Tik Tok has been the most downloadable app since 2018, with over 176 million downloads since the beginning of 2022.

The opportunities given by TikTok are in huge numbers, and therefore, many companies providing entertainment app development solutions want to mimic Tik Tok's success.

If you have similar thoughts, then the place is right for you. In this guide, we're trying to cover almost all the important aspects of an entertainment app development like TikTok.

Let's get started!

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular video-sharing app with multiple features such as live video streams, short video documentation, filter or music addition, and easy shareability across social networks.

With TikTok as one of the preferred media & entertainment app development solutions in the market, it has a vast audience base.

TikTok was launched in 2018 by China-based Tech giant Byte Dance. The app gained attention from over 800 million active users within two years.

This media and entertainment app development has helped million showcase their talent and improve knowledge over time. It has helped encourage companies to go for entertainment & media app development and see new business potential.

Popular Features for TikTok-Like App

With custom mobile app development services in USA and the rest of the world, entertainment app development like TikTok is not huge. But, it is still quite time-consuming. It's always good to choose the features you want in your media and entertainment app beforehand.

Proper planning helps in publishing and launching the app with less trouble. A good MVP will help you collect and analyze the app's performance and impact in the entertainment app development market.

Here's a list of some basic features which your TikTok-like app should have:

1. Log In and Sign Up

In order to access and use the app, users should be able to Sign in quickly. You should include multiple Sign up methods so that a new user has options to create a profile from email, social media profile, contact number, etc.

2. Edit Profile

The users can edit, delete and make changes to their profile by updating the profile picture, bio, etc. You should give the users multiple customization features to get going.

3. Filters and Effects

Filters are the main reason every social media app development company can attract new users and retain the old ones.

4. Social Sharing

What is an incredible video's worth if the users can't share it in social circles and over social media platforms? Shareability over Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other profiles is necessary.

5. Notifications

Push notifications enable the users to keep coming back to the app for more. Notifications on tagged you, commented on your picture, here's a new video from your friend, etc., can go a long way to boost the audience engagement.

6. Reactions

Reactions serve as motivations for the users making videos for new content. Entertainment app development solutions should include keeping users online and scrolling as long as possible.

How To Build An App Like TikTok?

A Tiktok-like media and entertainment app can be built using the following easy and practical steps. Let's look at a basic structure to go about it.

1. Conceptualization

Primary and thorough research should be followed by creating your million-dollar entertainment & media app development concept. Identify the niche you want to serve, understand users' problems and make something exceptional.

It's better to test your idea before launching the app for everyone. You can have healthy and open discussions with industry experts or maybe the audience you're trying to reach and ask for their opinions.

2. Begin with UI/UX Designing

The UX/UI design should be such that users can be on the app more often. For successful media & entertainment app development solutions, one should try to increase and build on users' online time and app usage time.

3. App Development

App development is the process where everything comes together to create an app into a visible and launchable body. The features, concepts, ideas, and design are combined with functionality.

This stage results in an MVP(Minimum Viable Product). It can help you take feedback from a survey audience, take notes, and launch the app when you feel confident that your target audience will like it.

4. QA Testing and App Launch

Development is not the end. After the efficient development process comes testing. Testing can help the entertainment app development company identify the loopholes, non-functioning codes, errors, bugs, and many other things before the end product gets into the hands of final users.

5. Support

Support services will last as long as there is an app. With entertainment app development, the biggest challenge is to keep bringing better versions and newer updates to keep users on their toes.

If an app keeps giving the same features it started with; users will eventually lose interest in it. They can also switch to other apps. Therefore, app support and maintenance play a big role in retaining and attracting users.


If you want an entertainment app development like TikTok for your business expansion, it's the right time to invest in app development. TikTok has become the talk of the town and keeps on being so; with many app development companies jumping into this ship, soon the market will be flooded with many alternatives.

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