How Is AR/VR App Development Gamifying Workout Experiences?

September 23, 2022

Gyms may be a place to get motivation for the daily workout. But, this concept is quickly changing with AR/VR app development. Even if workout gamification powered by Extended Reality technology services isn't available to the masses, this is the right time to hit the jackpot. Learn how AR VR apps are making it big in the fitness industry.

Be it a smartphone or a Television now replaced by Laptop; technology was always an enemy of physical activity. AR VR services are changing the face and shape of the fitness industry. The technology is growing, taking over many gyms and fitness clubs to make working out a holistic experience for people.

One can say that Extended Reality technology services are everything that belongs to the future and drives the present.

Let us see how AR / VR app development is gamifying the workout experiences for users.

What role does AR VR play in improving workout experiences?

Augmented Reality(AR) can change a person's natural environment and make it engaging. Businesses can attract new customers and retain old ones easily. Snapchat and Instagram are amongst the best AR filters ruling the social media apps.

Virtual Reality(VR) offers an immeasurable experience to its users by making users interact with an imaginary environment. It uses simulation and sensors to project an artificial world.

VR apps help users enrich workout experiences that help escape the monotonous nature of exercising. The vast range of details and music makes it exciting for fitness lovers to push their limits further.

In this way, many apps use Extended Reality app development services to create gamification fitness apps that let the users play games while working out.

AR VR services market may grow from US$ 30.7 billion in 2021 to US$ 296.9 in 2024.

How can you gamify your exercise regime using AR/VR services?

1. Improved way to stay fit

Many Extended Reality app development services change how people work out by introducing gamifying features. Such as virtual cycling competition lets users compete with their fellow gym friends and share their progress and milestones socially. It improves individual performance while working out.

Many users don't even realize when they actually have worked out. They tend to get lost in the game for a fun-filled unique experience.

2. Consistent motivation

Whenever people decide on their fitness goals, the toughest part is to stick to them. Most beginners start with a lot of motivation but slowly fall prey to a lack of it.

AR / VR app development has kept the users motivated to stay on track with their fitness routine. The most exciting part is the chance to beat your own scores in the gamified fitness journey and earn social appreciation.

3. Goal-oriented

The best bit about tracking and achieving fitness with Augmented Reality development services is its ability to keep pushing you towards the desired results.

Like a gym trainer, these AR VR apps push your limits and make you sweat hard but in a fun way. Sometimes, people fail to realize that they're working out rather than playing games. Such is the charm of Augmented Reality app development services.

4. Customizable workout plan

Many devices available in the market can track your Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) as per age and body weight. Each one of them just offers numbers to keep you going. But, with every AR app development company making gamifying apps for the workout, periodic push notifications and real-time monitoring of nutrition intake help reach the goals quickly.

5. Identification and consideration of body needs

Body needs are consistently identified and updated in the company server, giving real-time data and suggestions per your body requirements.

Even gym trainers can not be as precise as a device in your smartphone but work like your personal medicine expert.

6. Takes care of your daily schedule

When you sign up for a gym, you have to travel and workout in a particular slot. With Augmented Reality app development services and VR tech, you can adjust your activity as per your schedule.

Suppose someday you're running late for work and can not exercise in the morning; you can still walk up the office stairs as guided by the app.

The users can even workout in the office during breaks when WFH (work from home). So, these apps present so many possibilities.

7. Gamify burning calories

Who would have thought that burning calories could be so much fun one day? Extended Reality app development has made it possible for workouts to be an exciting and transformative journey for its users.

Workouts will no longer need an added motivation and push from a gym instructor to keep up with your fitness goals. The users of AR VR workout apps will carry that motivation inside them.

8. Travel-based exercises

These workout apps using Extended Reality technology services sync your daily activities as part of your fitness goals. You can try cycling in the mountains, running on a beach, climbing up office stairs, and doing anything that can help you burn those extra pounds in a fun manner.

With AR/VR app development, workouts have become more adventurous and exciting than boring gym workouts.

A world of possibilities for fitness enthusiasts

Augmented Reality is a fast pacing concept in the fitness industry. The users can not only experience gamified workouts but also interact with objects in the virtual world.
A simulated environment makes staying fit super exciting and motivating.  

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