How Is Salesforce App Development Changing Healthcare?

September 23, 2022

With Salesforce development services reaching unimaginable extremes, Sales Health Cloud is the new addition to them. The Healthcare industry required a central cloud to collect, store and analyze the patients' information for a better medical experience. Let's look at some of how Salesforce app development using the CLoud feature is changing the face of the medical profession.

Most organizations have some similarities in the modern world, even if each industry has specific software needs. The healthcare industry being the largest was estimated at 282 billion dollars in the year 2019 and will grow at a CAGR of 7.9 percent from 2020 to 2027.

Many companies have tried to dabble their hands in the market with these unlimited opportunities. But, there's little to say when it comes to the focus of the healthcare sector.

From maintaining the medical records to building personalized patient-provider relationships, there has to be a dynamic shift in the way care is available for the patients.

With such immense pressure to outperform its traditional models, healthcare has started relying on Salesforce mobile app development. The Salesforce Health Cloud is all you need to provide multiple functions to maximize patient satisfaction.

Let's first understand the concept of Salesforce Health Cloud to fully know its impact on the healthcare industry as part of Salesforce development services.

What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

To increase the chances of success, an organization should bring in excellent healthcare delivery options while giving personal care and record management facilities with equal focus.

A healthcare CRM management software using cloud technologies to streamline better patient communication covers Salesforce Health Cloud. To ensure that your patients can feel this difference choose a Salesforce CRM development company that provides these services.

The patients and providers can save big on time with advanced knowledge of treatment plans, easy communication of patients with providers, easy access to frequently asked questions by patients, and advanced filing out of paperwork.

What are the advantages of using Salesforce Health Cloud for your healthcare organization?

1. 360 Degree View of Patients

With an excellent analysis of patient data and limited accessibility to designated employees in the Cloud, Salesforce custom application development reaches a different level of automation.

This feature helps gain a complete and thorough view of patients' overall health data. Just making a few taps allows the doctor to view the patient's clinical and non-clinical information, schedules, and lifestyle preferences in seconds.

Salesforce application development services consistently motivate the patients to speak directly to their physician using the app. One can also incorporate the Salesforce Health Cloud with fitness wearables or medical equipment. It enables the doctors to access the real-time status of patients' health info and engage in proactive diagnosis.

It is especially beneficial for patients suffering from heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, and other severe health conditions.

2. Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

Who would have imagined accessing patients' data and optimizing work processes simultaneously? Sales Heath Cloud makes it a piece of cake.

The doctors can now communicate with the medical staff and patients seamlessly, delegate tasks to other caregivers, and exchange messages on various devices.

When Salesforce mobile app builder uses Cloud, it ensures greater confidentiality and privacy of messages sent from providers to the patients' devices. This feature helps set a standardized communication procedure, and lets patients stay carefree for not having to worry about data misuse over a network.

What can be better than putting patients' at the foundation of all the healthcare services? Nothing, right?

Salesforce Health Cloud successfully cultivates favorable bonds with a healthcare institute's patients delivering exceptional quality of care.

3. Seamless Feedback Mechanism

Continuous feedback and implementing it in the system to better the services is the basis of any great institution or technology. This thing stands true for the healthcare system as well. Feedback makes patients feel that their opinions are important and the organization is ready to serve better at any cost.

Mobile application development with Salesforce makes post-consultation interaction between providers and customers a much better and refined experience. It not only ensures a greater commitment toward your patients but also leads to a higher degree of loyalty.

Salesforce Health Cloud collects and integrates patient feedback quite easily, strengthening the healthcare system at every level.

4. Effortless Integration

Salesforce Health Cloud is probably the strongest when it comes to easy integration with the existing systems. An exceptional Salesforce development company can help you understand that the Cloud is highly flexible in meeting the healthcare system's requirements.

Regular updates on EMR(Electronic Medical Record), EHR(Electronic Health Record), and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) effortlessly from part of the healthcare infrastructure. Therefore, there will be no problem adjusting for the companies that are already on the Cloud.


Salesforce Health Cloud is a game-changing technology for the healthcare industry with unlimited ability to transform the medical experience for both providers and patients.

However, to get the best out of this innovation, it is crucial to implement the Cloud with the existing setup and customize it according to your requirements.

To leverage the power of Salesforce Health Cloud with the exceptional Salesforce mobile app development services USA, contact Consagous Technologies. Create a change with our Salesforce Health Cloud experts and match the competition in the market.

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