How to Implement AI and Machine Learning in Your Existing Application?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are moving towards becoming an essential component of modern mobile application development. In the coming years, almost every application will depend on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

How to Implement AI and Machine Learning in Your Existing Application?
Implementation AI and Machine Learning in Your Existing Application

Today, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning incorporated in almost every mobile application which makes it more important to know How to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into apps.

According to research “by 2020, 57% of business buyers will depend on companies to know what they need before they ask for anything”.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are dominating the tech world right now. These data will surely clear your doubts:

  • “AI software will grow from $1.4 billion in 2016 to $59.8 billion by 2025”.
  • “AI and Machine Learning-driven mobile apps is a leading category among funded startups”.
  • “40% of US companies use ML to improve sales and marketing”.
  • Because of ML, nearly 76% of US companies have exceeded their sales targets.
  • With ML, European banks have increased product sales by 10% and lower churn rates.

All the above-mentioned data reveals that the time of generic technologies has gone and now industries are keen to adopt these emerging technologies to stay ahead of the crowd. In today’s machine-driven world, machines are capable of learning human behaviors and making their daily lives easier than they ever imagined.

In fact, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, these two bombs are considered as a top complicated technology according to the Machine Learning Mobile App Developer community. The wide involvement of these two technologies has made the need for worrying over simple, even complex things cease to exist because our mobile apps are doing that for us.


Why We Need Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning In Our Business Process?

The idea behind integrating these two emerging technologies in businesses is to make profits and it can only be done when they accomplish new users and retain the old once. AI can make a difficult task easy through the integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development.

There are three main manners through which the potential of AI and Machine Learning can be integrated into mobile application development to make the app more efficient, and intelligent.



This sector of Artificial Intelligence deals with computers to apply Reasoning for solving complex problems. The reasoning makes AI vigorous to beat human minds, now computers can beat you in chess and makes use of automated reasoning for optimizing road routes. There are three types of reasoning’s i.e. Deductive reasoning, Inductive reasoning, and Abductive reasoning, mobile app developers can use the most suitable one on the basis of app requirements.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning play an important role in the collection of users insight. These are most commonly seen use cases in the mobile app industry which provides what they would require next to secure success in the competitive market. Top brands in the world that are using AI and ML for their brand upliftment are – Amazon, Netflix, Flipkart, and others.


Learning how the user behaves in mobile apps can help AI set a new benchmark in the world of security. If someone tries to imitate any online transaction without your knowledge, the AI system can track the unusual behavior and stop the transaction there and then.

These three primal bases can enable your app to offer a better customer experience.


Best Platforms for the Development of Mobile Application with Machine Learning


Brands that are using AI and Machine Learning for Mobile App Development

Benefits of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development


AI algorithm integrated into the mobile application can evaluate various information from social media activities to provide recommendations to every user device. Machine learning  mobile app development can be used to collect information like:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they like?
  • What are the locations of your users?
  • Which device they mostly use to browse the internet? etc.

Based on this information, you can analysis your customer behaviors and use that classification for the target market. On the other hand, ML will allow you to provide relevant and engaging content to your potential customers and put up an impression that your AI  mobile app technologies are especially customized for them.


Predict User Behavior

The Machine Learning mobile app development allows marketers to get an understanding of users’ preferences and behavior pattern by probing a different kind of data like gender, location, age, search histories, etc.

This data will help them to improve the effectiveness of their application. Amazon and Netflix availing the benefits of these two technologies for creating customized recommendations for each individual customer.


Advanced Search

AI and Machine Learning make the search results more spontaneous and contingent for users. The AI algorithms learn from the queries put by users and prioritize the search results based on those queries.

Similarly modern mobile apps allow you to gather all the user data including search histories and frequent actions. This data can be used along with the behavioral data and search requests to rank your products and services and show the best applicable outcomes.


Improved Security

We all know that AI and ML are well known for making a very effective marketing tool but these are also used for secure app authentication. Features like Image recognition or voice recognition allow users to set up their biometric data as a security authentication in their smart mobiles.

Zoom app use AI to allow users to use their fingerprints and Face IDs to set up security locks to various apps.


Relevant Ads

According to a report by “The Relevancy group, 38% of executives are already using machine learning for mobile apps as a part of their Data Management Platform (DMP) for advertising”.

With the Machine learning mobile apps, you can focus on generating ads that cater to each user’s unique requirements.

Today Artificial Intelligence app development companies can intelligently crystallize data for appropriate advertisement.


Summing Up

In this blog, we have covered different areas in which AI and ML can be incorporated into the mobile app. Now it’s time to implement ideas to boost the capacity of mobile app development. If you want any help regarding integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Consagous technologies can help you for the same.