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How to Increase Website Traffic by 200% Organically in 2023?

November 22, 2022

Are you looking for ways to increase your website traffic? If so, then you're in luck! This blog will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to increase your website traffic by 200% in 2023 organically.

The number of visitors on a website is termed website traffic. Website traffic is the digital movement of users on a website, just like car traffic moves along the M6.

Google Analytics can locate website traffic over any period. Select the period you wish to see at the top of the screen and navigate to the "Audience" tab. Click "Overview" to see what we are focusing on sessions today.

How to Increase Traffic in 2023 for Better Business Results?

Web traffic is unique to each page of the website. Therefore, each page's traffic can be configured independently from other pages. Every user is recorded as a session, or a visit, with a start and end time.

These are some ways to increase organic traffic to your website.

Understanding Search Intent

The reason behind a user's query is called search intent. Search intents are categorized into three parts:

  • Informational - This is where a searcher seeks information about a specific topic or product.
  • Navigational: The intent of a user to search for a particular website or page is called Navigational.
  • Transactional - Refers to searches made to purchase a product or transact business with a brand.
  • Commercial - This is where users search for products to buy them soon.

An effective marketing strategy will increase your clickthrough rates (CTR) and decrease your bounce rates. This is crucial to increasing website traffic. It helps you design web pages that users will find helpful for their buyer journey stage.

Optimize Readers, Not Search Engines

Write your buyer personas first to identify the audience to which your content is being addressed. Your website’s SEO will automatically improve if you create quality content that your ideal buyers like. 

This process concludes the need to monitor critical issues in your business personas and then analyze the keywords used to search for them. Search engines are one of many things you should optimize for; it's just keyword-ridden nonsense.

You will rank as an excellent seller in search engine rankings.

Long-Tail Keywords

It is not always good to choose the most used or searched keywords. You should use keywords that are more relevant to your product or services. Google and other search engines will eventually identify your blog or website as a destination for this particular topic. Hence you can find your potential customers. This is how to become a thought leader in that subject. It will help you to improve your website’s content search ranking.

Analyze Keyword Gaps

A keyword gap is a simple concept. The keyword gap comprises keywords your competitors are targeting. You can exclude brand keywords to get a list that includes potential topics users might be interested in. You won't have content for them.

It is an excellent way of increasing traffic to your site and also increases your competitiveness. Researching the gap can also identify content ideas you still need to consider.

Refresh or Audit Existing Content

You may have some content that needs to be improved to increase traffic. You may also have content that is limiting your website's potential.

Search engines can perceive low-quality content negatively, as it could affect the overall quality of a site. High-performing content may lose its ranking (and clicks) due to new competition and changes in search engine algorithms.

Opportunities to increase organic traffic can be found by conducting regular content audits. Content pruning is one example of a content audit. This involves removing low-quality pages, redirecting to them, and merging them with other relevant content.

Make Custom Visuals

Custom images can increase organic traffic by generating more traffic through image searches. It is worth noting the advent of MuM, multi-modal search, and how search behavior will change.

Ecommerce website development can significantly benefit from custom images of products to differentiate them from the rest. It is a good idea to show products from different angles to give visitors a better understanding of how they look or function. All images should be high quality and optimized for web speed using Google's Core Web Vitals.

Publish Guest Articles

Guest posting allows you to reach the audience of every site you are featured on. You will get more visitors to your blog if they follow the link.

Guest posting can be a great traffic generation strategy. You should target websites that have a similar audience as yours. Blog content that they find helpful is also essential. Sites with domain authority (DA) will be more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Email Marketing

You can use your email list to drive traffic to the content if you have one. People who sign up for your newsletter are more likely to love your content than you. Send some blog posts to your subscribers via email. This will remind them they can rely on your blog for all the necessary information.

Do you still need to be added to an email list?

Although building an email list from scratch can be challenging, the results are well worth the effort. Tools like these come in handy. With the tools, you can convert any website page into a lead generation page. You can also use the tool for creating beautiful sign-up forms and other pop-ups to increase your email list.

The Key Takeaway

Optimize your website to rank high enough, so people click through to it instead of a competitor's.

The most important tip is to concentrate on the user experience throughout your website. Google wants its users to be happy, so they only promote easy-to-use and user-friendly pages.

Although you can manipulate the Google Bots to a certain extent, you must avoid getting caught. Google bots are intelligent and can detect spammy behavior, which could significantly impact your ranking.

It's easy to learn how to increase website organic traffic. An excellent digital marketing firm helps determine a great content strategy that can pay off and lead to regular organic traffic. 

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