How to Make an AI Voice Assistant App?

AI application development services like AI-based voice assistants have become very widespread. This happened when Apple took the step for integration of today’s most popular voice assistant- Siri, with the Apple devices.

How to Make an AI Voice Assistant App?

In recent years, AI application development services like AI-based voice assistants have become very widespread. This happened when Apple took the step for integration of today’s most popular voice assistant- Siri, with the Apple devices. Other top AI-voice assistants out there in the industry include Google Assistant (for Google-powered devices), Amazon Alexa, Cortana (for Windows), etc.

If you have no idea of what we are talking about, keep reading and get your doubts cleared!

The concept of Voice Assistants -

Voice Assistant, also known as AI-based smart voice assistant, is a software-based agent that acts as a personal assistant to the user. It performs tasks based on the voice command that the user gives. The process behind this is - the ability of human speech interpretation and to respond in computerized voices after the task is completed. 

Various tasks can be performed by these AI-based virtual assistants. They can also manage basic tasks like informing about notifications, emails, reminders, etc. just on a verbal command from the user. 

The AI-voice assistants are embedded with the devices to help the user - handle the tasks and perform routine activities without investing any extra effort. 

For instance, it is not necessary for Apple users to pick up their iPhone, search for a contact, and then make a call; they can just give a command to Siri, and the task of making a call is completed. Similarly, various other tasks can be performed by these voice assistants.

Voice Assistants Stats-

Here are some reasons why developing a voice assistant app for business is beneficial.

As per Statista, the world will have 8.4 billion devices with an in-build voice assistant app, by the end of 2024 and this number is more than the world population.

Reports from Pew claim that a minimum of 46% of people residing in the U.S. reaps the benefit of virtual assistants and that too daily. 

The working of Voice Assistants - 

AI-voice assistants work on machine learning algorithms of voice recognition and speech integration technology. The procedure is reading the sound signals coming in the form of commands, processing them, and responding to them. The processing of the sound signals occur in four systematic steps -

#1. Filtering of the command - the system filters the voice command that is received and tries to clear out disturbances, like background noises. 

#2. Digitizing the command - the filtered sound is now changed into digital form for analysis.

#3. Analyzing the command - the digitized command is analyzed and the system reads the command and estimates the parameters (finding the relation between the words in the command).

#4. Identifying the data patterns - time to work with the data and the templates to provide results with correct pronunciations and no errors. 

After the completion of the above process in seconds, the command is executed and the user gets a response for his command through a voice response.

And in case the voice assistant is unable to recognize the command, it asks the user to give the command again. This time the user needs to rephrase the command so that it is understood by the assistant.

The Voice Behind Virtual Assistants - 

Today, with advanced AI application development services, several AI voice assistants have a synthesized voice with a distinct tone, pitch, etc. A very popular example would be - the voice of Google Assistant. Some of the other voices behind the popular virtual assistants are of real people who had given their voice-overs for the app. 

However, developing a high-level AI-based voice assistant app is easy today, but the situation wasn’t the same earlier. AI application development services have come a long way to achieve this level of success. 

The noticeable business benefits of the Voice Assistants -

AI voice assistants are not only good at meeting individual needs but these next-generation AI-based voice assistants can successfully meet the desired needs of any business firm. The usage rate of these apps is increasing rapidly and it was observed that most of the businesses these days are attaining an aggressive advantage with the integration of voice assistants in the operational processes.

Here are the prominent advantages that AI-based Voice Assistants bring to your business.

  • Enhanced Customer Service 
  • Simplified Internal Business Processes 
  • Improved marketing efficiency
  • Boosted sales rate
  • Saving of Costs
  • Efficiency in problem-solving and decision-making

Additionally, the implementation of voice assistants in business makes your internal operations more streamlined. These benefits are attracting technology-based businesses to make investments in the trending AI-voice technology. 

Best technologies for the development of Voice Assistant -

Advanced AI and Machine Learning development services provide several technologies that can be used during the development of an AI-voice assistant application.

Text-to-Speech - The text or images containing texts are converted into human-readable speech using this technology. The best use of this technology is to know the exact pronunciation of any word.

Image Recognition - An important technology for adding meaningful features to the assistant app. Making the use of top-notch algorithms of AI and Machine Learning development services, this smart technology can identify objects. 

Smart Tagging - this makes it easier for the assistant to understand the users’ requests. 

Voice Biometrics - this technology adds up the new feature of recognizing and memorizing the voice of the users. If commanded, it can also remember and save the voice of the device owners. 

Costs to develop an AI-voice assistant - 

Honestly, the final or total costs for the development of a voice assistant app cannot be determined as it depends on the AI application development features and services that you will want to add to your app, along with the developers’ charges which varies depending on the types of application they work on.

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The future of AI-voice assistant -

These modern AI-based voice assistants have the potential to do many things. They recognize 98% of the speech commands, analyze them, and quickly generate appropriate responses. Besides, they can be easily dealt with and integrated into applications. 

Is this all that a virtual assistant can ever do? Absolutely no! Many new and beneficial features are to be introduced in the apps in the coming times.

Let’s dig and find out that what researchers say about the future of AI-voice assistant -

Humanization of Robot - more and more human-like interactions could be seen.
Customization - as per the necessity and demands of the user.
Integration of AI-voice assistants with Smart home systems - like security cameras, thermostats, smart appliances, etc.
Multiple voice assistants in a single device - for making multitasking possible and convenient.

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