How to Use Mobile Apps as a Brand Marketing Tool?

September 23, 2022

In the current market scenario, delivering an omnichannel customer experience has become imperative otherwise companies will fail to stand up on customer’s expectations. That’s the reason companies are adopting mobile app solutions to skyrocket their business reach

Today brands drive loyalty and engagement with their customers using strategies, technologies and latest tools. Looming technologies like AI, Wearing/IoT, AR-VR, Xamarin, Beacons, Chatbots, and others provide new ways for consumers to interact with mobile app development companies and vise-a-versa.

In the current market scenario, delivering an omnichannel customer experience has become imperative otherwise companies will fail to stand up on customer’s expectations. That’s the reason companies are adopting mobile app solutions to skyrocket their business reach. If you’re not treating your brand app like a core ingredient, then this is a time to start as “In 2019, U.S. mobile retail revenues are expected to reach $267.47 billion, up from $156.28 billion in 2017”.

According to Google research from December 2017, 46% of respondents said they prefer to use their smartphones for the entire purchase process. This percentage has been continuously increasing, according to the study done by Target98% of customers do shopping digitally and three-quarters start their experience in mobile applications.

So what you can do to revamp your marketing strategy to meet the customers need and drive revenue, engagement and brand loyalty? Here are some points that will clear your vision about how mobile app can increase the brand marketing. But before that let’s discuss why brands should go with mobile applications.


Why Brands Should Go With Mobile Applications

According to App Annie research, In 2016 90 billion mobile applications on the iOS App Store and Google Play were downloaded by users and they spent nearly 900 billion hours in apps. This is an evidence of the app’s popularity. So app development companies should focus on this instead of wasting time over other strategies as in the digital era all marketing strategies revolve around mobile applications.   

A mobile application is a strong channel for brand marketing and its benefits are endless. It can up raise companies brand value in front of the customers. Today targeting an audience is not a difficult task but targeting an actual audience is! So for companies, it is very important to find out their business’s soul moto and then start targeting the audience.  


4 Core Strategies For Businesses Branding Via Mobile App

Treat Your brand app as a core mobile product

When you don’t treat your brand app like a core mobile app than it can just be an adjunct to that primary brand experience. Development of brands apps requires almost the same strategies that we required to build a mobile app. Top retailers like Amazon, Waze, Lyft, and others have focused on mobile experience as customer experience is the primary concern on their mind. According to the study, one mobile user use approx. 9 apps per day and 30 apps per month. To compete with existing mobile apps, your brand mobile application development needs to have an impetus and demonstrate value otherwise they won’t be able to survive in the competitive market.

Currently, there are lots of new technologies are available in the market that you can choose for building your brand app but don’t just add them for the sake of being new and trendy. Think about your customer’s persona than align it with business goals and then decide the technology required to make that experience excel.


Deliver a seamless brand experience

Adding eye-catching features is good for any mobile app but make sure that you don’t overcompensate your brand experience with these features. Actually, the brand app experience needs to be consistent as well as seamless with other elements of the customer experience. Customers want to interact with a brand in the way that best suits their lifestyle and needs, it could be purely mobile app or start in-store and finish on their mobile phone. So, if you’re brand is not connecting every click and piece of data to move seamlessly between those different experiences, you are in risk of losing a brand loyalty.  


Increased Personalization

In the recent year, we have seen huge emigration to online shopping, that’s the reason mobile app development services are also personalized by the developers. Now, there is one-click purchasing, through email, apps or even text. As mobile app development companies started knowing more about their customers they introduced options like Apple Pay so that purchases can be completed with one click. Companies that are capable enough to avail these advantages will capitalize on consumers’ desire for ease and speed.  


Increased Customers Loyalty

B2B mobile applications are evolving at a different speed, by industry. Some businesses are militantly building infrastructure to facilitate their customers, especially IT industry that connects people with technology. The ability to seamlessly interact with clients and to help with customized IT solutions is fueling this trend. This frictionless and enhanced experience will directly increase customer loyalty.   


Summing Up

The mobile application is a perfect way to drive brand loyalty and to engage the customer by rewarding their loyalty with exclusive benefits. According to a survey, 72% of customers said that the most valuable feature of a brand app would be loyalty benefits. Building a right mobile application to your brand app can yield sizeable results and we can help you to achieve this with our robust mobile app development solutions.

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