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Is Augmented Reality the Future of Social Media?

September 23, 2022

Augmented Reality app development is a consistent part of app development services today. Clearly, the technology has succeeded in making its mark in the development world.

The world of social media has created a new kind of community or society that never existed before. It has transformed our ways of interaction and communication with each other forever, and it will be very difficult to let go of it.

Because social media is a trend, the technologies backing it up have been plenty, and more of them have been collaborating over the years. Joining this bandwagon is the Augmented Reality technology, or AR as we call it.

Thanks to AR VR app development, Augmented Reality has been one of the upcoming technologies to have a big impact on the whole social media app scenario. Such has been its force that innovators are calling it the next big thing in the world of technology as a whole.

If you compare AR with the other existing technologies, it exists somewhere between the real and virtual worlds. There’s also no denying the fact that making use of virtual technologies in real-life situations makes it a truly immersive experience for the users. 

Augmented Reality- An Overview

Augmented Reality, or AR, has time and again been confused with Virtual Reality. While both the technologies are closely related, there are subtle differences to separate them from each other. 

While Virtual Reality focuses on creating an entirely new world from the beginning, Augmented Reality works the other way round, taking real-world situations and projects on the virtual route through computer-generated augmentations, enhancing the final customer experiences. 

How AR has Transformed Social Media

Given the popularity, AR VR services have increased too, where companies have a dedicated workforce of scientists to unearth the potential that AR holds. The very first instance you might have noticed with AR in front would have been those Snapchat filters. They were so easily available, that a lot of people never heard about Google Glass. 

One of Google’s most ambitious projects and also one of its widest failures, Google Glass was a revolutionary idea that was aimed to make digital content available to customers laid out in the world around them. Despite every bit of effort, Google Glass could never find takers in the real market.

Thanks to smartphones though, AR VR app development became a reality. Snapchat, Nintendo’s Pokemon Go game, and the recently introduced LiDAR scanner in Apple iPads have made AR accessible to the masses in a form where they get accustomed to it quickly and smoothly. 

The Future of AR in Social Media

Extended Reality app development will be the way to proceed ahead, no two ways about it. As for this future, AR has enough potential to affect huge brands in the time to come. Nobody will have a better time making use of AR than brand marketers and strategists, having the unique opportunity to present their products and services in a very unique way to their target markets.

Here are some of the instances of how AR will impact social media in the future- 

AR-enabled Social Media Stores

Social media apps like Instagram already offer shopping options to their users, but AR technology will make this entire process much more immersive. 

Customers will be able to witness a virtual store from their place in real-time, try out the products you have on offer, and even buy them online. Impulse purchases have a chance of increasing manifold, given the lifelike nature of this experience. 

Videos with AR

Many brands will be able to ensure a better range of customer engagement initiatives with extended reality technology services, and interactive AR videos will become a big means to that. 

These videos can range from product demos or service experiences once a user purchases either of them.

Live Events

Have a look at the recent product launch events by Apple, Google, and other brands and you will realize that these events are not at their auditoriums, yet you can access them from the comfort of your home. 

AR technology allows more, like playing AR-based games with other members of the gaming community for particular games. Brands are already implementing this technology more and more, given how it enhances the overall experience of all the users. 


Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. These three apps and more of these have made AR a very integral part of social media. These apps are not just allowing the users to make more use of the AR features, but are also giving them the right tools to create their own AR experiences. 

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