Key Aspects Allied To Google Firebase !

September 23, 2022

This article provides a general overview of Google Firebase Technology and stresses on its utility. Various advantages and disadvantages of Firebase technology are also depicted.

Firebase is a mobile and web development platform from Firebase, Inc, which is used for developing applications for Internet, Android and iOS. This platform is now acquired by Google. The Firebase includes a number of integrated tools for mobile applications analysis, development and maintenance. In-fact, it is considered essential for mobile app development process. These tools can be used separately for different tasks.


Analytics Related Services

Analytics service is an assessment solution to optimize performance and increase the revenue from website traffic based on user behavioural analysis. It includes reports on up to 500 separate events and the segmentation of the audience by user or device information. It supports iOS, C++ and Android platforms. Almost all mobile app developers use Firebase tool for its analytics services.


Development Services

Cloud Messaging or FCM is a free way to send messages and notifications to Android, iOS and Web applications. You can send notification or Messages, to control the code of the app. FCM supports the distribution of messages to individual devices or groups of devices. For transmitting messages from devices back to server, FCM provides a reliable connection channel. It is complementary to iOS and Android (JavaScript), C++, Unity and Web. Different mobile app development companies have developers who are adept in Google Firebase technology, to perform the essential tasks.

Authentication is a service that ensures user data protection using a password, a telephone number or a number for social authentication. It includes very useful SDK, user friendly UI libraries, backend services, and software development kits. Two options are available to sign into your users, FirebaseUI, a drop-in solution which can be easily customized to match your app design, or Firebase Authentication SDK.

Real-time Database (JavaScript Object Notation) is a cloud-hosted database with data stored as JSON(s). It provides real-time synchronization between all linked clients, and automatically sends all changes or updates to the users. Data loss does not occur in offline mode as new data are stored on a disk by the Database SDK, and sync is done when connections are restored. For access to the Database from a mobile device or web browser the application server is not required.

Cloud Storage is a service that provides user generated storage of objects such as images, audio, video, and other content. Despite of any network connection, uploads and downloads are stable, restarting after the network loss or in the event of low quality. The solution can be built into Firebase Authentication to ensure data protection. Hosting is a host for developers of web content. Firebase ensures fast and safe deployment in a global content-supply (CDN) network of web applications. Hosting provides one-click roll-backs for release management and version review.

Test Lab for Android is a cloud-based solution for testing applications that cover various device settings using Android. It supports Android Studio and Firebase integration. With the Robo test, without preparing the tests, you can detect bugs. Continuous integration system is used to test the code. Performance Monitoring is a mobile application performance measurement and analysis service. It measures parameters such as launch time as well as front and background activity, which is required by the HTTP / S network. The service enables performance improvement by displaying the details of failures like device, application or OS.

Crash reporting is the solution to report and group problems as accurately as possible. The reports are highly detailed and contain device characteristics, performance data and crash conditions. You get email alerts in the event of a new crash. However, it is not appropriate to report servicer-related problems. For any software development company, the above mentioned services are imperative and thus, it is important to have professionals who are well-versed with Google Firebase.


Growth Related Services

Remote Configuration Services is a cloud service that controls as well as changes the behaviour and appearance of the app by changing the value of the parameter on the service side and users do not need to download the updates. For A / B testing this solution can be used.

Indexing of applications ensures your application is displayed in Google Search. It shows the install button for Android applications and visualizes the content of the application for users from the results suggested. Dynamic links are intelligent links that change the way users experience themselves on different platforms.

Invites is a service that sends emails or SMS to share application content. It is a cross-platform solution that allows users to measure the number and impact of invitations. Google's AdWords and AdMob can easily be integrated with the Firebase online publicity platform. They contribute to higher incomes.


Firebase Advantages

Some of the important advantages of Google Firebase include:

  1. Easy to use and well documented

Firstly, this technology is very easy to use and you can get all the necessary help through the exhaustive documentation that is available for this technology.

  1. Higher Integration Capacity

The firebase technology has a very high level of integration capacity. That is, it can be integrated in your app code and will be compatible with different devices.

  1. Suitable for Real-time

Another important advantage of using Google Firebase Technology is that it works in real time. That is the data operations can be performed in real time and thus it proves to be very useful in applications requiring real-time intervention.



Well there are a lot of advantages of Google Firebase Technology. However, there are some disadvantages as well. Some of the disadvantages are as follows:

  1. Limited Free Plan

One can use the Google Firebase technology for free only in the limited free plan. After that it is necessary to purchase a paid plan for full fledged usage.

  1. Learn Curve time

It takes time to learn the Google Firebase Technology. However with the available help and documentation, it is not very difficult to do so.

  1. Difficult to complete complex queries for data



Thus, we have seen key details allied to Google Firebase Technology. If you are also a web and mobile app development company, who wants to excel in the domain of mobile app development, you should hire experts in the field of Google Firebase. 

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