Market Your Mobile App Without Burning Extra Money

September 23, 2022

Mobile app development companies spend millions of dollars on marketing their mobile applications to get users and but fail to retain those users, because of improper marketing strategies. Therefore, it is good to focus on marketing from the beginning.

In today’s digital world, people are depending more on their mobile phones for all connected experiences, whether it’s watching a movie, reading the news, catching up on social media or making purchases. Most of the companies have adopted mobile app development in their landscape and prioritized in the business model. However, for mobile app developers, it is very challenging to marketing their apps especially before raising funding or start making revenue.

Usually, mobile app development companies spend millions of dollars on marketing their app to get users and after while fail to retain those users. Therefore, initially, it is good to focus on a minimal viable product and reaching out to prospects for feedback. At this stage, it is pointless to spend much on marketing. Below are several marketing strategies you can adapt to get your first few thousand users:


Organize events

Partner with different venues and sponsors to organize events, it’s a great way to attract new users and create touch points with existing ones. Venues and co-working spaces are always looking for publicity and many of them would be happy to host you if you promise a certain number of people. You can also find food sponsors easily by reaching out to the marketing manager of the company.


Write blog posts

Blog posts can be a good way to enhance website visibility on search engine result page. Content about the relevant and compelling topics on your website can give a bounce to your product by increasing the user traffic on the website.

Use Google AdWords, Google Trends and Keywords on the basis of your target audience as it will help you to increase your post reach and allow you to generate more genuine viewers.  


Leverage social media channels

Social media holds great potential for marketers, it has changed the way we communicate, sale and buys. All the social media channels have a search bar that can be used for keyword search for searching specific conversations. Today Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others social media platforms are used for free promotions, reach out to bloggers and influencers and collaborate with them or invite them to your events and offer them a free experience related to your service. Many of them will be happy to use your app and will include it in their videos or posts, wherever there is a good fit.


Create a Partnership

For Startups, it is very tough to burn money on marketing as they have always tight marketing budgets, therefore, they always look for free promotions. Email partnership proposals to different startups, events, and meetups to cross-promote with them.


Apply for speaking opportunities

Speaking at conferences, events and universities are an effective way to publicize your mobile application. To become a speaker, instead of applying online, reach out to event organizers. Conceptualize your idea and relay it like a story. Deliver your speech with full emotions so that people can relate to you more.


Press Release

Craft a press content including your mobile app development vision, the motto of the app and the problem you are solving through your app and send it to relevant writers. Search the writers who have previously published articles about them.


Campus Ambassador Program

Creating a campus ambassador program for college students can help you to form a team of pastors for your brand. Students are always zealous and motivated to get work experience with a startup so it good to utilize their talent in a fruitful way for marketing your brand. Created a program with fixed tasks for ambassadors and organize weekly meetings with them. Invite all ambassadors in your events and ensure they are enjoying and befitting form their experience.


Collect Feedback

User feedback plays an important role in evaluating the performance of the mobile app and to improve retention rates. Most of the entrepreneurs believe that some of their best ideas for app updates came from users. So if you want to market your mobile app within a fixed budget, try to build virality within the app itself.


Final Words

The app gives your customers the ability to interact with your business on their schedule. And as compared to emails, the open rate of Push notifications is also high that clearly shows that the mobile app is the best way to connect with your customers.

To make your mobile app popular among users, app marketing is very important but it can be difficult and pressuring. To make your app’s marketing successful, you will need creative mobile app developers who will ready to hustle, and we can help you with the same. With Consagous, you can come a long way without spending millions of dollars. Let’s talk.   

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