Mobile App Launch Checklist in 2020- Have You Covered Them All?

Mobile app development sounds like a simple procedure. Get an app and launch it. However, the contrary is true here. It’s a delicate process and sticking by some points before the launch can help you get assured of success.

Mobile App Launch Checklist in 2020- Have You Covered Them All?
Mobile App Launch Checklist in 2020- Have You Covered Them All

Ideas, wireframes, and prototypes. These are a few terms that are usually thrown across quite a lot whenever mobile apps are a primary point of discussion. With a really professional company that has a vast experience in mobile app development, an app does get ready.

But, what after that? 

Will the app be deployed and distributed directly to different platforms? Should this actually be the case if the quick deployment is the thought process? 

Give it a little thought.

After such long hours into the entire app development process, it is not viable to launch the app abruptly. Like the case with every new tangible or intangible product in the market, a fair bit of groundwork is essential in mobile apps too. With countless apps making their space everyday, spending a little time in thinking out the best ways to take an app live will get that initial attention needed from users all over the world.

To help you all out with this very task, we have compiled a checklist- the most critical things you need to keep in mind about how to release an app perfectly. 

Read on then!

  • Have both- an objective as well as the audience

Research is something that holds the key to success, even before the first round of wireframing happens. To be sure that you are not simply wasting your time, conduct thorough research, and be worry-free about your product and its uniqueness.

Don’t go overboard by putting up a lot of expectations. Instead, set real and practical goals by identifying your target audience. Having a hold on these two important factors will pave a positive way further on for your mobile app.

  • Know about the competitors within your market

With your app under development, no checklist will ever be complete if there is a lack of awareness about the competitors. Browse through the app stores for similar apps and conduct a thorough analysis about their advantages and flaws.

Addressing their flaws can help your app enjoy benefits on the same grounds, helping it become a better choice for potential users.

  • ASO (App Store Optimization)

ASO is aligned with SEO in a basic sense. Just like SEO increases website visibility, App Store Optimization enhances the visibility of an app, leading to favourable conversions in terms of more app installs. Ensuring perfection of all related ASO elements before the app launch will give you an edge before the launch itself.

  • Social media presence

Long story short- social media is an integral need of the hour. The traction from consistent social media profiles cannot be overlooked at all. Apart from social media profiles, a website landing page also helps in the establishment of a strong online presence, while guaranteeing organic website traffic at the same time.

If you promote your app appropriately on this landing page, it is going to work wonders, undoubtedly.

  • Incorporate catchy & creative content

Create an aura of a community with your social media content. Get peoples’ attention with content that leads to a curious interest towards your mobile app.

As far as building an engagement goes, you can also seek assistance from social media influencers who already have higher levels of engagement on their profiles. Highlight the benefits of your app functionalities and benefits in your content.

  • Be very aware of the submission guidelines

If we talk about the App Store and Google Play Store as the application stores, both have a different set of guidelines for accepting and publishing an app on their respective platforms.

Therefore, it is best to stay in tune with the submission guidelines even during the app development, so as to not hamper the mobile app release cycle later on.

  • Ensure a beta release

While a beta release of the app is a great way to gauge out your app’s feasibility, keeping a strong feedback mechanism in place brings the right kind of data back with this ‘indirectly direct’ communication from the beta users.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) service is also gaining a lot of momentum as far as the initial versions of the app are concerned. Take a little time to figure out what’s best for your app, and only then proceed ahead.

As far as a great mobile app and its launch are concerned, the above checklist is definitely going to give a great start to the entire before launch process. About what we talked about a good mobile app development company at the start, Consagous Technologies ticks all the right boxes. They don’t just create the best apps for you, but also brainstorm about the best strategies to launch them in the market. You might want to connect with them for sure.