Salesforce Mobile Application Development: A Beginner’s Guide

As we are moving increasingly to an age of context where there are more and more consumers data available in terms not just of who they are but what do they do online, what links do they click, what do they visit and what devices they use.

Salesforce Mobile Application Development: A Beginner’s Guide
Salesforce Mobile Application Development

For the past few years, we have been seeing huge changes are happening in the marketing, business owners and consumers are always-on therefore the get-anything-anywhere trend is becoming more demanding. Today consumers are looking for companies that deliver unique experiences that are tailored for them and consistent across channels and devices. To fulfill their needs companies are adopting emerging technologies. Out of all the emerging technologies, Salesforce is in demand and this year it turned 20. 

But the problems is that business owners think that Salesforce is a gumball machine where you just run the campaign and outcome customers on the other side. If they keep acting that way it’s going to mean an increasing disconnect between their consumers and them.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the strategic elements behind those and other dynamics at the high-flying Salesforce. 

  • Salesforce market cap has raised to $88 billion
  • The surging demand industrywide for the enterprise cloud—whether SaaS, PaaS or IaaS—has blown away every possible doubt anyone could have about its ability to handle any and every type of corporate-IT workload, business challenge or growth initiative. 
  • Cloud computing has a share of only $2 trillion of the total IT market share. 
  • The services provided through Salesforce cloud are SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, SaaS ICT infrastructures, infrastructure as a service (Iaas) and platform as a service (PaaS). 
  • The total spending on cloud computing services by Salesforce are 11% in PaaS, 16.0% in IaaS, Saas (Apps) 61% and Saas 12.0%.
  • Nearly  66% of consumers say that being treated as a number rather than an individual would cause them to switch companies and setup service with someone more responsive to the human element. 


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM solution that brings companies and customers together. It combines CRM platforms of all departments including sales, marketing, and commerce.

Consagous technologies has expertise in Salesforce which is bolstered by its CRM experts who possess good knowledge of proven tools, methodologies, templates, and solution accelerators.

We provide companies end-to-end CRM solutions, ensuring that they get a strategic package evaluation and roadmap, robust implementation, rollouts, production support, and best quality development. Consagous also offer Salesforce support and maintenance services that provide clients with access for administrative and development.

  • Implementation
  • Customization
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Maintenances and Support
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Custom Development
  • Help Desk


How Salesforce Works? 

Salesforce is a supreme CRM application built on the platform. It can control all the customer interactions of an organization through different media channels, like phone calls, email inquiries, communities, as well as social media platforms. Salesforce manages all the customer relationships, by focusing on the sales, marketing, and support processes. This is done by working with the standard objects and facilitating the relationships between them.

In other words, Salesforce provides organizations with an interface for task management and to automate daily routine to escalating business growth. It also provides customers the ability to track their own cases and enables them to join the conversation about their company on social networking web sites. 


Benefits of Salesforce Mobile App Development Services?

With the Salesforce solution, mobile app developers can build apps faster with a unique combination of metadata and code-driven tools and lets them use the right tool for the right task. 

With the help of Salesforce Mobile SDK and Heroku, mobile application developers can build fully custom apps with any language or framework. Let’s discuss its other benefits:

Offer More Security

The Lightning platform of Salesforce allows developers to create and deploy trusted cloud mobile applications that are trustable, scalable and secure without concerning about provisioning hardware or application stacks. You get the fastest smooth experience, with tools and services to automate your business work processes, combining with external applications, deliver appealing mobile experiences and more.

Instantly Available Runtime

Get an amazing mobile app runtime with the help of Salesforce application platform. It allows users to download apps from the Apple Store and Google Play immediately. With this, organizations can easily build and instantly deploy custom apps to the entire organization using a library of pre-built or custom components.

Build Custom Mobile Apps 

Through Salesforce Mobile SDK, you can build custom mobile apps using the Salesforce in your favorite platforms such as Android, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile environment and hybrid apps with the popular frameworks like Ionic, Cordova, React Native and Polymer. 

Allow Offline Data Access

With the Salesforce development services, you can make your apps offline with a click of a button. Salesforce SmartSync APIs allow mobile app developers to synchronize data between your offline database and Salesforce. With SmartSync, you can focus on the UI and business logic of your app while leaving the synchronization logic to the Mobile SDK.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation 

Consagous Technologies has a fast experience in delivering solutions for the marketing cloud. Below are the solutions that Consagous Technologies has provided with details.

Connecting the Salesforce marketing cloud with salesforce sales cloud

Implemented the marketing cloud from scratch. The client asked us to connect Salesforce marketing cloud with salesforce sales cloud, where a record is created in salesforce such way that record must go through flow based on certain conditions in real-time. Also, he needs to track the interaction data back into salesforce sales cloud.

Setup Automation studio

We have created Journey’s for customers in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Set up Automation Studio with multiple automation steps so that the data can be provided as input to journey builder based on certain conditions and events. Also created data extensions if required to bring in data from external sources.

Transform data to load back to Salesforce

We have worked for a project where our client needs to transform the data of its salesforce organization and then load it again in salesforce. Setup the Email templates and using the email throttling feature and go through IP warm-up.


Summing Up

As we are moving increasingly to an age of context where there are more and more consumers data available in terms not just of who they are but what do they do online, what links do they click, what do they visit and what devices they use. If you also want to enhance your business reach and automate your working process with Salesforce services, hire our best Salesforce developers or contact us at  +1(512) 488-3568.