Top 6 Fitness Apps For Fitness App Development Inspiration

February 3, 2023

Fitness trainer app solutions offer live, one-on-one personal training sessions to guide and enhance your exercise routine and help you meet your wellness goals. Customized Fitness Apps have libraries of pre-recorded workouts and set you up for live sessions with a certified coach or trainer who then develops a personalized exercise and wellness plan that fits your schedule. Let’s look at some of the amazing Customized Fitness Apps available in the market.

Everyone follows their unique routines and functions differently when it comes to exercise. You can find workouts on Customized Fitness Apps that suit your schedule, tastes, and objectives. You can strengthen yourself with the most incredible training apps by adopting techniques that are customized for you. Have just a few moments? You can account for that in your training software. Are you more concerned with increasing your power and general tone than reducing weight? The two objectives will be given priority in a personal training app.

Exercising at home is simpler than ever since you don't need to buy expensive equipment or go to a gym. The beauty of personal training applications makes overcoming obstacles like a lack of resources simple. Nowadays, individuals can exercise in the comfort of their own homes with little to no equipment, stream exercises, attend live courses, get dietary advice, and even work out under the guidance of a personal trainer!

Over the years, Customized Fitness Apps have evolved and gotten better at what they do. Today, they offer plans for pre-and post-natal women, injury recovery, low-impact exercises, audio-based plans for those who want to run or walk outside, and themed classes that are exciting and motivate you to train yourself. We have curated a list of  top Customized Fitness Apps which will work best for your health goals.

Our Top Picks for Best Customized Fitness Apps:
  1. Future 

Future fitness trainer app solutions match you with a trainer who will create a unique exercise schedule for you. You begin by completing a questionnaire fitting your objectives and experience with a coach. If you'd like, you can go through the list of coaches and choose one manually. Many of the coaches on the app are experts in particular fields, such as strength training, nutrition, and weight reduction. Your coach will schedule a FaceTime conversation with you after they've paired you with them to talk about your objectives and how they can support you in achieving them. They'll next put together a fitness schedule for you.

Every week, a new training schedule will be sent to your phone, and your coach will check in on your development and be accessible to answer any questions you have.

For individuals who want a completely personalized experience, Future is, without a doubt, our top recommendation for the finest personal fitness app. Your trainer will plan your weekly workouts, taking into account rest days, and make adjustments as necessary or as you improve week after week. They will also assess where you are in your fitness journey and work with you to make improvements in certain areas so that you can achieve your objectives. Exercises range from strenuous cardio to stretching for recovery.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the leading fitness trainer app solutions that offer all the features required for the best fitness app. This app allows users to customize their workout plans based on their requirements.

Features like Livestream workout sessions allow users to do their workouts wherever and whenever they want. 

With complete CRM and customer lifecycle management, fitness trainers can attract, look after, and keep clients along the funnel. To engage and delight your customers, automatically send email, SMS, and in-app alerts.

If you are looking for fitness app development services for developing an app to expand your gym business, hire an experienced fitness app development company.  

  1.  Peloton

Peloton can be most known for its treadmills and stationary bikes, but the company also has a robust collection of exercises that don't require special equipment on its app. Strength training, boxing, yoga, meditation, Pilates, barre, and other activities are all included in the classes. Users can also enroll in training plans that are accessible to people of any beginning fitness level and are intended to help them get closer to a specific goal.

The Peloton fitness trainer app solutions focus on group exercise and have many classes. You can select from various live and recorded lessons taught by qualified experts.

Owners of a Peloton Bike or Peloton Tread who have an All-Access subscription with Peloton can peruse the app's whole class catalog. All you need to do in this situation is log in and start sweating.

Any device, including a tablet, a phone, a TV, and a PC, can be used to broadcast a lesson. The Peloton app is compatible with LG TVs, Apple AirPlay, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon's Fire TV, and Roku. However, remember that you can only stream content from one device simultaneously.

  1. FIIT

Fiit fitness trainer app solutions attempt to incorporate aspects of personal training and studio lessons into a single app. Users can enroll in training programs with various objectives, including increasing strength and muscle, shedding fat, decreasing weight, and more. Additionally, users can stream studio-style courses that last 20 to 60 minutes and include a variety of fitness modalities, including HIIT, Pilates, dumbbell weight training, cardio, mobility, and more. A fitness tracker can be connected to an app to earn "Fiit points" based on effort and heart rate. Those who like competition can attend classes with friends where live leaderboards display which is working the hardest.

  1. MapByRun

One of the most comprehensive applications for discovering local jogging routes worldwide is MapMyRun. The interactive map function that allows you to examine the satellite view of your run is something we like because it can be useful for getting to know new routes and communities. Launch the app to view the pre-existing routes specific to your present location. Routes differ according to terrain, length, elevation gain, and other variables. There is also the ability to design and record your routes if you like to go off the usual road.

The whole MapMyRun software is made to serve as your virtual coach; whether you walk, run, or even cycle, MapMyRun will provide real-time audio feedback to help you improve your form, cadence, and endurance. You can continuously improve your stamina and pace by maintaining your desired speed and distance with the assistance of feedback.

  1. Aaptiv

Aaptiv offers various workout activities like treadmill, strength training, stair climber, running, yoga, elliptical, Pilates, barre, stretching/meditation, indoor cycling, and race training. Aaptiv Coach can plan a workout based on your preferences, meaning complete customization is possible here. 

Although watching videos of your exercises can be a great visual aid and an efficient method of exercising, it's not always convenient. Especially if you're trying to work out at a gym or outdoors or you don't feel like looking at your phone or laptop the entire time. Aaptiv was developed to provide an audio-guided workout option as a more practical alternative to training and classes. Aaptiv's trainers and coaches are in your ear the whole time you work out, reminding you when to step up the pace, what exercises to perform next, or which position to switch into. This is done in conjunction with peppy soundtracks. Aaptiv offers videos demonstrating the proper technique for most exercises if you're unfamiliar with an activity.

Summing Up

All these fitness trainer app solutions have gained the huge attention of fitness freaks. According to Statista, the fitness apps market is expected to generate US$19.33 billion in revenue by 2023. By 2027, the market is anticipated to reach a projected value of US$33.04 billion, with revenue estimated to rise at an annual pace of 14.34%. If you want to enter this industry or want Fitness App Development services for your gym business, this is the right time, as these days, people have become more habitual of virtual workout plans. 

Let’s discuss what’s in your mind and brainstorm ideas to revolutionize your fitness business with Fitness App Development Services.

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