Using AR VR Services for Social Media App Development

September 23, 2022

Entertainment app development is changing at the grassroots. With the immersive experiences from Augmented Reality development services, entrepreneurs make rounds to use the best tools to lure users to their social media apps. Let's look at why AR VR services are proving the right fit for the social media app development industry.

Extended Reality technology services are fast gaining popularity amongst the crowd. Even when it comes to social media app development, AR VR keeps making considerable changes to the features and user experiences.

Face swaps, AR avatars, filters; you name it, Augmented Reality has transformed social media experiences for each of its users.

These technologies have allowed every mobile app development company USA to help social media apps with AR/VR innovation.

This blog will help you understand how AR / VR app development has changed the game of social media forever. Entrepreneurs can take stock of the information and create apps that top charts and cut through the competitors.

Examples of Popular Apps using AR/VR Services

Snapchat has emerged as an excellent example of social media app development using Augmented Reality development services. It uses various AR filters.

The success of Snapchat has led several entrepreneurs to engage in Augmented Reality app development. Many e-commerce apps have also started using AR VR technology.

Nintendo's Pokemon Go used Extended Reality app development services exceptionally, leading to over 65 million users when it grew popular.

L'Oreal's Makeup app allowed users to put on various makeup on their faces using AR VR innovation.

Instagram, being a current popular social media app, uses various filters for its photos, videos, and reels.

Let's look at how social media app development is being transformed by AR VR technology.

How Can Augmented Reality Development Services Transform Social Media App Development?

1. Content Delivery Transformation

Since its very beginning, 2D has been the most popular format for social media content sharing. But, gone are the days of outdated 2D sharing, entertainment app development has become more tech-savvy, and so have the users.

3D is a new reality, and users have got the hang of the technology. The look, feel, and performance of social media apps are enhanced by Augmented Reality app development services.

Slowly, most social media apps are expected to follow the trend. Being outdated means staying out of what consumers worldwide are already being served.

Content in these apps is presented in attractive ways using Augmented Reality app development services. Whether advertisements, educational or informative content, everything is changing with newer trends around the corner waiting for the creators.

2. VR Shopping Experience in Social Media

Even before AR VR app development became popular, the users could see the products from different angles.

But now, with AR VR in the picture, buyers can virtually try the products and make much better decisions.

One of the best examples of AR VR try-out technology can be seen on Lenskart's website. The users can virtually try various frames and decide which one of them looks best on their faces.

Imagine the comfort of trying products at home without traveling to stores. The users can gain a lot more from the technology than the providers themselves.

3. AR/VR for Live Events

Live events are trending, and social media users now love experiencing the events happening in real-time instead of pre-recorded video clips.

With AR/VR app development, live events have a new definition. The users can view the events from the comfort of their homes and get the feeling of being physically present at the live-streaming events.

AR VR is increasingly used in entertainment app development to engage more audiences and have better conversions.

4. Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials

Many social media app development companies have integrated the eCommerce section into their apps. These sections also have ratings and reviews where users can firsthand get more information about the product from other consumers.

Earlier, the users had to access the website or search Google exclusively for reviews and ratings from other consumers. But presently, they can click on the product with the social media app and get the reviews then and there.

This feature using AR VR services has enabled social media apps to be a credible source of information and place themselves as part of the eCommerce market.

5. Brand Awareness

Augmented Reality development services have helped generate immersive experiences for social media users. This keeps them engaged, and it is one of the reasons they spend more time on social media.

This helps in making the brands popular and generating sales for the products.

For example, eCommerce firms display real-time pricing, availability, and discounts on the products. It provides a very different level of experience for the users. They don't have to go the websites to shop online. They can easily do so from within the social media apps.

Closing Words-

Extended Reality technology services have provided excellent results after joining forces with social media app development.

It's more than filters and avatars, and we can't wait to see how it's likely to shape in the future.
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