Why Hospitals Need a Mobile Application?

A mobile application is an effective tool to streamline the hospital’s functioning. From registering to discharging the patient, it can help you out in performing different operations easily and smoothly. If you are still confused, how a mobile application can help you to fulfill the needs of the hospital, have a look at our new blogs.

Why Hospitals Need a Mobile Application?
Need of Mobile Application in Hospitals

Mobile application development is not something constrain to travel industry or Food industry, it has spread in almost every industry and Healthcare is one of them. In our many posts we have revealed the figures of how fastly mobile application industry in mushrooming, therefore, the healthcare industry hasn’t left aloof from this growing trend.

But the bitter truth is that unlike other industries, you will find a few healthcare mobile application in the app store. And the reason behind it that Healthcare industry is very sensitive, so companies think twice before finalizing mobile app developer team for the product related to healthcare. But for best mobile app development company, this situation definitely holds a great opportunity to try their hands on the healthcare industry.

According to a Forbes survey, companies that succeed at achieving greater dexterity gain ample rewards. Among these are a faster time to market (reported by 60% of respondents), quicker innovation (59%), improved non-financial results such as customer experience and product quality (58%), and heightened employee morale (57%).

Let’s see some of the most interesting facts about mHealth:

  • 93% of doctors believe that mobile health apps can improve a patient’s health. – GreatCall
  • 42% of surveyed patients said they prefer scheduling an appointment online but they didn’t have an opportunity. – Accenture Health
  • 74% of hospitals that use mobile devices to collect healthcare data are more efficient than those who don’t. – Ricoh Research


Projected CAGR For The Global Digital Health Market In The Period 2015-2020, by Major Segment

How Mobile Applications Benefits Your Hospital

As we all know digitization is reshaping almost every industry. From IoT to Big data, to the cloud, mobility and artificial intelligence, emerging technologies are enabling organizations to fundamentally change their working process and deliver more value to customers.

Today healthcare industry is increasingly adopting new technologies to improve patient care and drive greater business opportunities. But designing and developing an application for the healthcare sector can be challenging without any clear vision. Mobile applications with web connectivity or cloud connectivity are more popular as it offers appealing user experiences, performance, and innovations, which is rarely possible with pure Web Apps.

The biggest benefit of a mobile application in the healthcare industry is its ability to establish seamless connections and communications without any delay. For instance, with a few touches, you can find and make calls or send notifications to available healthcare services in your locality in the case of emergency. Thus, mobile app is a time saver, and cheaper compared to desktop or laptop devices.

Therefore, the intrusion of mobile apps in the healthcare industry is profound and spreading rapidly in diverse core healthcare services as well as associated industries.


Consagous Healthcare Mobile Apps

Dr. Citas App

It’s a patient waiting system which notifies every patient before his turn in advance and eases the patients’ lives as they won’t have to wait.

With Dr.Citas , you can compare local doctors and book appointments that work with your schedule and keep track of your check ups and manage all of your urgent doctor’s appointments in one, user-friendly place.


Otboo App

It’s a healthcare app that provides a platform where you can easily book your preferred doctor as well as can track the live queue status of your appointment at your convenience and fingertips. It is one of the facile and convenient substitutes that can easily connect you with hundreds of local doctors and schedule your appointment accordingly.


Qliniqo Web App

It’s is a web app which acts as a web community and review site for consultation services provided by Dermatologists. It was an ideation of Mr.Viktor for facilitating the online reviews and gauge the success rate of doctors on the basis of reviews through an app which supports multiple languages and provides an easy signup option through Facebook and Google.



There are various points that induced doctors to develop a healthcare mobile application for their hospital as it gives worthwhile benefits of its use in terms of systematizing complex work processes and improve services. Developing a mobile app for the hospital from an experienced mobile app development company provide you right suggestion to design a successful app for your hospital that gives long-lasting benefits to your business. It also assists you in improving your services, thus it also plays important role in increasing your reputation.

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