Why is 2022 the Right Time to Invest in TeleHealth Solutions?

September 23, 2022

TeleHealth solutions have given rise to the possibility of providing medical services to remote areas where medical services are unavailable. In simple terms, Healthcare application development is the use of medical services delivered through long-distance means, including internet and satellite technologies.

TeleHealth solutions have been widely developed, as people have embraced the internet and predictive apps for such solutions.

Telemedicine software with Artificial Intelligence helps healthcare organizations to connect healthcare facilities to providers and patients with the help of a cloud-based solution.

With the growth of technology, various distance-based health services are getting widely accepted and adopted by people. The boom in telemedicine is visible with the healthcare organisations offering dependable and effective Telehealth software development services. The word telemedicine is a blend of two words: Telecommunication and Medicine. It is a medical service that involves the use of telecommunication technologies for medical diagnosis or treatment. It is an application of telecommunication and Virtual Reality technologies in medicine.

The teleHealth forum is set to explode over the coming years. According to study published by ‘Telehealth and Medicine Today’ ,compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.5% is predicted for telemedicine through the year 2028.That's a huge growth for the industry. There are many use cases for telemedicine, but one of the most important is the use of telemedicine in rural areas. They can't afford to have a doctor on every corner, but with telemedicine technology, this is possible.

Telemedicine IT Solutions - The Revolution in Healthcare Industry.

Telemedicine uses telecommunications and information technology, especially long-distance medical consultations and remote patient monitoring, to provide clinical health care. Telemedicine solutions include:

  •  remote patient monitoring,
  •  teleradiology (reading X-rays remotely), and
  • telesurgery (operation on a patient by a surgeon using robotic technology).

The field of telemedicine has been around for quite some time. In many cases, it was used to replace existing services that were not adequately meeting people's needs. The need for Telehealth visits have perpetually by upto 5% in 2016 alone. In addition, more than 10 million people were seen at least once for a Telehealth visit. This equates to approximately $2 billion in Telehealth revenues in 2016, a 27% increase since its inception.

Telemedicine is the real revolution in Healthcare Solutions. It has attained such a vital position in the Healthcare domain due to the technological advancement in the field of healthcare. The development of telemedicine has brought about a revolutionary change in the healthcare environment. It is a perfect example of the use of technology in healthcare.

What is driving the growth of the market?

Various healthcare organizations are adopting telemedicine solutions due to their many benefits. It can reduce costs and lower administrative burdens compared with conventional office visits by reducing travel and wait times, enabling treatment of patients where they live, work or play and optimizing individuals' time and attention.

Healthcare application development technology increases access to health professionals, which increases patient access to care. Patients can receive treatment for chronic conditions, such as diabetes and asthma, at home or at work. This can help prevent the emergency room visits associated with these conditions. It also lets patients live independently and maintain a high quality life because they don't have to make time for regular doctor's appointments. This reduces travel time and waiting time  previously required by patients who used to drive long distances to see physicians. It also allows patients who cannot leave their homes because of their sickness or disability now can have access to safe and convenient health services when needed.

Healthcare mobile apps allows patients to maintain a high level of control over their health and manages their condition. Patients can monitor vital signs, receive prescriptions, etc., without going to their doctors. This reduces the time physicians spend on administration issues, which allows physicians to spend more time with patients and treat them effectively.

The use of wearable devices for measuring vital signs combined with software for data analysis has increased the number of patients that can be monitored using telemedicine. Electronic data can be transmitted from remote locations around the world, allowing people in need of care to take advantage of services they would not have been able to access otherwise due to distance or lack of attention to locally available services.

Why Should Healthcare Firms invest in Telemedicine app development?

In the early 2000s, Telehealth software development services was still a novelty because the technology wasn’t quite there yet. The idea of being able to see your doctor from miles away in real time seemed like a pipe dream, and we often saw it as an expensive add-on.

Fast-forward to 2022. The landscape is completely changed for healthcare organizations as people put their health and wellness first by exploring new ways to avoid costly office visits, routine exams, and even invasive procedures — all from the convenience of their homes.

With the expansion of broadband, we now have more bandwidth than ever to stream, save, and share medical content all over the world. With telemedicine solutions and technologies becoming more widespread, it's clear that the healthcare industry is beginning to explore a whole new way of delivering healthcare services.

The idea that Telehealth solutions can benefit people worldwide is getting more popular. From access to specialized medical care for remote communities and those who reside abroad (the estimated numbers are huge at over 2 billion) to online therapy for patients who can't see their doctors in person, there are many opportunities for companies in this field.

Healthcare IT consulting services have already become a major trend in healthcare. They are expected to grow even more in the coming years, perhaps up to an annual market value of whopping percentage in coming years. Some experts even believe it will reach as high as close to a trillion economy by 2025.

If you think it’s still very pricey, you may not be entirely wrong, but there are still ways that Telehealth can save the healthcare system billions per year. By allowing patients to communicate with doctors from home (often at a fraction of the cost), Telehealth solutions could reduce unnecessary ER visits.

Why are healthcare providers eager to invest in Telehealth solutions?

There are plenty of reasons, but the top four benefits of Telehealth are:

  • Decreased costs,
  • Improved patient outcomes,
  • Increased access to specialists, and
  • Higher satisfaction rates.

As you'll see below, each of these benefits is very tangible and easy to put a dollar amount on.

Some experts believe Telehealth could save all hospitals an average of $361 on average per patient or $8566 overall.- that is how much money our health systems stand to gain from telemedicine solutions at present.

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