Why Node.js is Perfect For Enterprise Mobile App Development?

As per the sources, Node.js is the largest open source platform that exists today, with over 15 million downloads per month and more than a billion packages downloads per week.

Why Node.js is Perfect For Enterprise Mobile App Development?
Node.js for Enterprise Mobile App Development

The technologies are changing by leaps and bounds and forced enterprises to redesign their business processes. As the digital revolution has moved well in the form of convenient mobile app development that let you book cab or order food from anywhere at any time to simplifies lives.

To streamline the mobile application development process app developers community come up with Node.js to facilitate mobile app developers so they can complete their task in a short duration. Its popularity has dramatically changed the face of enterprise mobile app development today and now it’s become difficult to imagine efficient mobile app development without  Node.js.

Node.js is an open source server environment which is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It is a fast, free and scalable web server for web applications that’s the reason mobile app developers preferred JS framework over other frameworks to avail various web and security benefits. So we can conclude that Node.js is the first choice of the developer community but does it is good for enterprise mobility solutions?


Does Node.js is good for enterprise mobile app development?

Enterprise mobile app development comes with their own unique set of challenges. They need to be able to track business growth, maintain employees connectivity, store confidential data and can track employee performance. Clearly, enterprise mobile app developers need a very robust language to develop an enterprise app and Node.js is a perfect fit.

Node.js is a remarkable language for enterprise app development as it built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It enables mobile app developers to develop the most high-end enterprise apps with ease. Over the last decade, adoption of Node.js has significantly increased, giving a boost to its very active community of developers, who have collectively added over 190,000 Node.js modules over the years.



  • According to W3Techs, most of the popular websites like Flickr.com, Thesaurus.com, Dictionary.com, and Healthline.com are built using Node.js development.
  • On the basis of a study, there are nearly 501,481 live websites and 156,658 unique domains present. All over the world, the US is the top leading country using Node.js for mobile app development while India has approx. 3,302 websites using this framework.
  • According to BuiltWith, approx. 772,790 websites of the entire web are using Angular.js and 402,414 sites are using Backbone.js. The following diagram shows the usage of Node.js development for web applications.


Top Advantages of Using Node.js in Enterprise Mobile App Development

Here are some of the Node.js qualities that make it well suited for enterprise app development:


1.Real-Time Web apps

Node.js mobile app development allows you to create real-time web apps at escape velocity.  Therefore, it’s the first preference of mobile app developers when it comes to creating multi-user real-time web applications for gaming apps and chat apps.

In Node.js, the architecture driven by events serves both the client side and the server side is written by JavaScript, therefore, the synchronization process is fast and in an arranged manner.

The event loop through the web socket protocol works in TCP and handle multiuser function to avoids HTTP overload for Node.js mobile app development.


2. Easy Coding

Node.js development allows web developers to code in JavaScript for both the server and client. Hence, it easily transfers data between the client and the server to coordinate the work simultaneously.

Meteor, a web application framework created via Node.js supports the same codebase for the client and the server.

When we made data changes in the server, it instantly appears on the web page that shows this Node.js fulfill all the needs of the mobile app development process and renders fast scalable network apps.


3. Reusable RESTful APIs

Node.js is a strong enterprise level language, it focuses on reusable RESTful APIs which are the most formative way to develop extensive software systems. Node.js does this with the help of APIs that can manage large volumes of data by connecting to the backend, keeping things lightweight and efficient.


4. Large NPM Registry

Large NPM Registry is another great feature of Node.js, it can hold over 190,000 modules, and more being added every day. These are open source modules easily available on GitHub, that mobile app developers can easily use and can tweak according to their needs.

This flexibility encourages mobile app developer to create a full-fledged mobile application and enrich their experience and user satisfaction. Node.js also facilitates code-sharing amongst team members and increases productivity and efficiency.


Summing up

Node.js mobile app development has brought a great revolution in the IT industry. The world most popular brands such as eBay, Walmart, Yahoo, etc use Node.js to enjoy fast and scalable network applications. It is really a blessing for a mobile app developer and should be included in the mobile app development process.

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