6 Salesforce Integration Tools To Upgrade Your Productivity

September 23, 2022

The race towards better productivity has not let companies sleep without finding better solutions for Salesforce app development. Companies are looking for improved and easy integrations for Salesforce mobile development. Let's look at these six Salesforce integrations to shoot up your productivity and help your sales reps in the longer run.

Salesforce has many powerful elements to work wonders on your business, marketing, and administration processes. However, there will continuously be a cutoff to the amount you can achieve with a ready-to-use solution.

At this point, Salesforce's Application Program Interface (API), connectors, and AppExchange come in.

These technologies permit you to get close enough to many Salesforce integration tools that supercharge client efficiency, sales, and partnership.

Such third-party applications connect with Salesforce's data and functionality to compact Salesforce mobile app development experience that empowers better business strategies.

Looking for ways to revamp your Salesforce development services? Let's look at the most popular Salesforce integrations to pick from.

6 Salesforce Integration Tools that Can Help Your Sales Reps With Their Productivity

The ideal way to make Salesforce app development far and way more superior for clients - with no or insignificant coding - is by associating with the applications they consistently use.

Pick the right tools to incorporate with, and you can quickly automate your business cycles and create a highly-connected client experience.

The following are a couple of the most supercharged application integrations we could find:

1. Cloudingo

In any case, if the sales reps are occupied or distracted, they might enter some improper sales data or make a copy of a current Salesforce record.

Such information entry mistakes mislead your forecasts way off and create confusion while making decisions on sales. Salesforce mobile app development offers a couple of information quality abilities, yet they are very complicated to run.

Salesforce CRM development company can easily incorporate Salesforce with Cloudingo to fix data integrity issues. Cloudingo empowers you to set up filters, recognize and combine duplicate records, standardize client information, and eliminate old records.

It even runs ordinary data checks to eliminate copies that find their way into standard or custom reports.

Integration cost: Starts from $1,096 each year per business.

2. ScheduleOnce

First come, first serves is a maxim that applies undeniably to sales: the organization that responds first to sales by and large sacks the client.

ScheduleOne's highly- scalable feature library assists you with capturing, qualifying, and drawing in the leads surprisingly fast.

How is it possible? By permitting website visitors to book a consultation or product demo with your sales team.

In the first place, the integration solution coordinates the right sales member with the prospect. Then, at that point, it shares the booking details with the prospect and automatically updates the client's Salesforce calendar.

This situation is a tremendous improvement from the ordinary test of unnecessary delays because of poor timetables or bandwidth for the sales group.

The Salesforce application development services with ScheduleOne integration help automatically plan business processes, for example, client onboarding and upgrading to level two support.

Integration cost is free.

3. Tableau

Tableau is a Salesforce genie.

Its Salesforce connectors can transform your Salesforce records into significant business insights. You can work on prospecting, lead management, pipeline inclusion, and record management.

Further, there's no need to wait around to generate reports. You can instantly visualize the Salesforce data in the form of reports using the default templates.

You can quickly identify trends, predict results and even get highly intuitive recommended next steps. Tableau's Salesforce mobile development is full of potent and easy-to-set-up AI models.

Integration cost: This starts from $15 per Salesforce client each month.

3. Mailchimp

Suppose you plan to successfully oversee customized email campaigns coordinated at leads and Salesforce contacts. In that case, Mailchimp is your place to go.

When you integrate both platforms, Salesforce app development becomes a piece of cake. The first thing Mailchimp does is it automatically syncs the subscriber lists and Salesforce contacts on its own.

This bi-directional connection provides campaign stats and subscriber activity history inside the Salesforce application. It simultaneously allows you to send targeted communications to your client base through Mailchimp.

Integration cost: Free

4. GetFeedback

As many as 80% of customers expect immediate and real-time responses to their interactions!

Salesforce Chat is a perfect way to do this. If you need to figure out how clients feel about every connection, think about coordinating Salesforce and GetFeedback.

This consistent integration lets you send amazingly planned surveys to the Salesforce Chat window, brand website, or application. You can browse feedback formats like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES).

The innovation promises client reactions are planned to the particular contact's record inside the Salesforce.

Salesforce development services combining Getfeedback allows easy accountability. You can assign the task of taking follow-ups to a particular sales rep and reap the rewards.

Integration cost: $1 per client each month

6. CalendarAnything

CalendarAnything might appear not worthy of your time. However, it can possibly save your sales team's administrator time, from planning meetings to booking event locations.

This platform gives a schedule perspective on your Salesforce object that is coordinated, assembled, and separated according to your decision-making factors.

Zoom in to get close to more precise details or zoom out for a surface view. This integration lets clients make and edit relevant Salesforce records from the calendar interface.

It lets you make real-time guides, project plans, and sales pipelines.

Integration cost: begins from $13.75 each year per client.

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