All You Need To Know On FHIR In Telemedicine App Development

September 23, 2022

With modern telemedicine app development comes the responsibility to protect and simplify patient data flowing from various sources. Telemedicine app developers were long searching for a standard to match their existing systems and drive future growth. FHIR came as a ready solution. Let's see how FHIR is the universal and comprehensive patient data-sharing and value-addition framework.

The healthcare industry exchanges bulk data regularly. With advancements in technology, many devices and systems are programmed to create, share and receive patient data. It might look easy when the transfer of data is limited. But, the task becomes tedious when this happens regularly and gets repeated a thousand times.

FHIR stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, an industry standard for sharing patient data across networks or computer systems. It monitors and regulates the exchange of information between various healthcare systems in an environment.

Since a lot of patient data is being shared digitally through telehealth consultancy, telemedicine app development falls under the control of FHIR.

Telemedicine app developers and authorities know that providing secure access to patient's health records is important for patients' correct diagnosis and treatment. It improves the efficiency of the treatment plans and creates better patient experiences.

What does FHIR Integration mean?

There is overflowing data in the medical field. It also means that there are increasingly more data sources and storage places. The data may be from hospitals, labs, and pharmacies to data produced by patients' healthcare wearable tech, smartphones, or even telehealth software solutions by healthcare companies.

Everyone wants the same thing. What is it?

To view, store and make decisions based on all this information compiled from various sources.

Interoperability is where healthcare and technology meet. Healthcare professionals require that they can exchange and share the patients' data over a secure network without any worries about who might intercept it in between.

Telemedicine app development solutions will make you follow and apply FHIR in everything you as a provider are sharing over healthcare apps.

As more patient data is produced, it enters the electronic healthcare databases every second of the day. These databases can be:

a. Electronic Medical Records(EMR)
b. Electronic Health Records(EHR)

This data is shared in the medical fraternity and hospital authorities using networks like Health Information Exchanges (HIES). This data transmission will not be possible without the proper integration of systems. Because without the integration, doctors can't treat patients, and patients can't be treated in a digital setup.

What are the advantages of FHIR integration to Healthcare application development?

FHIR is an improvement over previous guidelines. It is everything that the government and industry telemedicine app developers have achieved over the years.

1. Better coordination between healthcare providers

As FHIR standards help in complete EMR and EHR integration, healthcare providers can access the required information from laboratories, pharmacies, and various doctors in a single place.

Integrating FHIR saves time and resources in the long run. It assists the doctors in creating a proper course of treatment for the patients. Everything is viewable in the patient's history. The doctors don't have to make rounds to acquire complete patient information from different sources.

Customized telemedicine software solutions are a boon to the medical industry.

2. RESTful Architecture

Online data sharing is possible only because of the presence of web-based resources. The best part about these resources is that their use doesn't require any special certification, knowledge, or training.

REST APIs help share information such as files, documents, notes, messages, and reports hassle-free.

No wonder mHealth app developers highly recommend FHIR as an industry standard.

3. Affordability

One can easily sync FHIR solutions to an existing system. They are highly adaptable. Therefore, they are the primary reason to be a part of modern telemedicine app development services.

Along with easy and secure technologies, FHIR is affordable. It makes FHIR-driven healthcare IT solutions even more popular.

4. Less restrictions

FHIR allows free adoption and contains very few restrictions. It encourages healthcare providers, businesses, healthcare industrialists, and other interested parties to freely integrate their healthcare mobile apps with FHIR.

5. Better patient data management

Healthcare data comes in various formats from various sources and in different frequencies.

  1. EHR
  2. Insurance Claims
  3. Important Patient Historical Records
  4. Lab Reports
  5. Research Data
  6. Surveys
  7. Wearables and Devices
  8. In-app Records

Telemedicine app development services can change all these data formats into a common usable form unique to a medical expert's preference. It ensures integrity, accuracy, and data consistency, leading to better understanding and decisions.

Closing Words-

Want to improve patient data sharing with FHIR standards?

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