Augmented Reality App Development Trends to Watch in 2020

Augmented Reality solutions are the major drivers of innovation in almost every industry. Its responses can be tailored according to the customer. Want to know more? Check out Augmented Reality app development trends to watch in 2020.

Augmented Reality App Development Trends to Watch in 2020
Augmented Reality App Development Trends

The user-base of AR-related products will grow to 2.5 billion by 2023. This will include all the products like mobile devices, mobile apps as well as smart glasses integrated with AR Technology. According to the researchers, the AR industry will hit 75 billion dollars by the year 2020. This will also act as the turning point in the industry growth of AR allied products. 

Due to the support of big tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google, the augmented reality solutions have acquired a strong position.

Based on the Gartner report, more than 100 million users will use the AR allied technologies in 2019. The boost in the usage of AR-related applications has made the mobile application development companies, to take this technology very seriously. The AR-related technologies have become a part of the daily lives of people and thus its involvement in mobile application development is inevitable. Based on the report from BRP, nearly 32 % of the retailers are planning to deploy the AR applications in the next 3 Years.


Future of Augmented-Reality Applications

In the next few years, the Augmented Reality mobile app development process will get more sophisticated as the devices will become more powerful. Future devices will be capable of rendering high-quality visuals. This is the prime reason for the bright future of the AR allied applications. By leveraging the Augmented Reality Solutions, people can interact with augmented or virtual environments.

According to the prediction of experts, the AR/VR industry will reach a figure of more than 25 Billion Dollars by 2025. The expansion will steadily continue in this particular domain.

With the advancement in technology, the screen-less display will become a reality shortly. By the use of AR, any flat surface can be used in the form of a screen. The capabilities of 3-D Visualization, as well as mapping capabilities in combination with the AR solutions, will help in the navigation of places based on situational awareness. By utilizing the wearable technology, the visualization of data will become seamless. This is based on the use of centralized data through wearable technology.

By leveraging AR Technology, body language can be used to control the technology.


Upcoming AR Trends

Some of the Augmented Reality trends that we can see shortly are as follows:

AR Mobile Application Development

By the advent of AR Technology, mobile application developers are now using more and more AR features in their apps. Some of the new features of this highly advanced AR technology include predictable tracking, better renderings, measurements as well as 3D detection. Companies like Apple have shared their experience of AR technology by developing a new file format for detecting various objects.

Availing Natural Experiences

People around the world were waiting for the enhancement in the gesture recognition field and by the advent of AR technology, the wait is over. Natural experiences are being offered by the AR integrated mobile applications. This helps mobile app companies to deliver better apps.

Gaze detection was initially difficult for the mobile app companies, but with the development of AR technology, this has become possible now. These capabilities can be implemented in a real-life scenario and benefits can be availed.

At present, most of the mobile app development companies are involved in minimizing the issues encountered by the AR devices. These issues are not very big and with proper efforts can be easily solved. By the year 2020, more and more issues will be continued to get resolved and it will be possible for the AR technology to track anything.

Extended Reality Acceptance

The combination of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Virtuality is considered as Extended Reality. The human-machine interactions and real as well as virtual world are generated by the electronic devices, in this particular field.

An example is that you are walking in a dark cave with many creatures and animals, being at home. This can be very exciting for people. The people’s dreams can be bought into reality by utilizing this technology of mixed reality and by utilizing mixed reality development services.

People can feel the circumstances and situations that they never faced before by the use of Augmented Reality.  This is possible due to the advanced sensors, processors as well as advanced computer display technology.

AR Revamping the Automobile Industry

The limits of the physical world can be completely expanded by the use of AR technology. The automobile industry is being revamped by the use of AR technology. By the year 2020, we will surely see the voice assistants like Siri for different vehicles. At present, the automobiles are utilizing “dashboard-mounted display graphics” to have a view of the nearby vehicles by utilizing camera footages. The occurrence of accidents will be immensely reduced by the use of AR technology in this field.

Advancements in the Entertainment Field

The entertainment industry is facing great advancement through the use of AR solutions. The augmented reality along with Virtual Reality is playing a great role in this development. This technology has great potential to change the entertainment field completely.

The AR development companies like Apple are utilizing this technology to develop advanced games and many mobile app development companies are using this technology to develop educational platforms. The entertainment field is going to grow more and more by leveraging the advanced AR/VR Technology.


Summing Up

The AR app development market is an ever-growing market and is accompanied with a lot of innovations and modifications. Many top mobile app development services providers like Apple, OPPO, Samsung and others are utilizing their skills to bring out the best AR functionalities in their apps. More and more cross-platform apps are getting developed by cross-platform mobile app development companies, utilizing these technologies.

You can also bring your idea to reality through mobile apps utilizing augmented reality solutions. You can transform your dream into reality by utilizing this advanced technology.

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