Guidelines for Custom App Development UX Design in 2019

When you create a mobile application, there is no surety that you would taste the fruit of success but if you enhance the user experience the chances will surely increase.

Guidelines for Custom App Development UX Design in 2019
Custom App Development UX Design

There is no fixed guru Mantra for the success of the UI/UX design of any custom mobile app development as they always change according to the trends. In the last two years, we’ve seen, huge changes in the whole process of mobile app designing in term of UX designs as it totally based on a person’s emotions and attitudes. According to research, “nearly 60% of users say they will not recommend a business that has a badly designed mobile site”.

There are other market experts who did deep research and find out that Almost 40% of users will stop engaging if they find the content or layout of a website shabby and desolate.

These figures throw light on the fact that no matter how huge your mobile app is but if its UX design is not up to mark then it will surely fail to taste the fruit of success just like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb. There are millions of apps are available in the App Store and Play store and out of which only 21% has been used once in 2018. Though there may be various reasons why people don’t download your app but un-appealing design is foremost out of them.

As we entered in 2019, the user-centered design is the main concern of mobile app design and development companies which puts the field of UX design firmly into the mainstream.

Before discussing anything in deep let’s understand UX deeply.


About UX

UX or User experience refers to a user’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. In other words, it refers to how the user interacts with and experiences the product. UX design of mobile apps is aimed to give users smooth and pleasing experiences.

For an app to gain the attention of users, you need to follow the trend and keep analyzing your app’s UX in every 6 months. As far as the running trends of Custom App Development UX Design in 2019, here they are

  1. Decluttering
  2. Use standard navigation compositions
  3. Minimize user input
  4. Using the Dynamic Colors Intelligently
  5. Hero Images on Landing Pages
  6. Seamless interface



Decluttering is one of the major recommendations for good UX design. Clutter affects the design into a large extent as by cluttering the interface, you overload app screen with too much information. In mobile application development, Clutter is far more terrible as compared to desktop, therefore, it’s needed to get rid of unnecessary things in a mobile design because it will improve comprehension.

The Decluttering technique can help you deal with the following problems:

  • Serve user only with what they mostly need
  • Keep interface elements to a minimum.
  • Use the progressive disclosure technique to show more options.


Use standard navigation patterns

Always use standard navigation patterns for custom app development services. Use tab bar for iOS mobile app development and the navigation drawer for Android mobile app development. The large section of users are familiar with both navigation patterns and will easily know how to get around your app.


Minimize user input

Typing on a small mobile screen is a most difficult task, in fact, it’s often error-prone. And the most common case of user input is filling out a form. Here are some tips to make this process easy:  

  • Add only necessary fields in a contact form.
  • Provide input masks. Field masking is a technique that helps users format inputted text.
  • Use autocomplete tools like Place Autocomplete Address Form which enables users to fill their address with fewer keystrokes.
  • Dynamically validate field values.
  • Customize the keyboard for the type of query.


Use the Dynamic Colors Intelligently

Colors play a significant role in the success of any mobile application. With the help of correct color combination and contrasts on mobile app design, you can make your app noticeable in the App store and Play store. Colors have a decisive role to play no matter whether they are in an artist’s palettes or on a designer’s tool kit.

To catch the attention of users, designers must have a solid knowledge of Color Theory, the right usage of the color wheel, and the color psychology. Right color tones and tinctures have the potential to solicit the right emotions in the users and hence should be carefully handled by UI Android App Developers and mobile app designers. And similarly, a wrong mixture can completely ruin all your efforts involved in your mobile app UX design.


Hero Images on Launch Screen

The Hero image is a large banner image placed at the top of a webpage, it is also known as “Hero Header”. The Hero image is often the first visual element and it gives an overview of the of what your app is all about. It mostly consists of image and text and can be static or dynamic.  

Hero image can be a high-resolution image including the USP and a CTA button. Now, in 2019, iPhone Mobile App Development Company in USA started adding videos and animation as hero images while mobile app development instead of basic static images.

Though HD images and videos can increase your page loading speed from 0.4 to 0.9 seconds. And according to the Google study, “increase in load time can reduce your traffic by 20%”.


Seamless interface

Though User experience is all about delivering an engaging and intellectual experience to the user but seamless interface acts like five starts in the mobile app development. For that concern, a mobile application development agency in USA hiring top mobile app developers that are fully focused towards designing a feature loaded apps.

For a seamless experience, your app transition must be very smooth, not a single halt tolerable.  The seamless interface includes providing the user all the content that he needs to know on the home screen.

And it can be achieved only by developing a back-end program interpreted as a single user interface. This single user interface is basically designed with the help of a number of programs written by different programmers. And the amazing thing is that seamless interface allows the user to use many programs hidden in the background that too without him knowing it all. For an unmatched UX of your mobile app design, incorporate a seamless interface for keeping the user engaged and allowing him to use n number of programs altogether.


Summing up

A great mobile application is the best combination of interactive design and seamless interface and you cannot compromise any of them. If you want your app design will become the identity of your brand then research more on designing part otherwise you will fail to target your potential audience. At Consagous, we brainstorming a lot on designing part than suggest latest app designs to our clients. If you are looking for a consultancy that can give you full details about the latest Custom App Development UX Design in 2019, contact us.