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It’s no secret that iOS apps have a few more requirements to reach the App Store successfully. We know that which is why our iOS app development team is highly focused on creating robust iOS applications, further consolidating our full-service agency philosophy. 

Custom iOS App Development

Our team of seasoned iOS app developers knows its way around development frameworks like Swift and RxSwift and leverage them to the best of their potential, delivering iOS apps that are robust, class-leading, and deliver on the promise of offering an exhilarating experience with just that right iOS mobile application that runs on multiple iOS devices like iPhones, iWatch, iPads, and more with equal finesse.

Our iPhone App Development Process

Our iOS app development process at Consagous Technologies may not sound very unique, but the level of attention to detail is what makes us an organization you should surely connect with for a superlative iOS app.

Ideation and Planning

With more than 1 billion iOS apps on the App Store, your app needs to be unique on its own, and a unique iOS app will need to be a subject of intense planning and ideation. That’s what we do.

Ensuring Compliance

Apple products are always reinforced by standards of high quality. The guidelines are set in stone for every app-related aspect, and we help you ensure that your iOS app is fully compliant.

Wireframing the Concept

Our design team starts creating wireframes once the app concept gets delivered to them. Wireframes help you understand the final appearance of how the app will look like.  And we create some amazing ones at that!

Compiling & Combining Architecture with Software

Once the separate chunks are ready, we seamlessly combine the wireframe architecture with software to give you the iOS app you always dreamt of. 

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With the right experience and understanding of the App Store like no one else, schedule your first app consultation with Consagous Technologies today. Let’s make your app dream a reality!

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