How Inbound Marketing will Help Your Businesses?

September 23, 2022

Inbound Marketing is a strategic and planned mindset, different from traditional and old-school marketing because it’s a more efficient way to create experiences through online marketing services. In this blog, we look at the fundamentals of inbound marketing and its outcomes.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a methodology of attracting new leads to your business and nurturing them into becoming paying customers by providing them with solutions at every stage of their journey as buyers. 

It is about meeting up with your potential clients or customers where they are and providing them with the required solutions.

Prospect-focused inbound marketing helps businesses generate more eligible leads, which brings more sales, as well as identifying important metrics that would help them to gain a more clear understanding of the ROI for their business marketing.

It is a method of growing your business by building meaningful relationships with prospects, consumers, and clients for long-lasting terms. It is about empowering these people by fulfilling their needs at any stage of their journey with your company.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

Coined by the HubSpot founders in 2010, regardless of the industry, or brand, or audience, there are four basic stages of this inbound marketing process.

  1. Attract - bringing the right people using valuable content that establishes your company’s trust with who they want to engage.
  2. Convert - applying call to action and different ways trying to convert the leads into paying customers. This usually happens when visitors land on your website and share their email or other such information in exchange for some valuable information or content that you are providing, such as a tutorial, document,  guide, or study material in the form of PDF, etc.
  3. Close - turn these leads into customers through email marketing, free discount coupons, etc ultimately converting them into customers.
  4. Delight - make these new customers be the promoters of your brand by loading them with exceptional and outstanding services and then they would refer this experience to recommend your brand to anyone they know.

Inbound marketing strategies include everything from content marketing to social media optimization services to technical UX and SEO optimization, online marketing services, and even digital marketing solutions

Regardless of the methods, techniques, or services; the focus point is to provide value to your customers and develop a relationship with them long before they are a paying customer of your company and then continuing this relationship to make it long-lasting.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing - What’s the difference?

Inbound marketing methodology is different from traditional or outbound marketing. This is because inbound marketing is not about disturbing and interrupting someone’s work to make them listen to your pitch or see your ads. Instead of these old-school techniques, modern marketers can use the powerful tool i.e. Internet to deliver the type of information or content your target audience is looking for on the Internet. 

Inbound marketing focuses on the ideal customers’ needs and then delivers them in the easiest and fastest possible way. Outbound marketing is more like unwanted and unavoidable interruptions, whereas inbound marketing is an opt-in permission-based technique. 

Instead of marketing emails sent to n number of people, inbound marketing draws in the people who share their contact information, so that they can be helped more effectively. It’s about responding to what your prospect needs and connecting with them at their convenience.

Today, marketers have access to a large volume of information and raw data that was nowhere available to them 30 years ago. Inbound marketing gives power to companies and businesses to leverage these data. Similarly, the days are gone when marketers tossed a message to a mass audience and waited for even a single lead. You can now communicate with new potential customers and that too on a segmented basis, empowered with increased knowledge of who is on the other side of the call and what are his/her requirements.

Inbound marketing helps Businesses. How?

In simple words, inbound marketing helps businesses to generate new and qualified leads that the sales and marketing team can nurture and convert leads into paying customers.

Inbound marketing tactics like search engine optimization, social media optimization services, digital marketing services, social media marketing, and other online marketing services help businesses bring more traffic to their websites, and further, with smart utilization of valuable content and call-to-actions, these visitors are converted into to leads and then to customers.

According to HubSpot marketing statistics, approximately 80% of companies not meeting their revenue targets attract around 10,000 website visitors monthly. 70% of the companies exceeding their revenue targets report a monthly visit of more than 10,000 visitors.

For organizations that are traditionally sales-driven, the inbound marketing methodology would help their sales representatives making it easier for them to identify the right customers, their worth to the business, and answers to their questions when they are looking for a solution in the form of products or services.

Inbound marketing is much more than just generating traffic on your website. This methodology helps the companies in planning tactics and to attract best-ideal customers. These tactics include answering questions and delivering values through answers and content that people can find on Google and other search engines.

The marketing team delivers value-rich content via blog posts, podcasts, PDF guides, webinars, social media posts, videos, etc. The inbound methodology can help in building a brand, targeting a niche audience and market, or give a broader vision into what’s working and what’s not!

Does this methodology bring more sales?

Imagine if the website generated leads even when the sales team was not working. 

Companies using inbound marketing get up to two to three times more website visits and four times more leads to work upon. Nearly half of all the buyers view the pieces of content before engaging with any sales representative. Further, inbound marketing can help companies gather a history of how the leads interacted with the websites or other pages of the company, such as social media pages and email marketing. Planning the website’s designs, content, and functionality would attract your visitors and nurture them until they become leads, boosting your sales results. 

Summing Up

Many marketing teams rather than using pure inbound marketing, use a variety of inbound strategies like digital marketing services, email marketing, SEO and social media optimization, and other online marketing services. By diversifying strategies, marketers strive to raise their chances of success, but often lack a way to figure out if the efforts are fruitful.

Marketers that succeed using inbound marketing, plan measurable as well as holistic marketing strategies.

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