Is 5G The Future of Mobile App Development?

Your wait for technology that would transfer huge amounts of data in the blink of an eye is going to end. Fortunately, 5G is ready to hit the floor by 2020.

Is 5G The Future of Mobile App Development?
5G : Future of Mobile App Development

The connectivity across the networks can be boosted immensely by the use of 5G technology. This 5G technology is all set to upgrade the performance by generating real-time data. The mobile developers can now look out of the box by leveraging the latest 5 G technology and utilizing it for different sectors and industries.

Based on the latest updates, by 2020, the 5G technology will hit the market. The number of 5G connections will reach between 20 million to 100 million, by the year 2021. This will involve the spending of around 2.3 billion dollars.

It is expected that the 5G technology will speed up the data communication by nearly 3 times as compared to the speed in 4G/ LTE technology. The increasing demand of data traffic can be fulfilled by employing 5G technology. The sections like IoT app development will be benefitted a lot by the use of 5G technology.

The Automotive Industry will be revamped by the use of 5G technology as it will allow imparting the IoT-centric capabilities to the automobiles. High definition media can be easily streamed by the use of this technology, in the densely populated areas.


Who all will be benefitted from 5G technology?

People around the world will be able to download bulky content imbibed with better graphics by utilizing 5G embedded solutions. The utilization of the 5G network will go beyond personal mobile devices and many new and sophisticated devices will use it. Technologies like IoT and Machine Learning will be completely based on this technology.

A very wide range of applications and services will be supported by 5G, including real-time data analytics, driverless cars, and telesurgery. 5G networks offer Ultra-Low latency, which helps in responding to fast-changing data. This helps it best fit for the applications mentioned above.


Economic Impact of 5G Network

Based on some recent researches, the revenue from 5G-enabled digitization in India will be above 27 Billion dollars by the year 2026. The involvement of this technology in Industries will be huge. This will lead to an increased deployment of IoT applications and M2M communications. The IoT application development can be streamlined by leveraging the 5G Technology.

The transmission of data will become very seamless based on higher bandwidths and faster data analytics. These factors will have a direct impact on the world economy as well as the economy of developing countries like India. The use of more and more wireless technologies is also intended by the Government bodies, in various sectors like health, education and finance industry.


5G Applications Categories

The three main categories of 5-G use cases are as follows:

  • Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB)
  • Ultra-reliable low latency communication (uRLLC)
  • Massive machine-type communication (mMTC)

In the coming years, the mobile app development services and Internet of Things ecosystems are going to be revamped by the 5G Networks. This will assist in rendering the required infrastructure for the smarter, safer, sharper and more connected world.

The digital world is going to be completely transformed by the use of 5G networks. The digital world is waiting eagerly for the release of this technology of massive scale.

The human ecosystem will be benefitted immensely by the use of 5G networks. This ecosystem will be beyond the voice calls, text messages, internet surfing, video calls and mobile accessing.


Key Advantages of 5G in Mobile Applications

Mixed Reality

A very big advancement dependent on 5G technology is the mixed reality. To use and expand AR/VR in it, high speed and bandwidth are required. For this purpose, the 5G technology suits completely. Leveraging this technology facilitates mobile app developers to utilize their creativity and come up with advanced mixed reality apps. The Mixed Reality app development process can be made very efficient by the utilization of 5G Technology.

Better Speed

By utilizing the 5G network, one can avail a data transfer speed, which is 10 times to that of the 4G network. This means that the images and videos can be sent faster across this network. Due to this amazing speed, the use of HD videos and images will increase as there will be no concerns or problems in downloading these.

For an HD movie, it takes about 10-15 minutes to download through the 4G Network. It will take only a few seconds to download this movie by utilizing the 5G network.

Shorter Delays

By leveraging the 5G network, the internet users will be able to download files, surf the web and stream videos at very fast speeds. In the present networks of 3G and 4G, the users face problems in downloading various movies and videos as well as files of large size. This will not be a problem with the advent of 5G technology. Due to the enhanced bandwidths, the mobile app developers will be able to test the apps effectively, by sending the real-time data across the network.

Better Connectivity

 The mobile towers imbibed with the 5G network will have a great capacity as compared to the normal 4G/LTE. More people will be allowed to communicate and that too at the same time.

Based on the above fact, the number of smart devices will escalate and it will result in a boom in the mobile app industry.


Summing Up

It is expected that the 5G will revamp the entire mobile app segment by 2020. This fast network, which is lightweight as well, will make the work process more productive as well as efficient. With the advent of 5G technology, new technologies will pop up on computer screens as well as on phones. This will streamline the lives of people and render ease of operation for different services through network automation.