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Picking OTT App Development Or Youtube For Business's Success

September 23, 2022

Videos have successfully grabbed the attention of millions from their very inception. The challenge is to choose an effective medium to air your brand's videos to get maximum online attention. Learn how an OTT app development company can show you a way out. Let our blog be your guide if you feel stuck between OTT app development or Youtube Channel.

Videos have this incredible power to engage online audiences and make them want more content. The ball has not been thrown too far to say that Youtube videos and OTT app video content have replaced television's viewership.

Earlier, marketers used traditional marketing to cater to the goals they can now quickly achieve using videos as a primary form of content. Brand recall, lead generation, product launch, website traffic,  you name it; videos can cover everything.

Videos are the best content marketing strategies present online. They are entertaining as they have audio-visual elements in them. OTTs have many entertainment options to choose from, making them relatively popular by the day. OTT app development has made entertainment options accessible on the smallest screen.

Since video streaming has been made popular because of its accessibility and ease of use, several app development companies have emerged in the market. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar are the primary players in the market with astounding revenue figures.

Let’s look at some of the statistics to support our statement.

  1. YouTube has over 2 billion month-to-month active users. Among these, there are more than 30 million paid subscribers enjoying YouTube's Premium and Music services.
  2. Netflix had 209 million subscribers around the world in 2021.
  3. Hulu has a user base of 32 million. The American video-on-demand clients spend a normal of 2.9 hours per session.

It is no wonder that Youtube and OTT platforms are the most significant hotspots for delivering quality video content. However, the marketer comes to a fix when he can't decide the platform to deliver his videos for better reach.

Video production is different for both Youtube and OTT platforms. It is generally not a pocket-friendly idea to go for both.

OTT Platforms Vs. YouTube: A comparison for Video Hosting requirements

1. Interruptions during Video Streaming:

Youtube is a free video promoting platform. It has advertisements as a significant source of income. Consequently, the watchers will experience ads during the video stream. Nonetheless, YouTube shows advertising based on clients' search history, and almost certainly, they share an advertisement from a business contender. There is zero control over what a user who has arrived on your YouTube channel can see. YouTube's algorithms constrain it.

The organizations have complete control over what they need to show the viewers with OTT app development solutions. Even though video OTT applications additionally have commercials as an income stream yet are discretionary or based on membership/plan, the viewers have the choice to altogether avoid the ads. Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, HBOMax have plans where you can watch ad-free video content as and when you want.

2. Revenue Generation:

The income streams face restrictions about using Youtube as a preferred platform for streaming video content. The main reason behind such trouble is Youtube's business model, including revenue from airing ads between the videos.

However, there is a chance to create income with an OTT app development in various ways. For instance, a shopping app user can purchase clothes, accessories, footwear, home, and lifestyle items and put video reviews on them. They can also scroll through video reviews by influencers and expert fashion designers to get recommendations about various product pairings. The product providers can put their product demonstration videos to view the product up-close and in motion.

3. Business Branding:

With an OTT platform, organizations can have various marketing methods. The more the marketing, the better are the chances of an OTT app development company to acquire a better number of views on the business videos. Businesses can admirably use various tools and branding strategies to advance a brand. In the meantime, it very well can be guaranteed that the client experience isn't compromised.

With the YouTube channel, there are restricted ways of marketing a business. A modified channel isn't enough for big organizations to do their marketing. When contrasted with the OTT platform, the video promoting platform, YouTube, gives fewer choices to alter and revamp the brand channel. It provides various features to add a brand logo and a cover picture as per the location and preferences of the company for the channel to grow.

4. Analysis and Reporting:

Analytics is critical to providing a customized viewer experience and improving the quality of content as the brand continues to outgrow its limits. The user reactions are essential to assess the impact and likeability of the video content regardless of transmission medium.

Better analytics means better user acquisition and retention rate and channelizing a consistent user experience to make it through.

An OTT app development company can help integrate analytics as a part of the app to get valuable insights on user preferences. The interface can become user-friendly and better suit user viewer preferences instead of the standard YouTube viewing interface.

Youtube video channels can provide analytics in the form of watch time, live streaming details, demographics, revenues, etc. Small businesses can leverage their brand value using these preliminary figures. Still, large organizations need detailed and more accurate viewership statistics to expand holistically.


Troubled choosing the best video-streaming medium for your business?

There is no need to fear. Consagous Technologies has your video-streaming needs covered with professional media and entertainment app development solutions.

We provide scalable, effective, and authentic OTT app development solutions and well-planned digital marketing solutions, including Youtube channel management. 

It would be best to share your business goals with our tech experts, who can help you set up your brand to roll out successful video content.

The wait is over.Reach us now.

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